Thursday, December 30, 2010

On the Cusp...

of a whole New Year!  EXCITING!

2010 brought us a host of challenging, astrological energy.  We experienced all kinds of retrogrades and clashing planets.  2011 is going to have a much, more forward-moving kind of energy.  We have far, fewer retrograde action and we'll see Jupiter and Uranus moving into Aries, giving us a lot of energy to pioneer new things, take risks, find our freedom and more.  I really can't wait to see what happens.

I've been doing tons of Astrocartography* readings and one thing that's really striking is how many people are gravitating towards their personal Pluto zones.   In the last week, I've done three readings for people who are considering moving to a Pluto zone. 

*Astrocartography is the art of location Astrology and it's based on an individuals birth chart.  We have different zones in the world that are influenced by certain planets...a Sun zone can bring expansion and prosperity, a Moon zone can help us with our intuitive abilities and with healing old wounds, Mercury can help us with writing and communication, etc, etc.  Learn more and get a reading HERE

This has gotten me thinking in a fresh way.  One would think that people would gravitate to zones where ease and good luck await (Venus and Jupiter) but what I'm finding is that many of us are seeking challenge.  We WANT to grow and become more of who we are.  We're looking for experiences that helps push us to find deeper levels of strength, wisdom and power (Pluto).  It's fascinating and it makes sense.  The times we live in seem to be about discovering the core and a level of truth, fulfillment and passion that might not have interested most of us a few years ago. 

Our collective value system is changing and has been for while.  It really is incredible for me to see this shift in the readings I'm doing of see people looking for more intensity and awakening.  I LOVE IT!

So here we are, poised on the cusp of 2011 and it's time to take a breath and recognize where we are and who we are.  It's time to validate all that's transpired over the last year, be it positive or negative.  Can we look back with love?  Let's take charge of the story we tell ourselves about our lives and make that story one of magic and celebration of an imperfect world (perfect in it's imperfection but that a whole other blog...). 

As we close in on the end of the year, we're going to experience some volatile energy.  Please travel with care.  There's an ungrounded quality to the weekend ahead which is great for celebrating but can be dangerous in its carelessness.  If you're like me, you might find yourself eschewing big crows in favor of more time to rest, relax and contemplate.  If you're not like me have fun out and about.  This is a great weekend to meet new people and get a fresh perspective on life.

I'm so grateful to have this place to share some of the information that comes through me.  I can't really take credit for most of it...I'm just the typist.  I guess that's one of the gifts of living in my Neptune zone.  Neptune makes me a bit chaotic and disorganized but it's great in terms of channeling information, information that I know is relevant for you.

I've gotten so many amazingly, loving letters from so many of you this year.  THANK YOU!  I've also had the pleasure of doing readings for some loyal Leonine Times fans who finally took the leap and called or contacted me for a reading via chat and/or email at  THANK YOU!  You are a continual source of inspiration for me.  Learning about your lives and challenges and TRIUMPHS is what keeps me writing here.  If I left it all up to Neptune, I'd drift away on some cloud to la la land but it's you and the realness of you that keeps me going here.

I can't wait to see what the New Year brings!

So much love to you friends.


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Monday, December 27, 2010

Fortune Forecast 12/27 - 1/2


There's no use in standing around and debating the merits of a particular choice.  Just go.  Action is favored this week along with a willingness to try.  In the end, we always end up where we're supposed to, now it's just a matter of what scenery we want to see along the way.  Check in with the heart and find out what's truly wanted and desired.  From this knowledge, even if it's abstract, we can take steps to making it real.  The head on the other hand, wants to complicate things.  Just say no and GO!

Monday 12/27
Whether we know it or not, the delays and frustrations that pop up today are important.  They are helping to navigate us into more fruitful spaces.  We need radical trust right now and a bit of detachment from the controlling ego.  Easier said then done but worthy of effort.

Tuesday 12/28
We need room to experiment and possibly fail today. In reality, nothing is really a failure.  It's all about experience.  We can discover so much about ourselves and our heart's desire when we let go of of the need to control how it unfolds.  That is the lesson of the day.  Let go.

Wednesday 12/29
We're being pushed out of our comfort zone whether we're ready or not.  Though we might not know it yet, we're about to stumble into something amazing.  Faith can help us face the unknown and the fears that get stirred up around it all.  Get ready for more.  It's on the way.

