Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Snow and Such

Well friends, it suddenly got cold up here.  Snow fell and I find myself unprepared.  I know!  It's November...

I'd been putting off buying my kids winter gear.  It just didn't seem like a pressing issue.  Then, last weekend, we piled in the car and drove down to Denver to find the perfect coat for my daughter.  Heavens to betsy, we saw a lot of ugly coats.  I chalk it up to the Venus retrograde and the illusive nature of satisfaction under such conditions but i just couldn't stomach buying one of the hideous coats I saw in store after store.

Rather than be practical and just buy an ugly coat, I thought "I'll order on the internet!"  It was so hot that day that the idea of the coat faded away.  Low and behold it starts snowing up here and I start scrambling to get the dang coat ordered and shipped.  I found this amazing coupon online that saved me a ton of $$$ but it meant that the coat would be shipped ???  So now, I have to take my poor daughter to school in inadequate clothing (she doesn't seem to mind by the way and is most comfortable in her birthday suit, but that's another story).

Being sensitive to people's energy, I find myself wanting to launch into a big speech at the school to explain why we are so woefully unprepared for winter and that we WILL have a coat soon.  Excuses, excuses.  The truth is, I procrastinated, which is not new to me and now I have to deal with the embarrassment and the likelihood that my daughter will be cold for a few more days.


Have you been procrastinating?  Is there an area of life that needs attention that keeps getting shoved to the back of your mind?  I feel like there's some procrastination energy in the air, or maybe a better way to say it would be a lack of inspiration.  Venus retrograde will do that.  It's as if what brings us pleasure is temporarily out of order.  Venus retrograde can make things feel less satisfying.  We go to look at coats and all we see is ugly.  Know that this is just the lens we're peering through right now and that whatever looks ugly and less than appealing will probably look fine once this freaking retrograde is over (the 18th for those wanting to know).

Hang in there!

I want to remind everyone that the Stonestreet Cafe moved up an hour and now airs at 6pm PST/9pm EST at  I'm replaying the MIND CONTROL show this Thursday, so be sure to tune in.  It's one of my crazier shows and I can't wait to hear it again.  I love a good rant!  For the remainder of November I have a couple great shows planned including MODERN WOMAN with special guest, historian and author Kate Culkin on 11/18 and RITUAL with special guest, Shaman and spiritual adviser Paula Gerardi on 11/25.  Tune in and get your mind sparked by these amazing women!  Your support of the Cafe is truly appreciated.

Don't forget that this Friday the 12th, we're having an all day sale on readings at  Starting at 8am PST/11am EST and continuing for 12 hours, you can enjoy readings via phone and chat at 33% off.  I'll be available from 8am-1:30pm PST.  Let's connect!  It's a great time to check out the site or return and get an update on any and all issues vexing you (I would guess there might be one or two...)

Also this Friday, you can purchase your pass to the Healing Oasis (energy healing session) on sale at  Every 12th, we put tons of classes on sale at 12academy on the featured page for just $12.  Come check out all the offerings and sign up for the Oasis for a short/sweet/profound shift in your energy.  This is a new space I'm co-creating with my friend and colleague Kristina Walsh.  We're going to be alternating each week hosting  and holding the space for transformation.  Come experience the Oasis!

That's about it for me, dear friends.  I hope that freaking coat gets here soon and KNOW that what looks ugly now will look better in about a week!!



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