Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sacred Space and the Venus Retrograde

Wow.  Venus retrograde...what can I say?  This retrograde is bringing out the ugly all over the place.  The gift is that when unpleasant dynamics come to the surface, we have an opportunity to make much needed adjustments.  The truth shall set us fee and Scorpio is all about the truth.

I know many of you feel panicked by some of what's taking place now.  This too shall pass!  I remember the last Venus retrograde I wrote about was a retrograde in Pisces and the article was called Venus Retrograde...You Bitch.  I know some of you were probably offended by the title of that piece but HELLO.

Venus retrogrades don't get as much attention as our dear friend, Mercury and yet I'm starting to think Venus has a lot of unexplored mojo, especially for women.  One of the gifts of this retrograde for me is that is has me thinking more deeply about astrology for women.  I'm going to be exploring this space more over the next few weeks and in readings.  Let's put the focus back on the feminine by looking at the Moon, Venus and Pluto.  The divine feminine is irritated now and for good reason.  How do we work more consciously with the aspects of ourselves that have been invalidated, put down and oppressed?

Perhaps some anger is coming up and out of your space.  Good job!  Get it all out.  Some of us aren't going to feel right over the next few weeks.  Chalk it up to the energy and don't take it to heart.  As I wrote to an old friend this week, it's a good time to retreat if possible.

Self care is ever more important and Venus can help us here.  What feels good?  Find time to do it, even if you have to beg, borrow or steal...kidding (sort of...).  We're going to be very aware right now of the many ways we aren't taking care of ourselves.  Make corrections now.

My email reading sale was so fun that I've decided to offer another sale.  This one is specifically for my email reading titled THE GIFTS IN YOUR BIRTH CHART.  Normally, this reading costs $145 but I'm lowering the price through the end of October to $105.  If you've never had your chart done or it's been awhile, or you just want a fresh perspective, take advantage of this special.  Let's take a look at the feminine power in your chart!  I put a lot of love and energy into these readings and with so much crazy, astrological stuff going on, these readings can help you figure out how to navigate.

This week in the Stonestreet Cafe, I'm welcoming an old friend, David Stevens to share his experience as a house healer.  How do we create more sacred space?  Learn simple techniques and start to change the space in your body, in your home and at work.  House healing is great if you're buying and selling real estate as well as for those of us who just want a retreat and an oasis outside of all the crazy in the world.  Tune in Thursday 10/21 at 7pm PST/10pm EST at

That's about all I have to report today.  I'm sending you lots of love energy.  TAKE IT IN!


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