Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Moon in Libra

The New Moon is upon us.  Where does the time go?

The energy feels volatile lately (I know, I know...I'm always saying it).  Libra shows us imbalances and injustices in the world at large and in our own inner worlds.  Libra helps us see where we give too much or too little and encourages us to make adjustments.

I hope you have a space to retreat and rest.  I myself have been a little wiped out by it all but strangely, today I AM ON FIRE.  We're all experiencing fluctuations in our energy flow, going from depletion to bursting at the seams from day to day.  Please take good care of that body!

I'm using the New Moon energy to start some new health practices.  Libra rules beauty and I'm determined to get the pretty back (thanks Molly Ringwald, for letting me riff on the title of your new book...).  Let's get the pretty back!!  Not just in terms of our bodies but in terms of how we see, feel and experience the world.  We have such a beautiful world but it's hard to appreciate it when we see so much suffering, struggle and INJUSTICE.

We can use the New Moon to make changes.  Where do you want to beautify, perfect and bring peace?  The New Moon can show us where to put our attention in order to create more harmony, more healing and more PEACE.

If you're struggling to understand and work with some of the challenges in your life, I'm here for you.  I'd love to give you a reading... Now through October 14th, my email readings are on sale at 12listen.  Come get insight and healing in this sacred space.  Also at 12listen this month, we're having secret sales every Tuesday and Thursday.  If you want the scoop on these secret sales, sign up at 12promotions.  You'll get notified in advance and can plan your reading accordingly.

This week in the Stonestreet Cafe, (10/7) I'll be playing the role of a full-on DJ.  The Cafe is turning into a GIN JOINT for one night with lots of 60's music and very little talking on my part.  I just don't have much to say right now and I don't want to force it.  Plus, I love music and wanted to create some beauty on the air waves in honor of the New Moon in Libra.  Please tune in Thursday 10/7 at 7pm PST/10pm EST for a ride on a psychedelic rainbow!

Much love to you, friends!
Let me know how you're handling the energy.

LET'S MAKE THE MOST OF THIS MOON!  Think peace, think love...
(These are exciting times...not for the faint of heart!)


ps.  i couldn't resist this image.  i stopped using art on the blog because i'm terrified that the internet, art police are going to come knocking at my door any day now.  oh's worth the risk!

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