Thursday 12/30
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It's a great day to play as we teeter on the cusp of the New Year.  Why not cut loose and find time for adventure?  It will be almost impossible to focus on anything but fun.  Don't fight the psychic weather.  It's time to come back to the moment and validate all that's well and good. 

Friday 12/31
Make space for feelings and intuition today.  The heart has much to share but can't get the message out if there's no space.  We might find ourselves rushing around like mad.  This is not necessary.  Slow down, even if it feels counter intuitive to do so.  Gifts await us in the quiet spaces.

Saturday 1/1
HAPPY 2011!!
It's a great day to reflect on all that's transpired.  Perhaps it wasn't all perfect and nice but great strides have been made and need validation.  Now is the time to start pondering the next step be it great or small.  Find people to connect and celebrate with.  Being together feels right.

Sunday 1/2
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We can't avoid the old wounds that are emerging and in need of healing today.  Everywhere we turn, we are reminded that there is active pain happening.  We can't shut it out and we don't need to give over to ti completely.  All we need to do is get a good look at it.  Honor it and let it go.

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There are no answers to the questions we're asking this week, at least not from our current vantage point.  We need to wander into something new in order to find the information we're seeking.  Don't hesitate, just go.   Be willing to leave the familiar in favor of the new and untested.  Joy awaits us.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 12/26 - 1/1

The pace is picking up, Aries.  Are you ready?  A wish is about to come true and it will surprise and delight you in ways you never thought possible.  The simplicity of it all is amazing and magical.  Finish us a couple projects to make space from something new.  It's coming.

You're climbing out of a fog of sorts and gaining some much needed clarity.  It feels good to be able to see the terrain.  Be conservative with resources now even though you might feel like throwing caution to the wind.  You are attractive and popular this week.  Relish the attention!

You're on fire this week Gemini and will find it easy to bend the world to your will.  Be careful what you ask for because you're going to get it!  There's pressure on your to give up a dream.  Don't do it!  It's about to come into shape and you won't want to miss it.

An amazing opportunity to expand your abundance is in the works.  It will take time and dedication to see it through but you can do it!  Life is magical this week Cancer.  You're finally able to relax into all the changes that have taken place recently.  Enjoy all of your creations.

Make peace with recent tensions.  There's no need to take it all to heart, Leo.  You can let it slide off knowing that you tried your best to facilitate peace.  You are restless and in need of adventure.  Seek your fortune and don't wait for others to join in.  They'll follow once you get going.

It's hard to feel the available support this week Virgo.  Your burdens are heavy but there is help.  Just open and ask.  This is a powerful time for you and you have a sense of it but no idea why.   Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and soon you'll be in a much more magical space.

You need a lot of space to roam and wander this week, Libra.  If you don't get it, you might just make a ruckus.  It's difficult to focus on your responsibilities but do what you can to finish up a project or two.  Invitations to play are coming your way.  Indulge!

You are tapping into a wealth of new information and it feels great.  There is so much happening in your world Scorpio.  You are in the midst of a big shift.  It's time to take charge of a space that has languished from lack of attention.  Once you put some energy there, things are going to move.

New ideas are helping you see new paths, Sagittarius.  It's exciting to have your world opening up, right before your eyes.  There's pressure on you to continue with outdated behaviors.  Shake it off!  Your intuition can help you navigate now.  Trust it.

You get to decide your fate this week, Capricorn.  What do you want?  You're breaking free from old stuff and seeing yourself in a new fashion.  This is great news!  It's time to add more pleasure to your daily routine.  You need it and it's long overdue.  

Big ideas have you excited and ready to talk.  Bot everyone is interested in what you're doing, Aquarius.  Be discriminating when sharing or you might just get your dream crushed by the cynics.  Big lessons are asking you to dig deeper and be more than before.  You can do it.

It's time to cultivate more balance, Pisces.  You might not feel like putting effort into this, preferring to just drift along in hopes that it will all get better.  Do a little to create more balance and your mood will improve one hundred times over.  Get ready for a powerful revelation or two.


Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays!!

Well, friends...

Here we are at the end of another year.  Wow.  It was a wild one.

I want to thank each and every one of you for your participation here.  I love hearing from you and feeling the connection with you!

