Monday, November 29, 2010

Fortune Forecast 11/29 - 12/4


magical forces are all around this week.  This doesn't mean things will be perfect.  Let's get rid of that idea right now!  Healing means that uncomfortable dynamics come to consciousness, so the healing we're being offered might not feel like a healing at first.  Go with it.  We're getting a chance to look at the space of surrender now.  Surrender is not weakness, it is not resignation.  Surrender means recognizing that the control we try to exert is more trouble than it's worth.  Relax into the river of life.  Go with it to new realms.  There is nothing to regret here.

Monday 11/29
Change is underway but it's difficult to see or feel.  In fact, we may be convinced that nothing's moving right now but there are deep, slow changes underway.  Let's take time to recognize these forces and validate the shift.  Powerful opportunities are coming soon.  get ready and enjoy the slower pace today.

Tuesday 11/30

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We're feeling rejected and abandoned today and can't clearly see invitations to participate.  It's a mood and it will pass, so don't make any big decisions while under the influence of this energy.  The temptation to blame others for this state of affairs is powerful but the wound is in us.  Check it and see.

Wednesday 12/1
We're creating our own stress today, whether we realize it or not.  Trying to think through things isn't bringing relief.  Come back to the body.  Take a walk, listen to music, burn some incense...anything to make the body more real amidst tremendous, mental effort.  Notice the need to stay in control.  It's not working, so try something else.

Thursday 12/2
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Our minds and hearts want the same thing...fulfillment.  But they have very different ideas about how to create it.  Can we take the best from both and come up with a compromise?  Are we letting one of these dominate and ignoring the other?  These questions are worth pondering today.  Expect a breakthrough as fresh information arrives.

Friday 12/3
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There's nothing we can do to stop certain cycles that are starting to unfold now.  We've got to keep on moving through it.  It's not easy and we don't have to love every minute of it but we need to keep moving forward.  Resisting some of what's unfolding won't help.  Notice the resistance and let it go.  Let it all go.

Saturday 12/4
It might not come in the form of a check or a dollar bill but there is a lot of wealth in the air today.  The more we see it, the bigger it gets.  It's time to pull attention away from what's lacking and look to what's abundant.  A windfall of some kind is likely.  Let the gift in by keeping an eye out for it.

Sunday 12/5
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We need to go back and check on something we assumed was complete.  Be forewarned, we will not feel like doing it but it's important.  Some sloppy, little detail will get out of hand if we don't confront it now.  The strange thing is, going back to look at this will remind us of something important we forgot about.  It's worth it.

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Easier said than done, my friends!  This week, we're learning more about how to surrender and flow.  The desire to stay in control will be with us but it won't help us get what we want.  Notice it and have a chuckle.  Give it a name, like grumpy uncle chuck or something.  Let's start to unhook from identifying with this energy.  It's not who we are and it certainly won't help us deal with the terrain we're exploring now.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 11/28 - 12/3

Think big this week even though you'll want to contract and retreat.  Resist the urge to defend and instead EXPAND.  Magical forces are working for you, Aries.  Trust in this.  Old projects demand attention but are less that passionate.  Do what you can to keep things moving while new things take root.

Patience will serve you well this week, Taurus.  Resist the urge to be reactive and just hold steady as the Universe rearranges itself.  You will have moments of panic.  Expect them.  This will help you keep a cool head while others freak out.  You know which direction to go.  Now you just need to take the first step.

Wishes can and do come true and you're about to get a handful of wonder and magic, Gemini.  It's just in time too because you've run dry on inspiration and need a boost.  Moods are intense this week and you might have a tough time understanding what's happening.  A new business opportunity will excite and delight you.

Relax into the emotional support that's being offered to you, Cancer.  It's safe to surrender into a deeper space of love.  You're going through massive changes now and might find yourself quite depleted.  Simple self care can help a lot.  Make it a top priority.  Don't worry about the details.  It's all coming together.

You're positively bursting with energy this week and might find it difficult to find enough outlets.  Be a seeker.  Good things want to come your way.  Be ready to receive and unexpected gift or two.  An old wound is close to the surface.  Don't let this old pain distort your vision of NOW.  You're on to better things.

