Saturday, November 20, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 11/21- 11/27

It's hard to keep the fears at bay this week, Aries.  Your defenses are down and you are vulnerable to every disturbance in your environment.  No one seems to understand what you're talking about, which is causing you to doubt yourself.  See the trouble as a fire in which you'll forge a new kind of strength.  This is alchemy in action.

Open up, Taurus.  You've been shrugging off new opportunity without realizing it.  Consider your position and ask yourself if there's a way to be more trusting even though you don't feel like it.  Good things are waiting to drop in your lap.  Get out of your own way!  Harness the power of head and heart and you will travel far this week.

Trying to repress potent feelings is not good for you Gemini.  Is there a safe way to get everything off your chest?  Perhaps writing about it can ease the internal tension.  You can see what you want and it's within reach.  Grab it!  A new business opportunity has a ton of potential.  Start cultivating this sacred seed and watch it grow into something fabulous!

You are being seen more and more as an authority and it feels good.  All your hard work is starting to pay off, Cancer.  The trouble is, you're having a hard time finding someone to celebrate with. Try not to let it get you down and find ways to create a celebration on your own.  Mood swings are intense this week and might not make sense.  Go with the flow.

Being stubborn will pay off this week Leo.  You don't have to go nuts, just dig in and fight for what's important to you.  Part of winning this struggle will be in knowing what you value.  Think on it.  Passionate feelings are difficult to control.  Perhaps you should get out of the way and just let it all out?  Liberation is at hand.  Get ready!

You need space to explore new passions this week, Virgo.  Unfortunately you have a lot of pressing responsibilities to deal with that make it difficult to run wild.  If you give yourself permission to be less than perfect, you'll have a lot more fun.  Get ready for recognition and possibly a raise or promotion.  You're doing excellent work and it hasn't gone unnoticed.

The wheel of fortune is on the upswing for you, Libra.  Good things are coming your way.  You can clearly see a toxic relationship dynamic that was previously unconscious and hidden.  Now you have the power to decide how to confront it.   Be patient with a project that seems to be stagnant.  You are on the cusp of a big breakthrough, so keep on keeping on.

A big change might have you reaching out for security and support.   You didn't see this coming but now that it's here, it all makes sense.  Be kind to yourself as you move through this.  There is no right way to go from here.  It comes down to what you want and you've had a hard time connecting with that space for a while.  Expect to travel far this week.

A bright idea is so exciting and so bursting with potential that you might feel like telling everyone you know.  Slow down, Sagittarius.  telling everyone is like letting the helium out of the balloon.  Don't dissipate your energy before you even get started.  Lean on loved ones for support.  They're just waiting to give you what you need and want.

A burst of energy is helping you move through a pile of work.  It feels good to be fired up after a period of apathy and exhaustion.  Things are coming together and seeds you planted long ago are starting to bear fruit.  Find a way to celebrate all that's unfolding for you Capricorn.  You're about to surge ahead with seemingly little effort. 

Clouds of confusion seem to come and go this week, Aquarius.  One minute you're sure you know what you want and how to make it happen. The next minute, you're completely lost.  Don't try and make sense of this stuff.  Just keep moving through it.  A new vision is taking shape.  Trust in the process and let it come into focus without effort and/or stress.

Happiness wants to come to you.  Will you let it in, Pisces?  You're holding something against yourself and it's time to let go.  It may seem as if you've been shut out of something you want to belong to.  Could it be that your spirit has something better in mind?  Yes!  Mixed messages are driving you crazy.  Come back to your body and feel your way through the confusion.


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