This weekend offers us a lot of earthy stability with a Virgo Moon and some lovely Sun and Moon aspects to our dear friend Pluto.  This might not be everyone's idea of a good time but it does bring out the traditional element and some of us love this stuff!

I spent some time today with my daughter watching Heidi on Netflix.  This was one of my favorite stories when I was growing up.  I read it more than a few times.  I got so weepy over the grumpy, old grandpa as his heart opened to little Heidi.  Let's call him Pluto in Capricorn in this equation.  His dark, secretive pain has completely blotted out any enjoyment of life.  Then there's sweet Heidi who seems to heal everyone who crosses her path (Moon in Virgo) with her simple appreciation of nature and life's easy pleasures.  Oh and let's not forget spoiled, wounded Clara who seems determined to seduce Heidi away from the mountains with her luxuries and city living (Sun in Capricorn).  Clara seems to represent our perception that having more will bring satisfaction (Capricorn).  In the end, they all get what they want and need and everyone is happy and most importantly, Heidi gets to stay in the mountains with grandpa.

Maybe I just made that whole thing up.  The metaphor strikes me as the Sun, Moon and Pluto all come together today, tomorrow and Sunday.  This season is bringing out our need for tradition of some kind.  And it's bringing some of the grumpy together with some healing.  We'll be looking for luxury but might just discover it's not really the answer.  Simple joys, good food and time connecting with loved ones might bring on the biggest of healings for everyone.  That's my prediction for this weekend and I hope you find yourself in a happy home with love all around.

I can't wait to see what's coming in 2011.  I have a feeling it's going to be exciting and forward-moving after a year of challenging retrogrades and somewhat backward motion.

Let's find out together!

Many blessings to you my friends! Thanks again for making 2010 a year of expansion here at Leonine Times and now at 12radio with the Stonestreet Cafe.


Monday, December 20, 2010

Fortune Forecast 12/20 - 12/26


Something amazing is coming down the path.  Grab it as it runs by!  We're not going to have a lot of time to think and ponder.  This opportunity won't wait so don't waste time analyzing the potential.  For those of us who are slow on the take, there's no need to feel bad if it runs on by.  Know that other great opportunities will come.  Perhaps the timing isn't perfect for everyone reading this or perhaps we just don't have the energy to take on something new right now.  The important thing is the notion that instinct can guide us better than the mind this week.  If we see something we want, we need to take action and leave the mental chatter behind.  HAPPY HOLIDAYS DEAR FRIENDS!  I hope you get everything you want and more in your stocking this year!!

Monday 12/20
Finding balance is important today.  There will be plenty that threatens to throw us off kilter but in each, passing moment we can take a deep breath and come back to center.  Even if we retreat, we'll find that tensions are high in the inner world.  Laughter can help, and so can a hot bath.

Tuesday 12/21
Something big is happening today and we might have a vague sense of it.  Big shifts can stir up fear and nervousness as well as excitement and anticipation.  We're going to feel all of it today as we stand on the cusp of a entering a bigger arena.  One filled with more opportunity and more abundance.

Wednesday 12/22
We can travel far today with the power of the mind and the heart working together.  Unfortunately, they're in a bit of a spat about the best way to make things happen.  It's up to us to get these two back in communication and on the same page.  Once we do, the sky's the limit!

Thursday 12/23
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It's hard to shake off the cynicism today.  It's everywhere and it's potent.  We can try and fight it or we can just make space for it and see it as a part of the process.  Cultivate some amusement as the worst case scenarios fly by.  It's only as real as we make it.

Friday 12/24
We're in desperate need of something new and may have no idea what it is.  Trying to stick to the same old routine is about to get painful.  Why not allow for exploration today?  There's nothing to lose and so much to gain.  Get out and mix it up.  There will be no regrets, even if time is wasted.

Saturday 12/25
We need to buckle down and pay attention today.  This won't be a problem if we made time to drift and wander yesterday.  Projects that seemed to have stalled out are getting revived and we're ready to focus.  Get ready for big gains from unseen sources.  They are on the way.

Sunday 12/26
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We're caught in the middle of a fracas today, whether we want to be or not.  Divided loyalites are wreaking hovoc and it seems that there's no winning.  Perhaps it's time to step back and get space from a problem that really doesn't involve us.  It feels wrong to do so but the results are right for everyone involved.