It's time to tie up loose ends and prepare for the next cycle.  You can't really see where you are, which makes it difficult to focus.  All will be revealed soon.  You've been conserving energy but you need to break out this week, Virgo.  Be willing to risk.  Looking back and wondering how you got here won't bring answers.  Keep moving forward.

You have everything you need Libra and yet, somehow you find yourself looking for something more.  It's hard to find when you don't really know what it is.  It's time to explore and expand.  Be willing to break your normal routine in order to find new spaces to play in.  This is a great time to learn something new.

It's tough to figure out where to invest your energy this week.  You're not feeling good but instead of acknowledging it, you're trying to push through.  Lose the effort Scorpio and give yourself a break.  What you want is coming and no amount of pushing will get you there faster.  Exercise your faith.

Your burdens are heavy this week, Sagittarius.  You're low on energy and yet you can't afford to stop.  Great opportunities are starting to pop up but you might be confused about which one to invest in.  Let yourself have a little time to ponder them all.  An escapist behavior is starting to cause pain.  Make corrections now.

Holding back and refusing to look at what you really want isn't helpful, Capricorn.  The way you see passion as a distraction from your goals is really silly.  You can have both!  Get ready for recognition for hard work and dedication.  It will help sooth the part of you that's tired and uninspired.  Seek new pleasures to boost your energy.

You can create a handful of miracles this week, Aquarius.  All you need to do is believe in the possibilities.  Shake off the cynicism you wear to defend against disappointment.  A burst of creative energy will take you by surprise and may feel unbalancing.  Let the energy in.  It'll drive you to bigger and better things.

Relax and let some healing happen.  You've been going a mile a minute and it's time to stop, Pisces. Let yourself catch up with everything that's happened.  Mood swings are a clue to help guide and direct your actions.  Try not to fight the feelings.  Tie up loose ends and get organized before the next wave of activity comes.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010



It's my favorite holiday but as it approaches, I've had to work through some weirdness.  My regular holiday rituals fell apart when we moved up here and I've been scrambling to come up with a new plan.  I had to work through some grief about what's gone and some anger about not having put more into a new plan.  I procrastinated, I admit it.

But once the emotional energy calmed down, I moved into this deeper space of gratitude.  I don't know exactly how I got here but when it comes down to it, it doesn't take much to make things special.  It's an attitude and an outlook more than the machinations we put ourselves through.

There's something so pure to me about this particular holiday.  It really is about connecting and feeling grateful and the perfect pictures we have about how it needs to look are pretty silly.  I'm hoping that you too are feeling the good vibrations, dear friends!

The Stonestreet Cafe will air tomorrow night at 6pm PST/10pm EST at  If you have the time and inclination, I hope you'll join me at for show #31...RITUAL.  I'm welcoming guest Paula Gerardi, an old 12th House cohort to the Cafe to talk about how we can bring more of the sacred into our daily lives.  Isn't that what we're trying to do on Thanksgiving?  Experience a deeper connection?  Come by and say hi.  I'll be in the chat room during the show and I would love to see you there.

Also on Thanksgiving, we're having a big sale at on readings.  I would love to assist you in any and every way that you need assistance.  Stop by between 8-noon pacific and get your energy tuned up and ready for the evening's festivities.  For those of you, like me who find themselves in transition or possibly alone, come connect with me at and  I'M HERE FOR YOU!

That's about it for this week.  I'm breathing a sigh of relief now that my dear husband has taken my stir crazy kids to the grocery store.  I'm going to relish the quiet while it lasts.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Fortune Forecast 11/22 - 11/28


Our heart's can take us to new spaces of joy and pleasure, if we risk opening them and allowing more flow.  We might not like all the feelings we experience but all of them truly are a wonder.  Let's take a risk this week and open to MORE.  Love is available and it starts inside our own bodies.  Let the energy emanate out and see what happens.  It's pure magic.

Monday 11/22
Support is sparse today and we might be tempted to sink into fitful feelings about it.  Wouldn't it be better to just bring our attention back to ourselves and do what we can to further our dreams and desires?  There's no point in wasting energy on something that isn't happen.  Redirect your focus.

Tuesday 11/23
So much great energy is available today but we have to open to it.  It might be hard to stay grounded with energy that's so up and out.  keep a notebook handy in order to capture all the great ideas coming through. There will be many worthy of investigating.  Get ready to plant some seeds.

