Saturday, October 30, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 10/31 - 11/6


You're in charge this week, Aries and you'll enjoy the bounty that comes your way.  Find time to wander alone just a little bit in order to tap into inspiration and inner guidance.  The heart is seeking a deeper experience of love.

You've extracted every last drop of good stuff from a difficult situation.  Now it's time to move on.  It's exciting to feel free to go in new directions, Taurus.  Put away the inner turmoil that's bubbled over and affected you of late.  Move on now.

You can win the battle this week, but it'll cost you, Gemini.  You'll find that winning leaves you feeling alone and unsupported.  Perhaps winning needs to take on new meaning?  Cooperation will serve you better than pride.  Remember.

A burst of inspiration has you ready to take some big risks.  There's no need to hurry here, Cancer.  You can move along at a mellow pace and still accomplish a ton.  Enjoy your hard work with a reward or two.  You're in the mood, might as well indulge.

Success is knocking on your door, Leo.  Let it in!  You may be feeling a little disconnected from what's unfolding around you.  Your inner world has been much more interesting than regular reality.  Balance out a little so that you can enjoy recent victories.

It's easy to succumb to paranoid thinking this week, Virgo.  do your best to resist. You're capable of totally freaking yourself out and it's not helpful.  Look for affirmations of what's right in the world.  As you pull out of a negative daze, you'll see that all things are possible.

It's a powerful time for you Libra and you're ready to leap into new spaces without fear and hesitation.  Your inner voice can provide everything you need to find your way.  Know that protective energies are working in your favor and relax into them.

You're in the mood to celebrate even though things aren't as perfect as you want.  Who cares?  You're in the spirit of the season and it's fun, fun, fun.  People want to be near you.  You are a magnetic presence and can attract important contacts by simply getting out and about.

It's time for a trip and what's better, one of your favorite people wants to go with you.   No doubt this will be a big learning experience as you get to know each other better in unfamiliar territories.  This is the stuff your dreams are made of, Sagittarius.

You're being help back by your own lack of creativity, Capricorn.  You can push through the opposition any time you want.  Know it.  A dream you think will solve your troubles is really not helpful at all.  You'll discover this first hand when you get what you want.

It feels oppressive in your world this week, Aquarius.  You can't see the light at the end of a long, dark tunnel.  Whether you see it or not, it's there.  You're almost at the end of a tough journey.  Keep moving through it, even though it's tempting to collapse in a heap.

You've had about enough of a certain kind of fun.  There's just nowhere left to go with it.  It's definitely time to seek new pleasures before you run out of patience with old standbys.  Life has many surprises to show you. Pisces.  Open to them all.


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