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When we feel in our bones that it's time for action, let's MOVE.  Don't let the mind interfere with empty and unproductive chatter.   Tune into the body and let it be the guide.  Make that body a spectacular place to hang out.  Indulge and restore with simple pleasures and watch power expand.  Bring it down to the basics and prosperity will follow.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 12/19 - 12/25

Stress is causing you to see things in a negative light.  Do what you can to snap out of this perception, Aries before you get yourself into trouble.  There are certainly some unpleasant delays this week but if you see them as opportunity, you'll be better than fine when all is said and done.  Your heart is opening.  This will make you feel a nit awkward.  Let love flow!

It's time to tie up loose ends in preparation for a fresh start.  You might not feel like going back and looking at stuff you're ready to be done with but doing it now will save you a lot of time and trouble later on.  It's time to make a decision Taurus.  you keep waiting for some kind of insight to help you decide.  Just go and don't look back.  Action of any kind is favored now.

It's a confusing time period and you might have trouble figuring out which direction to travel.  Put off major decisions if you can, Gemini.  You need more time to see the underlying truth.  Mixed signals from someone you count on is driving you nuts!  Your intuition can show you what's really going on here.  Your workload is heavy now.  Be sure and make time for rest and refreshment.

Passions are running high this week, Cancer.  You might have a tough time staying grounded while the excitement unfolds.  You're definitely in need of fun and adventure.  At the same time, others are counting on your for leadership.  You'll have to find a way to balance your personal needs with the needs of everyone counting on you.  This is not the worst problem to have.

It's time to try something new and radical, Leo.  You've probably wanted to try this for a while but didn't have the time, space and/or resources.  While wait no longer!  Just jump in and see what happens.  You're in for a happy surprise.  Big opportunities to learn more about yourself await you at every turn.  Enjoy seeing more of your magic.  Get ready to flow.

You're being way to hard on yourself over something you have little to no control over.   It might make you feel better to ruminate on the many ways things could have turned out differently but I doubt it.  It's important that you find healthy outlets for the unhappy energy happening in your space, Virgo.  This too shall pass and when it does, you'll find a treasure amongst the ruins.

It's time to take a risk you've been putting off.  There won't be a better time, Libra so just jump into it!  You have the wisdom and experience to land on your feet, no mater what comes.  People are attracted to you this week and you might have mixed feelings about the attention.  Healthy boundaries are essential.  You can and will find your balance in the midst of some holiday crazy.

A wish will come true this week Scorpio though it might not look exactly like what you had in mind.  Be open to the gifts the Universe wants to share with you!  A cycle is ending and it feels good.  You are getting set free to explore something new and exciting.  You are powerful now and can manifest a myriad of opportunity.  What do you want?  You better start thinking on it.

It's a little lonely in your world this week, Sagittarius.  The emotional support you normally count on just isn't available right now.  You have the resources you need to face your challenges.  They're inside you.  It's time to clarify a relationship agreement or two.  You've changed and so have your needs.  Do some updating now.  Things you once tolerated are about to become unbearable.  Head's up.

Big changes are challenging your ability to stay cool and collected this week, Capricorn.  Trust that as things settle back down, you'll see opportunity in spaces where once there were none.  Your fears are potent and need the wisdom and comfort that comes from a loving confidant and friend.  Reach out and don't be afraid to be vulnerable.  Get ready for adventure.  It's coming for you.

It's time to get back int he driver's seat, Aquarius.  You need to take charge of a situation that has languished without leadership for too long.  Your mind is racing and you're already looking forward to the next, big thing.  It will be here soon but in the mean time, do what you can to tie up loose ends so that you can bring your full attention to the next cycle.  It's going to be a big one!

You have a wealth of information available to you this week, Pisces.  All you have to do is look in the right place.  Love is powerful and all you want to do is relax into it.  Make time to address pressing responsibilities while still engaging in tons of loving.  Be open to incredible opportunities.  They lurk in every corner and you'll find them if you approach your life with complete and total openness.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Coming up tomorrow night (Thursday 6pm PST/9pm EST) in the Stonestreet Cafe, special guest Advisor and the Host of Voices From the Other Side, Wednesdays at 6pm PST/9pm EST at, Melissa Frei.  I'm excited about this show as Melissa has some special focus as a reader and I want to learn more.  She's also launching a program called Absolution Anonymous via and I'm excited to learn more.