Wednesday 11/24
The energy is a bit down today.  There's no need to feel bad about it or take it to heart.  It's just weather.  Retreat if possible and spend time and energy on self care and spaces that feel nurturing.  It's a great day to shore up our energy in preparation for the next leap forward.

Thursday 11/25
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We just can't get to the truth today no matter how hard we try.  In fact, the harder we try the fuzzier things look.  The answers we want and need will emerge soon.  Now it's all about finding something to do while we wait. Healthy escapes are in order.  Relax and know that everything will right itself soon.

Friday 11/26
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We're getting a chance to put a conflict to rest.  We might be called on to make the first move.  Though our pride is urging us to take no action, our spirit is urging us towards resolution.  Go with spirit even if it dredges up uncomfortable feelings.  Get it all out in the open and into the light.

Saturday 11/27
We can't stop the flow of energy infusing us with excitement today.  Why try?  Some of us might not like the level of intensity coming through.  Surrender to it and let's go to new spaces.  Finding new creative outlets can help a lot and get this energy moving in a way that brings a multitude of gifts.

Sunday 11/28
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We might have to look hard to see the silver lining today.  It's there and it's just waiting to be discovered.  We may simply be tired and unable to see the beauty.  That's ok.  Let's not get too carried away by the low energy.  We don't need to make sense of it and there's no need to deny it.  It will pass.

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Just go with it.   Lose the control and go.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 11/21- 11/27

It's hard to keep the fears at bay this week, Aries.  Your defenses are down and you are vulnerable to every disturbance in your environment.  No one seems to understand what you're talking about, which is causing you to doubt yourself.  See the trouble as a fire in which you'll forge a new kind of strength.  This is alchemy in action.

Open up, Taurus.  You've been shrugging off new opportunity without realizing it.  Consider your position and ask yourself if there's a way to be more trusting even though you don't feel like it.  Good things are waiting to drop in your lap.  Get out of your own way!  Harness the power of head and heart and you will travel far this week.

Trying to repress potent feelings is not good for you Gemini.  Is there a safe way to get everything off your chest?  Perhaps writing about it can ease the internal tension.  You can see what you want and it's within reach.  Grab it!  A new business opportunity has a ton of potential.  Start cultivating this sacred seed and watch it grow into something fabulous!

You are being seen more and more as an authority and it feels good.  All your hard work is starting to pay off, Cancer.  The trouble is, you're having a hard time finding someone to celebrate with. Try not to let it get you down and find ways to create a celebration on your own.  Mood swings are intense this week and might not make sense.  Go with the flow.

Being stubborn will pay off this week Leo.  You don't have to go nuts, just dig in and fight for what's important to you.  Part of winning this struggle will be in knowing what you value.  Think on it.  Passionate feelings are difficult to control.  Perhaps you should get out of the way and just let it all out?  Liberation is at hand.  Get ready!

You need space to explore new passions this week, Virgo.  Unfortunately you have a lot of pressing responsibilities to deal with that make it difficult to run wild.  If you give yourself permission to be less than perfect, you'll have a lot more fun.  Get ready for recognition and possibly a raise or promotion.  You're doing excellent work and it hasn't gone unnoticed.

The wheel of fortune is on the upswing for you, Libra.  Good things are coming your way.  You can clearly see a toxic relationship dynamic that was previously unconscious and hidden.  Now you have the power to decide how to confront it.   Be patient with a project that seems to be stagnant.  You are on the cusp of a big breakthrough, so keep on keeping on.

A big change might have you reaching out for security and support.   You didn't see this coming but now that it's here, it all makes sense.  Be kind to yourself as you move through this.  There is no right way to go from here.  It comes down to what you want and you've had a hard time connecting with that space for a while.  Expect to travel far this week.

A bright idea is so exciting and so bursting with potential that you might feel like telling everyone you know.  Slow down, Sagittarius.  telling everyone is like letting the helium out of the balloon.  Don't dissipate your energy before you even get started.  Lean on loved ones for support.  They're just waiting to give you what you need and want.

A burst of energy is helping you move through a pile of work.  It feels good to be fired up after a period of apathy and exhaustion.  Things are coming together and seeds you planted long ago are starting to bear fruit.  Find a way to celebrate all that's unfolding for you Capricorn.  You're about to surge ahead with seemingly little effort. 

