Monday, November 29, 2010

Fortune Forecast 11/29 - 12/4


magical forces are all around this week.  This doesn't mean things will be perfect.  Let's get rid of that idea right now!  Healing means that uncomfortable dynamics come to consciousness, so the healing we're being offered might not feel like a healing at first.  Go with it.  We're getting a chance to look at the space of surrender now.  Surrender is not weakness, it is not resignation.  Surrender means recognizing that the control we try to exert is more trouble than it's worth.  Relax into the river of life.  Go with it to new realms.  There is nothing to regret here.

Monday 11/29
Change is underway but it's difficult to see or feel.  In fact, we may be convinced that nothing's moving right now but there are deep, slow changes underway.  Let's take time to recognize these forces and validate the shift.  Powerful opportunities are coming soon.  get ready and enjoy the slower pace today.

Tuesday 11/30

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We're feeling rejected and abandoned today and can't clearly see invitations to participate.  It's a mood and it will pass, so don't make any big decisions while under the influence of this energy.  The temptation to blame others for this state of affairs is powerful but the wound is in us.  Check it and see.

Wednesday 12/1
We're creating our own stress today, whether we realize it or not.  Trying to think through things isn't bringing relief.  Come back to the body.  Take a walk, listen to music, burn some incense...anything to make the body more real amidst tremendous, mental effort.  Notice the need to stay in control.  It's not working, so try something else.

Thursday 12/2
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Our minds and hearts want the same thing...fulfillment.  But they have very different ideas about how to create it.  Can we take the best from both and come up with a compromise?  Are we letting one of these dominate and ignoring the other?  These questions are worth pondering today.  Expect a breakthrough as fresh information arrives.

Friday 12/3
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There's nothing we can do to stop certain cycles that are starting to unfold now.  We've got to keep on moving through it.  It's not easy and we don't have to love every minute of it but we need to keep moving forward.  Resisting some of what's unfolding won't help.  Notice the resistance and let it go.  Let it all go.

Saturday 12/4
It might not come in the form of a check or a dollar bill but there is a lot of wealth in the air today.  The more we see it, the bigger it gets.  It's time to pull attention away from what's lacking and look to what's abundant.  A windfall of some kind is likely.  Let the gift in by keeping an eye out for it.

Sunday 12/5
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We need to go back and check on something we assumed was complete.  Be forewarned, we will not feel like doing it but it's important.  Some sloppy, little detail will get out of hand if we don't confront it now.  The strange thing is, going back to look at this will remind us of something important we forgot about.  It's worth it.

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Easier said than done, my friends!  This week, we're learning more about how to surrender and flow.  The desire to stay in control will be with us but it won't help us get what we want.  Notice it and have a chuckle.  Give it a name, like grumpy uncle chuck or something.  Let's start to unhook from identifying with this energy.  It's not who we are and it certainly won't help us deal with the terrain we're exploring now.

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