The Cafe is now LIVE which means you can call in to talk to Melissa and me.  I'm not sure we're taking calls tomorrow night but we might be.  Tune in tomorrow and find out!  Come to and you'll see how to call in.

see you in the Cafe!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Fortune Forecast 12/13 - 12/19


The pace is picking up and things are about to move into high gear.  Some of us will enjoy this and some of us won't but one thing is for sure; it will be hard to stay grounded and focused this week.  Areas that have been in need of energy are about to get a shot int he arm.  Though we'll be happy to see things moving in a forward direction, it will be hard to have any sense of control over how things are unfolding.  Get ready for a wild ride!

Monday 12/13
No matter how we look at it, we're going to feel what's lacking today.  Because this is a group experience, it's very difficult to separate out from it. The media is full of bleak news and all around, people are tired and discouraged.  A little bit of nurturing will help us weather this little storm.

Tuesday 12/14
Unlike yesterday, It's easy to see what's working today and we're in much better spirits.  Little gifts create a big impact and everyone is more in touch with the power of gratitude now.  Relax and enjoy what is without worrying about how to get more.  It's on the way.

Wednesday 12/15
It's very difficult to maintain any kind of focus today.  Our attention is wandering and drifting and if we try and fight it, we'll end up an a heap of frustration.  The power of awareness can help.  When we know the energy of the day, we're more likely to work with it.  Make space to float a bit.

Thursday 12/16
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We need to take a conscious break from some of the projects and problems that have dominated our thoughts of late.  Trying to stick to the grindstone isn't helpful.  We need a break and we need it now.  A little bit of joy and play is all we need to feel up and energized once again.

Friday 12/17
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Something exciting is coming into shape.  We might not know exactly how we're going to put this into play but the idea of it is getting us up and inspired.  We can use the enthusiasm we feel here to create healing across the board.  Make space for the dream to expand and grow.

Saturday 12/18
Open the heart and let the healing flow.  We've been guarding ourselves in some vain attempt at protection.  It's not working and in fact the opposite is called for.  It's time to take the walls down and move into willingness.  Don't hesitate to show what's really going on.  There's simply nothing to lose.

Sunday 12/19
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A situation that has ruffled our feathers for far too long is starting to settle down now.  We're finally seeing justice and it feels so good.  Now we can move on and stop worrying about it.  Redirect passionate energy into fresh projects and let the dust settled here.  The outcome is sweet indeed.

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'nuff said.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 12/12 - 12/18

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What do you lead with, head or heart?  It’s the biggest issue of the week for you Aries and until you find the balance, it will be very difficult to move forward.  At the root of your head/heart split is a decision you made a long time ago that is now coming back to haunt you. With this as your filter, it’s very difficult to find neutrality to your current struggles. 


You’ve got everything you need to make a go of it this week Taurus.  Unfortunately, you’re not in the mood to get out there and make things happen.  This will cause self-criticism and a terrible sense of missing out on opportunity.  Try not to succumb to the negativity.  Trust that the magic you’re looking for will still be there when you have the energy to pursue it.  


Things are starting to move faster and faster and you may be thrilled as well as nervous about what’s popping up.  Be willing to roll with the punches this week Gemini because there are some strange developments in the works.  A dream, so perfect and lovely would not satisfy you if it came to pass.  Don’t let go of the dream just be careful about the expectations you place around it.  


Delays are frustrating and hard to understand.  It seems that the universe is conspiring against you this week, Cancer.  As long as you continue to have this perception, things are going to be tough.  Look at challenges from a different angle.  Is it possible that some of the trouble is actually a gift in disguise?  Enjoy what’s happening.  If you need to distract yourself, do so.  


It’s a fruitful and abundant week Leo.  You are finally able to see and feel the harvest and the result of a lot of hard work.  It’s time to celebrate and share some of the bounty with the friends and loved ones who’ve helped you get where you are.  This is an excellent time to review your investments.  Make adjustments and trust your instincts.  


You are pushing too hard for a desired outcome, Virgo.  Take a break for a minute and recognize that you don’t have as much control as you would like, or maybe a better way of saying it is, you have control but it works differently than you think.  Part of your struggle this week is the feeling that it’s all up to you.  There seems to be a lack of support and guidance.  Do what you can to lighten up.  