Clouds of confusion seem to come and go this week, Aquarius.  One minute you're sure you know what you want and how to make it happen. The next minute, you're completely lost.  Don't try and make sense of this stuff.  Just keep moving through it.  A new vision is taking shape.  Trust in the process and let it come into focus without effort and/or stress.

Happiness wants to come to you.  Will you let it in, Pisces?  You're holding something against yourself and it's time to let go.  It may seem as if you've been shut out of something you want to belong to.  Could it be that your spirit has something better in mind?  Yes!  Mixed messages are driving you crazy.  Come back to your body and feel your way through the confusion.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Modern Woman

I hope you'll join me this Thursday for the next episode of the Stonestreet Cafe.  This week, I'm welcoming historian and author, Kate Culkin to the Cafe to discuss her new book Harriet Hosmer, a Cultural Biography.

Harriet was a MODERN WOMAN if ever there was one.  A successful artist in the 1800's, she lived a fascinating life of breaking the rules and succeeding at it.  Kate and I will be talking about what helped her create success in a time period where women were pretty oppressed.  Keep in mind that the Cafe now airs at 6pm PST/9pm EST at

In other news, Venus and Jupiter both go direct tomorrow.  YAY!  We can expect to see more flow with abundance, love and opportunity.  It's been a bit of a haul to get through this Venus retrograde if I do say so myself!  I can't wait to see what happens as Venus and Jupiter gain forward momentum again.

It's an excellent time to get a reading and I'll be around Thursday and Friday to take your calls.  Email readings are amazing as well, so don't struggle in isolation...COME GET A READING!  Stop by Thursday especially, to celebrate the end of the retrogrades.  We're having a big sale from about 9ish-11am and then again from 1:20-4:20 pacific time.  I'll be there!

Also, Friday morning at 9am PST/noon EST I'm hosting the HEALING OASIS at  Jump in and get a 20 minute energy balancing.  It's going to be like swimming in the spiritual hot springs and coming out fresh and relaxed.  Hope to see you there.

I realized that today is our family's one year anniversary up here in Idaho Springs, Colorado.  I love it!  As I drove to Denver today to run errands I had a running list of things I love about this small town that I was going to share with you.  A gratitude list...but on the way back, the traffic stressed me out so much that the darn list faded out of my head.

Suffice it to say that I'm happy, happy, happy to have left the urban jungle and created a more simple, manageable life for myself, my husband and my kids.  LIFE IS GOOD and it's going to get better as we move toward the holidays.

Many blessings to you friends.  I'm off to get the kids from school and hope to have a quiet evening of recovery from the traffic-rattle I experienced.  Seriously.  I am RATTLED.

Join me in the Cafe Thursday night for show #30...MODERN WOMAN!


ps.  CHECK OUT MY HOLIDAY MESSAGE ON THE LEFT COLUMN OF THE BLOG!  It's hilarious if I do say so myself but the message is for real.  Permission heals...

Monday, November 15, 2010

Fortune Forecast 11/15 - 11/21


We have an amazing foundation upon which to expand upon.  Perhaps the gift of the Venus retrograde in part was to show us what we have, what we can count on and our role in creating it.  Relax, take a deep breath and get ready to create a new structure, one that can support all the new projects that are about to spring into life.  This energy might not be the most exciting energy we've ever encountered but for those of us looking for a new kind of stability and fresh source of prosperity, this week brings many miracles and rewards.

Monday 11/15
We're vulnerable today to negativity on all levels.  We might feel rejected when there really is no rejection.  That's just one example of how our old wounds affect the now.  Be patient as these pains rise to the surface for healing.  Don't take it to heart.  It's just old stuff.

Tuesday 11/16
We've been handed an amazing idea or opportunity and this sacred seed needs to be nurtured and cared for.  In our enthusiasm, we might be tempted to rush out and share it with anyone and everyone.  Slow down and ask if this is wise?  Let's give it time to grow before exposure.

Wednesday 11/17
It will be hard not to get sucked into a crazy conflict today.  We might step in thinking that we have the power to resolve it or we might step in to defend and honor someone we love.  The thing is, our involvement will only delay the resolution.  Stand by and be supportive.  That's all.

Thursday 11/18
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Something is leaving and something else is coming in.  This can create a degree of chaos and crazy.  Expect it.  Welcome it knowing that the chaos heralds a new and exciting cycle.  Big things are about to unfold.  Get ready and don't stress too much over the ending of a once-rewarding space.

