Saturday, October 23, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 10/24 - 10/30

Someone close to you wants to drag you into a conflict that has nothing to do with you.  Be careful here Aries.  it would be a shame to waster your energy in a space that will yield nothing.   You have excess energy and that's part of why getting involved is so tempting.  Just say no and find creative outlets that will benefit and expand your own personal success.

Make time to celebrate.  It feels a little counter intuitive but it's exactly what you need this week.  Celebrate the perceived failures right along with the successes.  Perhaps you'll start to see that what you consider to be failure is actually an opening to new opportunity.  Powerful healing energy wants to come through you now, Taurus.  Open to it.

A bright burst of insight has you excited, nervous and anxious to jump in.  It may take time to get the ball rolling here, Gemini.  Prepare and cultivate patience.  An old nightmare has reemerged with new strength.  Seek support and assistance to work through the feelings.  You may find yourself feeling defensive this week.  Notice it and don't take it too seriously.  You are safe.

Blessings are coming fast and furious this week, Cancer.  It's mind boggling and you may feel challenged to take it all in.  Notice the part of you that shies away from the good stuff.  Shake off the gloom and bask in the magic.  There's more work ahead.  Find refreshment now so that you can carry on with grace and aplomb.

The pressure is getting intense Leo.  It might seem like it's coming from external sources but it's your response to the stress that matters.  You can find shelter when you need to.  It's IN you.  Tension between you and someone you love has you feeling disconnected.  Unhook from the intensity if you want to.  You just might find that you are a willing participant and that's ok. 

A wish is coming true this week and the timing couldn't be better.  You are in need of refreshment and more importantly, renewed faith in what you're working to create.  Repressed passions are pushing for expression.  Find a way to let it all out before it explodes.  Keep putting one foot in front of the other Virgo.  You're getting there.

Your mind is speeding into new territory and the feeling of freedom is so, so good.   Keep one foot on the Earth this week, Libra or you just might fly away.  Passion is helping you take risks you would normally talk yourself out of.  This is good news and you'll find the more you're willing to risk, the more magic happens in your world.  

Healing energies are inviting you to surrender and let go of effort.  It's a challenge!  Balance the head and the heart when it comes to tackling a goal.  You need the wisdom from both of these pieces to make it work.  You are rich in hidden resources.  Break out the pick ax and dig it up!  Get ready for a big break.  It's almost here.

It's time to seek new pleasures, Sagittarius.  You are bored and this can get dangerous.  If you try and force yourself to focus and maintain your normal routine, you're going to end up in a rebellious fit.  A new relationship is the perfect distraction.  Bask in the joy of discovery.

Your intuition is uncanny this week.  You are right on the money but might not know it until after the fact.  Trust what's coming through on a psychic level, even if it seems nuts.  A confusing situation will resolve soon.  Try not to worry about it too much in the meantime.  Don't hesitate to share your thoughts and observations.  You are in demand.

It's magic time, Aquarius!  Get ready for good things to come your way.  You're bored and in need of something new to sink your teeth into. Unfortunately, you don't know what you want just yet.  Hang in there because the answers will come.  In the meantime, amp up on simple pleasures to keep you energy up and open.  It's ok to play while you wait.

Tensions are growing in an important relationship.  The more you actively try to heal it, the more difficult the space gets.  Consider stepping away and letting time do the healing for you.  Come back to your own body and what's happening in you, Pisces.  Attention paid to your inner world now will set you up for renewed happiness down the road.


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