Mixed messages are making it hard to relax and enjoy the festivities.  Someone close to you is in a bad space and wants to drag you into it.  It’s important that you know this is not about you.  There’s nothing you can do to make it better.  Give yourself permission to step away, Libra.  In doing so, the healing you’re hoping for will have a chance to manifest.


It’s a little uncomfortable this week, Scorpio.  The good news is that it’s not your fault or something you have the ability to control.  Can you give yourself permission to put your energy and attention elsewhere while things work themselves out?  This is your best course of action.  As you pull out of projects that feel stagnant, a new passion starts to percolate.  


Everyone is counting on you to take the lead this week, Sagittarius.  It feels a little daunting to have so many peoples’ expectations riding on you.  Do what you can to make it fun.  If your energy shifts, everyone else will go along too.  You’ve been distracting yourself from a deep desire. It wouldn’t hurt to make room to explore it in more depth.  


Life is a little intense this week Capricorn.  You’re not feeling good.  It’s important that you recognize how much of these difficult, emotional energies belong to other people.  You’ve taken it upon yourself to create the perfect holiday and it’s just too much.  Get yourself off the hook.  A new goal is taking shape in the back of your mind.  It’s a radical departure but it feels so right.  


You seem to have an urgent need to go back in time and review some choices.  The energy driving this need is not very friendly or loving.  It’s time to get peaceful with where you are in present time, Aquarius.  Being angry because things are the way they are isn’t helpful.  Stop being so hard on yourself and find something wonderful to meditate on.  


You are about to be recognized for hard work.  It feels good but a part of you is having a hard time letting the praise in.  Your humility is keeping you from being able to enjoy and bask in the validation you need for your next big adventure.  Think of this praise as the fuel you need to take risks and continue to challenge yourself, Pisces.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Astrocartography and Holiday Fever

Something strange has been happening to me over the last year or so.  After an astrological sabbatical of sorts, I've been doing more and more Astrology readings at and in my practice in Denver.  I've rediscovered the passion that once blocked everything else out.  I've also added Astrocartography to my services and will be exploring this art and what's all about this Thursday at 6pm PST/9pm EST in the Stonestreet Cafe at  Please join me!

The radio show is now live, which creates a whole different vibration of energy.  I tend to get a little nuts when the show is live.  Chalk it up to adrenaline.  Seriously, if you want to be entertained, stop by the Stonestreet Cafe.  This week, I'm welcoming the Program Director of 12radio (as well as fellow Capricorn), Oliver Guttorm Svendsen.  I'm going to take a look at his birth chart and birth map to pick some great places for him to live.

That's the gift of Astrocartography, otherwise knows as location astrology.  Based on our birth charts, certain planets energize certain areas of the world.  You might be living in a Venus zone, or a Saturn zone.  Perhaps you're living in a zone where the energies aren't really present or in full force.  I've found these readings can bring a lot of awareness in terms of helping us see the bigger energies that are influencing us in any given region.

You can get a reading with me on your Astrocartography map at 12listen!  I now have a one location reading in case you just want info about where you currently live, a place from the past or a favored destination.  You can get a reading by email or via the phone and chat, so stop by soon.  These readings make great gifts as well and gift certificates are available.  Come check it all out on my page at 12listen.

I've been frequenting the Happy Hour at 12listen every Sunday from 1-4pm PST.  Enjoy the discounted rates and get over to the Cafe!  It's getting hot in there!

On another note, I continue to watch myself slipping in and out of stressful energies that seem to be related to the upcoming Holidays.  At least that's what I'm ascribing it to.  The perfect pictures are crazy and I'm doing what I can to carve out some pure, family fun.  We found a tree today and stocked up on yummy eats.  We'll decorate it tomorrow and there and perhaps I'll start baking?  JUST KIDDING!  The tree might be just enough to bring satisfaction...

(I hope your holiday plans are unfolding with ease, grade and LOVE)


Monday, December 6, 2010

Fortune Forecast 12/6 - 12/12


It's a great time for an adventure.  Of course it might not seem like it as responsibilities continue to press down.  Sometimes we need to just cut and run even though a part of us is reluctant.  If we don't find some way to deal with our wanderlust, it will manifest as impatience, irritability and lots of preventable mistakes.  Even a short trip can work wonders and get us settled back down and focused.  If we can't hit the road, surely we can escape with an exotic story via movies and books.  Make a break from dull routines!