Friday 11/19
Healing Oasis, distance healing session at 9am PST/noon EST at
It's tempting to push intense feelings to the side in order to be rational and focused today.  The thing is, it won't work.  We need to find outlets for volatile, emotional energy.  Put it to use by letting it fuel a creative project or an athletic pursuit.  Find a way to get it all out and experience a healing.

Saturday 11/20
It's time to get in gear.  A risk will pay off handsomely today but we'll have to work up our courage first.  It doesn't feel natural to jump off a cliff but when the moment comes we need to go without hesitation.  This is where faith comes in handy.  Use it or lose it.

Sunday 11/21
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It's important to make time for rest and reflection even if there are a hundred little projects clamoring for attention.  Just say no and put self-care at the top of the priority list.  The seeds of new dreams are trying to come into consciousness.  Allow the body to chill while the dream space expands.

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Patience is important now.  We can grow even the tiniest potential into something fantastic if we just hang in there and take small steps.  Break goals into smaller pieces so that nothing seems insurmountable.  Protect what's not ready to be seen and touched.  It won't be long before some of our dreams can stand on their own.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 11/14 - 11/20

A minor attack has you rattled.  Before you get defensive, see if you can just step out of the drama and let it resolve on its own.  It will.  You're restless and ready for new projects but the world is moving slower that you.   Work to keep you creative energy flowing and try not to get to irritable while you wait for things to smooth out.

Take time out to rest and reflect even though you may have pressing responsibilities, Taurus.  You'll get more done if you take care of yourself while you move through it.  A new idea will take time to implement and bring the success you want.  Abundance is on the way.  Get ready to receive it.

Your heart is creaking open after a time period of withdrawal and retreat.  It's safe to be vulnerable now, Gemini.  You have the wisdom you need to know how to care for yourself as you open to more love and affection.  Get behind yourself!  A wish is coming your way and along with it, a big healing. 

Savor a victory even if it isn't as perfect as you'd hoped.  You are bursting with energy and are ready to jump into the next chapter of your story with enthusiasm and joy.  A temptation has you feeling off balance Cancer.  Perhaps if you explore what's so appealing about this temptation, you'll be able to satisfy the craving in a healthy way.

A potent week lies ahead, Leo.  You're about to discover just how strong and wise you are, Leo.  As you sift into your power, magical things will start to happen.  A situation that's been vexing will find resolution and set you free to create something new and exciting.  Relax into the spiritual guidance available now.

A bright idea has you excited but no one else seems to get it.  Just stay true to your vision for now, Virgo and know that others will offer more support and you take steps to make this dream real.  You've been working hard for seemingly little reward.  Don't despair.  You'll be recognized and validated soon enough.

You're at the end of a cycle that brought many kinds of riches, Libra.  It's sad to say goodbye to this space but know that even better things await you.  A plan is shaping up and it's exciting and possibly scary.  Just take one step at a time and believe in your dream.  Notice that your skills have moved to the next level.  You're ready for anything.

You are sensitive to criticism, Scorpio and may perceive honest feedback as an attack.  Stay calm!  Resist the urge to lash out.  Don't create trouble where there doesn't need to be any.  Perhaps if you got some rest, you'd feel better?  Watch out for self-criticism.  You are exceptionally vulnerable this week.

Your mind is open to seeing things a new way and it feels really good.  You can see around obstacles that previously looked insurmountable.  This new found freedom can help you leap into more success with little to no effort.  You may be asked to sacrifice something you treasure.  It's up to you to decide whether giving this preciousness up is worth it.

You get to decide your course of action this week Capricorn even though it seems like there are forces beyond your control.  Take your power back and start focusing on what you want.  Things are starting to move faster and faster and it may be challenging to keep up with it all.  Take breaks for rest and reflection to keep you spirits up.

You're under tremendous pressure this week, Aquarius.  Don't let it freak you out!  Your expectations are so high that they're very difficult to meet.  Lower the bar and allow for some messiness and imperfection.  Relax into the emotional support your loved ones are offering.  It's important to make time for connecting.

A chaotic situation seems to be escalating and you may find that you have no idea how to stop it.  Do what you can to stay neutral to the craziness of it all.  It will abate and quickly if you step out of it, Pisces.  It's time to start considering your next step.  What do you want?  Focus on it!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Snow and Such

Well friends, it suddenly got cold up here.  Snow fell and I find myself unprepared.  I know!  It's November...

