Saturday, November 13, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 11/14 - 11/20

A minor attack has you rattled.  Before you get defensive, see if you can just step out of the drama and let it resolve on its own.  It will.  You're restless and ready for new projects but the world is moving slower that you.   Work to keep you creative energy flowing and try not to get to irritable while you wait for things to smooth out.

Take time out to rest and reflect even though you may have pressing responsibilities, Taurus.  You'll get more done if you take care of yourself while you move through it.  A new idea will take time to implement and bring the success you want.  Abundance is on the way.  Get ready to receive it.

Your heart is creaking open after a time period of withdrawal and retreat.  It's safe to be vulnerable now, Gemini.  You have the wisdom you need to know how to care for yourself as you open to more love and affection.  Get behind yourself!  A wish is coming your way and along with it, a big healing. 

Savor a victory even if it isn't as perfect as you'd hoped.  You are bursting with energy and are ready to jump into the next chapter of your story with enthusiasm and joy.  A temptation has you feeling off balance Cancer.  Perhaps if you explore what's so appealing about this temptation, you'll be able to satisfy the craving in a healthy way.

A potent week lies ahead, Leo.  You're about to discover just how strong and wise you are, Leo.  As you sift into your power, magical things will start to happen.  A situation that's been vexing will find resolution and set you free to create something new and exciting.  Relax into the spiritual guidance available now.

A bright idea has you excited but no one else seems to get it.  Just stay true to your vision for now, Virgo and know that others will offer more support and you take steps to make this dream real.  You've been working hard for seemingly little reward.  Don't despair.  You'll be recognized and validated soon enough.

You're at the end of a cycle that brought many kinds of riches, Libra.  It's sad to say goodbye to this space but know that even better things await you.  A plan is shaping up and it's exciting and possibly scary.  Just take one step at a time and believe in your dream.  Notice that your skills have moved to the next level.  You're ready for anything.

You are sensitive to criticism, Scorpio and may perceive honest feedback as an attack.  Stay calm!  Resist the urge to lash out.  Don't create trouble where there doesn't need to be any.  Perhaps if you got some rest, you'd feel better?  Watch out for self-criticism.  You are exceptionally vulnerable this week.

Your mind is open to seeing things a new way and it feels really good.  You can see around obstacles that previously looked insurmountable.  This new found freedom can help you leap into more success with little to no effort.  You may be asked to sacrifice something you treasure.  It's up to you to decide whether giving this preciousness up is worth it.

You get to decide your course of action this week Capricorn even though it seems like there are forces beyond your control.  Take your power back and start focusing on what you want.  Things are starting to move faster and faster and it may be challenging to keep up with it all.  Take breaks for rest and reflection to keep you spirits up.

You're under tremendous pressure this week, Aquarius.  Don't let it freak you out!  Your expectations are so high that they're very difficult to meet.  Lower the bar and allow for some messiness and imperfection.  Relax into the emotional support your loved ones are offering.  It's important to make time for connecting.

A chaotic situation seems to be escalating and you may find that you have no idea how to stop it.  Do what you can to stay neutral to the craziness of it all.  It will abate and quickly if you step out of it, Pisces.  It's time to start considering your next step.  What do you want?  Focus on it!


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