Monday 12/6
A heavy cloud is lifting, leaving us with fresh perspective and renewed energy.  We might not even have known how bogged down we were but now that the energy is shifting, it's easy to see and to be more forgiving for having not felt our best recently.  Get ready to soar!

Tuesday 12/7
We need to work in teams today if we want to get anything of substance accomplished.  Old rifts can be repaired now, especially when we surrender our pride and open to deeper connection.  Being vulnerable is an important part of the healing.  Don't shy away from showing up.

Wednesday 12/8
Magical energies are available today.  They're not coming from an outside source but rather from our own internal alchemy.  Our magic depends on how much love we have for ourselves.  Create more love now and start to tap into the wealth of resources hidden in the interior.

Thursday 12/9
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We have so much to be grateful for and yet there's a seed of restlessness in us pushing us to forge new paths and break out of old patterns.  There's no way to mitigate these feelings except by going with the urge to see and experience new things.  Go now.  The world awaits.

Friday 12/10
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We need to pull out of some inertia today.  It would be easy to just languish in the laziness but it won't feel satisfying.  Some days are made for dreaming and some days are made for action.  Take risks great and small.  Do it just for the sake of doing and and get a happy surprise in return for the willingness.

Saturday 12/11
We're getting it from all angels today ans there's not much we can do to make it stop.  There's no use in wondering what we can do to change things.  This is one of those days when acceptance is the most important space to contemplate.  As soon as we accept, it all softens up.

Sunday 12/12
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We are powerful today and can see far and wide. Unfortunately, we might find ourselves questioning the information that's coming through.  Get behind it, whatever it is and especially if it runs counter to a carefully crafted idea or plan.  Let some innovation in.

need help with the energy this week?

GO, GO, GO...

Stay in motion.  Keep moving and reaching and stretching.  Risk will brings rewards now and playing it safe will feel stifling.  Sow some wild oats.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Good Fotune Scopes 12/5 - 12/11

This is a tough week.  You can make the best of it Aries but it won't be easy.  There is so much that needs your attention that it's very difficult for you to know where to focus.  In addition, there are unforeseen delays and problems that need to be addressed.  You aren't clear on which direction to go yet.  Patience is in order.

Caution is in order.  You have much to protect but might not realize it, Taurus.  You've worked hard and built up a ton of resources.  A jealous friend or colleague wants what you have and is trying to get it.  Stay grounded and you'll know what to do when you need to.  Step us and teach what you know.  The world is ready.

A burst of inspiration has you ready to step it up, Gemini.  You have so much energy happening in and around you.  Finding productive ways to channel it is essential.  You might find yourself rushing to get things done.  Slow down and do things right.  A wave of abundance energy is coming.  Make the most of it!

Stressful thoughts are taking you over, Cancer and it's just not necessary.  You have plenty of abundance and resources are on hand.  Look at what's working and take your mind off the troubles.  Mixed messages and broken agreements are par for the course this week.  Hold steady and everything will right itself.

Potent energies are inviting you to surrender into faith.  You're protected and surrounded by healing energies this week Leo.  Reach out and let divinity in.  Your fears and insecurities are magnified now and it's hard to see the terrain ahead.  Perhaps it's time to hold still?  Let old pain come up and out in order to discover a new kind of freedom.

You will be rewarded this week for all the selfless service you've offered the world over the last few months.  It couldn't come at a better time because your spirits are sagging and you need a boost, Virgo.  It's a great time to plan a celebration.  Make time to play!  An oppressive situation is on the cusp of shifting into something wonderful.

Get ready for some intensity, Libra!   It's yin and yang this week.  You will love some of what happens and struggle to make sense of some of it but all of it will blow your mind.  Something you've wanted for a long time is on the way.  You are ready to launch a new project and travel into new realms.  Pack light.  Take only what you need.

Your thoughts are powerful this week, so if you find yourself dwelling on negativity, stop.  You can make miracles, Scorpio but you need to believe in yourself in a way that you never have before.  See the adversity in your life as a measure of your power.  Nothing will stop you once you get a glimpse of who you really are.