I'd been putting off buying my kids winter gear.  It just didn't seem like a pressing issue.  Then, last weekend, we piled in the car and drove down to Denver to find the perfect coat for my daughter.  Heavens to betsy, we saw a lot of ugly coats.  I chalk it up to the Venus retrograde and the illusive nature of satisfaction under such conditions but i just couldn't stomach buying one of the hideous coats I saw in store after store.

Rather than be practical and just buy an ugly coat, I thought "I'll order on the internet!"  It was so hot that day that the idea of the coat faded away.  Low and behold it starts snowing up here and I start scrambling to get the dang coat ordered and shipped.  I found this amazing coupon online that saved me a ton of $$$ but it meant that the coat would be shipped ???  So now, I have to take my poor daughter to school in inadequate clothing (she doesn't seem to mind by the way and is most comfortable in her birthday suit, but that's another story).

Being sensitive to people's energy, I find myself wanting to launch into a big speech at the school to explain why we are so woefully unprepared for winter and that we WILL have a coat soon.  Excuses, excuses.  The truth is, I procrastinated, which is not new to me and now I have to deal with the embarrassment and the likelihood that my daughter will be cold for a few more days.


Have you been procrastinating?  Is there an area of life that needs attention that keeps getting shoved to the back of your mind?  I feel like there's some procrastination energy in the air, or maybe a better way to say it would be a lack of inspiration.  Venus retrograde will do that.  It's as if what brings us pleasure is temporarily out of order.  Venus retrograde can make things feel less satisfying.  We go to look at coats and all we see is ugly.  Know that this is just the lens we're peering through right now and that whatever looks ugly and less than appealing will probably look fine once this freaking retrograde is over (the 18th for those wanting to know).

Hang in there!

I want to remind everyone that the Stonestreet Cafe moved up an hour and now airs at 6pm PST/9pm EST at  I'm replaying the MIND CONTROL show this Thursday, so be sure to tune in.  It's one of my crazier shows and I can't wait to hear it again.  I love a good rant!  For the remainder of November I have a couple great shows planned including MODERN WOMAN with special guest, historian and author Kate Culkin on 11/18 and RITUAL with special guest, Shaman and spiritual adviser Paula Gerardi on 11/25.  Tune in and get your mind sparked by these amazing women!  Your support of the Cafe is truly appreciated.

Don't forget that this Friday the 12th, we're having an all day sale on readings at  Starting at 8am PST/11am EST and continuing for 12 hours, you can enjoy readings via phone and chat at 33% off.  I'll be available from 8am-1:30pm PST.  Let's connect!  It's a great time to check out the site or return and get an update on any and all issues vexing you (I would guess there might be one or two...)

Also this Friday, you can purchase your pass to the Healing Oasis (energy healing session) on sale at  Every 12th, we put tons of classes on sale at 12academy on the featured page for just $12.  Come check out all the offerings and sign up for the Oasis for a short/sweet/profound shift in your energy.  This is a new space I'm co-creating with my friend and colleague Kristina Walsh.  We're going to be alternating each week hosting  and holding the space for transformation.  Come experience the Oasis!

That's about it for me, dear friends.  I hope that freaking coat gets here soon and KNOW that what looks ugly now will look better in about a week!!



Marines' Hymn

This is my lovely co-worker at 12listen, Elizabeth Pendleton playing the harp in honor of Veteran's Day (11/11)!  This is the Marine's Hymn (who knew?  this song is familiar but I didn't know the name/meaning until today).

Let's send some good vibes to our dear soldiers, wherever they are right now...

Thanks E!!

Will write more this evening, friends!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Fortune Forecast 11/8 - 11/14


We may have the sense that we have everything we need this week and yet, satisfaction is illusive.  We're in need of a new goal, a new project, a new passion.  Resources are abundant but emotional support is harder to come by. No one seems available to help but the truth is we don't need as much help as we think.  Part of the lesson this week is about discovering how strong we are all on our own.  Though we've created a wonderfully stable reality, it's now become clear that we need to shake things up a bit in order to facilitate movement and growth.  Let's start looking into the next step and what it might take to get there.

Monday 11/8
There's no way to fight the tired vibe today.  Some of us might try and push against it but it's not going to move by force.  A better approach might be to just relax a little and trust that we'll have the energy we need soon enough to get everything done.  Go ahead and rest up now.

Tuesday 11/9
We're in for a happy surprise or two today.  It could be some unexpected abundance or perhaps a breakthrough in an important relationship.  Get ready to savor the deliciousness of success.  This burst of positivity will give us more energy and help fuel the next chapter of the story.

Wednesday 11/10
Things are starting to pick up.  We might find ourselves incredibly busy today on many levels.  Not only are we entertaining new goals but old projects that feels stuck and stagnant are starting to move and expand.  This is exciting and yet it can be very un-grounding.  Head's up.

Thursday 11/11
Stonestreet Cafe at 6pm PST/9pm EST at
Just open to it.  Decide and do it.  There is so much magic waiting to be discovered today.  All we have to do is show up.  It sounds too good to be true.  Don't let cynicism and perhaps exhaustion, stop the flow.  Whatever's been resting in your heart, those secret hopes and desires...unleash them now!

Friday 11/12

Happy hour at 12listen from 8am-8pm PST.
Things are on the upswing and the blessings we experienced yesterday can be even bigger and brighter today.  What we put energy into will get bigger, so pull out of all the problems and think positive.  Notice the little miracles and validate them.  This will bring more.

Saturday 11/13
it's important to take stock of different spaces and balance them.  Our space of self-care might need more attention and we may need to find ways to balance our responsibilities in a way that brings more reward.  Start today by taking a look at what feels out of balance and begin to make corrections.

Sunday 11/14
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Go ahead and give yourself permission to pull back and rest a bit.  Sometimes engaging a problem is not the answer.  It's all about giving our troubles a little bit of space today. Trust that time will bring the desired healing.  Effort and control are not where it's at.

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This is a big theme here at Leonine Times...the joy of simple pleasures.  Take some time this week to visit a beautiful park.  Go for a swim or hop in a bubble bath.  Buy a bouquet of flowers and enjoy the aroma.  It's amazing what a little bliss can do for a stressed out body. 

Friday, November 5, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 11/7 - 11/13

It's time to ease up on the effort and let things flow more easily to you. It's hard to trust that they will, Aries but your luck is on the upswing and rewards are in the works.  It's a great time to get more clarity about your next step.  Take a little time out to contemplate, dream and visualize.

You're still working through some uncomfortable energy, Taurus and it's hard to find a sense of relief.  On top of your troubles, you're being pretty hard on yourself about the right way to get through things.  Let go of the idea of right and wrong and just be.  It will feel strange at first but you'll learn to love it!

You've got way too much going on to even think about efficiency.  It's a mess, Gemini and yet you have a way of making it all come together.  You are rich in valuable resources, though it might be tough to locate what you need when you need it.  Be open to a happy surprise or two.  They are on the way.

Thinking clearly is easier now.  You seem to be much more in touch with what's happening and how to take advantage of it.  A part of you is ready to leap into the unknown, Cancer.  Hang on just a little bit longer while the universes aligns with your intention.  Patience will provide a soft landing.

It's time to play, Leo!  What is calling your attention?  Go investigate.  Be willing to explore and wander this week in the quest to find new pleasures.  A relationship is taking on more depth and dimension.  This is exciting and it's giving you a feeling of safety as well.  You just can't beat it.

There is tremendous pressure on you to succumb to difficult circumstances.  It's as if someone you love is pushing you to join them in a little piece of hell.  You can say no, Virgo.  You don't have to go anywhere you don't want to go.  There's no need to take on the role of rescuer this week.

Be patient and let things come together a little bit before you get aggressive and intense.  Good luck is lining up for you Libra.  Just hang on a little longer.  Mood swings are potent and can help bring clues and insight your way.  Be an observer as opposed to a participant when possible.

Deep feelings are very hard to understand this week.  It's as if someone plugged you into a socket of energy and you have no idea what it's doing to you.  if you hang in there with it, you might just find it's the shot int he arm you've been waiting for.  Carve out time to rest.  You're going to need it!

Be open to the magic that wants to come your way, Sagittarius.  Your worries are exaggerated though it doesn't feel like it.  Honor the fear but don't let it keep you from trusting yourself to move through it.  A new opportunity looks and feels exciting.  Pace yourself for best results.