It's time to take on a leadership role.  You might not feel ready but it's time, Sagittarius.  Be open to new opportunities.  They are popping up all over the place and now it's just a matter of deciding what you want.  You can create more peace in your inner world.  The apology you long for from someone else is really an apology to yourself.

It's time to go deeper into your own internal world and do some reflecting.  You've been fretting about things that haven't even happened yet.  What's up with that Capricorn?  Could it be that there are things happening in your life right now that are confounding and impossible to control?  If that's all it is, you can come back now.

Step up and take charge of a situation that's been driving you crazy.  You keep waiting for it to resolve itself.  It's up to you Aquarius to make the changes you want and need.   Love is all around.  Will you let it in?  You don't have to set things up as your versus the world even though it might feel like it this week.

It's your turn to break loose and play, Pisces.  You have the space and time to celebrate, so do it.  A wish is coming your way and you're going to love all that it brings your way.  be ready to receive it.  Make peace with yourself over a recent, painful situation.  You did the best your could with the available info.  Move on now.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mars Alert!

Hello friends!

What a week.  Mars is making a ruckus and thanks to a facebook friend named, Anne, I was reminded of this just when I needed it the most.  I realized that I haven't ever blogged about my dear friend Mars and it's been long over due.  Apologies dear God of war.  I didn't mean to neglect you...

Mars is primal energy.  It's fire, it's masculine, it's the WARRIOR.  Mars is currently in Sagittarius, which is a fire sign and a sign that's motivated by freedom.  Sagittarius has an almost pathological need to feel unfettered.  Add Mars to that equation and we're going to see limitations and restrictions at every turn.  This lack of freedom is in part a perception and in part a reality.  For some of us it may be difficult to repress the urge to go into a fit of (hopefully cleansing) rage.

Mars squared Jupiter on Monday, the same day that Venus moved back in to Scorpio and boy was it strange.  I'm going to spare you the gory details of what unfolded in my world but suffice it to say I got madder than a wet hen as background issues came to the fore for healing.  About four to five, seemingly, unrelated things that have been really bothering me flared up.  I spent the morning making furious phone calls and sending emails.  I was in full on confrontation mode.  I kept it charming but I'm sure there was a huge undertone of MARS.

The strange thing is, that by the end of the day, everything came full circle and there was resolution on almost every issue that had flared up.  It was weird!  Things that have been bothering me for months, things that I felt powerless to change suddenly shifted and fell back in line. 

This made me realize a couple different things:
1.  There's an acceleration with Mars in Sagittarius.  Problems go from 0 to a 100 in a split second.
2.  The urge to be reactive is overwhelming.
3.  We'll see plenty that appears to block our freedom and opportunity, real or imagined.
4.  Resolution come just as quickly and EASILY.
5.  Sagittarius is known for good luck as well as blurting things out in a rather blunt way.  Make the best of both.

There's more Mars ahead so watch out.  Coming this Friday, we have a Mars/Uranus square.  This is accident-prone energy, so please slow down and be mindful.  Mars/Uranus aspects tend to bring about unpredictable events and these aspects are known to be volatile.  In old school astrology, they say to be careful with sharp objects when these two planets get together.  PUT DOWN THE KNIVES AND SWORDS!

Friday might be a good day to pull back and retreat. Don't expect to experience much peace though, even if you choose to hide in an isolation tank.  This combo amps up our anxieties, so even on a retreat we may find ourselves ruminating about things and experiencing deep restlessness.

Luckily I'm hosting the Healing Oasis this Friday at at 9am PST/noon EST.  The Oasis is a 20 minute focused healing session and I promise, you will leave refreshed.  Jump into the Oasis and let your stressful energy float away!
Also, this week in the Stonestreet Cafe (12/2 at 6pm PST/9pm EST, I'm welcoming special guests Kristina Walsh, the host of Surfing the Psychic Waves, and Eileen Smith, the host of Traveling Time and Space, both from and  I'm tempted to call the show IRREVERENT but we'll see.  These ladies are both thought provoking, funny and very, very interesting.  I hope you'll tune in Thursday at 6pm PST/10pm EST at!  Join me for the surprise as it unfolds and trust that Mars in Sagittarius will probably bring out some CRAZY!


ps.  keep a cool head (if you can!)

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