Valuable insights are coming through.  At every turn, you see and know something new and important.  Many things are falling apart around you but it's ok.  Let this stuff come apart so that you can build better structures.  Admit it!  You love this stuff, Capricorn.

A burst of energy is helping you clear away some cobwebs and find a new focus.  It's important that you conserve resources now, Aquarius.  Don't squander anything if you can help it, including your attention and energy.  There is pressure on your to compromise.  Just say no.

A revelation is helping you see your own behavior in a new light.  Things are starting to make more sense.  As you get your head around all the new info, you'll find that magic starts to happen for you, Pisces.  Let the old, stuck energy slip away in favor of something fresh and fanciful.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Stonestreet Cafe LIVE

Stonestreet Cafe will be LIVE tomorrow on 12radio.  I'm welcoming my special guest 12listen advisor, Katt to join me for the show.

Starting tomorrow (Thursday for those of you getting this by email subscription) the Cafe moves up an hour to 6pm PST/9pm EST.  This move helps me balance radio/family obligations.  I hope you're not confused by the change!

I'm sitting here today in my messy house, trying to get some work done.  The stomach bug that's been haunting my family for weeks has finally gotten me.  I blame the halloween candy for giving that bug a leg up in my stomach.  Gross.

Other than that, I find myself relieved that the election is over.  No more robo calls and people knocking on my door.  Don't get me wrong, I really appreciate people who get involved in campaigning.  It's hard work and often thankless work.  I grew up heavy in politics and if you're curious about what I experienced, you can check out my show MY LIFE IN POLITICS in the archives at 12radio.  I don't talk much about what party I'm affiliated with, it's just observations of the political system itself.

That's about it for today, friends.  I feel awful today and find myself dreading facing the remainder of my responsibilities for the day.  Some days are just better in bed!

Here's to hoping that you are well and fine!


Monday, November 1, 2010

Fortune Forecast 11/1 - 11/7


A breath of fresh air is coming, so hang in there.  We've been grappling with confusion and uncertainty and it's been difficult terrain to travel.  We get a break now as the missing pieces of the puzzle show up to give dimension to the trip.  There's no need to rush into anything until we have all the information we require.  Don't be seduced by the need to hurry.  We can pace ourselves in a way that creates stamina as the next chapter unfolds.  Soon our struggles will change shape and become something unimaginably exciting.

Monday 11/1
It's easy to see new things today.  It's as if someone came in the night and delivered perspective.  Things that looked unconquerable are now getting under control with little to no effort.  It's truly refreshing and it's important that we honor what's taking place.

Tuesday 11/2
At every turn, magic is available.  All we need do is reach out and soak it up.  There are opportunities for life to flow in wondrous ways.  Think about what's needed and let it show up in the material world.  There is little blocking us at this juncture.

Wednesday 11/3
We're being recognized and rewarded today.  Take it in even if the source and reason is unknown.  Things are rich in the garden this week and when we take time to bask in the abundance, the abundance gets even more potent.  Stop and feel the moment.

Thursday 11/4
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We need to slow down and pause here and there today.  Everything is moving way too fast and it's easy to get swept into spaces that aren't fun or productive.  We're being asked to wait for the missing piece of information.  There's no need to act in haste.

Friday 11/5
We're being pushed to look at dynamics that are quickly fraying and falling apart.  It would be easy to get a little hysterical about it all.  Resist the temptation and hold steady for healing.  It's important that we see and liberate ourselves from what doesn't work.

Saturday 11/6
We need a lot of space to meander around today.  So many great ideas are coming through.  Be a conduit and don't worry about weeding through them all just yet.  The best ones will rise to the top soon.  Until then, dream and soar into incredible futures.

Sunday 11/7
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It's time to cultivate the ties that help us stay steady and calm in the face of life's difficulties.  Reach out.  Express appreciation and care.  Be generous and stoke the spark of celebration.  Small exchanges will boost vitality and focus.

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We need to know when to leap forward and when to wait.  Listen to the body.  There's a plethora of temptation to leap into things this week.  We've been restless and in need to a way to move things forward and now with the first inklings of freedom, we're tempted to do radical stuff to achieve that feeling of change.  SLOW DOWN.  There's no need o rush into anything until we feel it in our bones.