Monday, December 6, 2010

Fortune Forecast 12/6 - 12/12


It's a great time for an adventure.  Of course it might not seem like it as responsibilities continue to press down.  Sometimes we need to just cut and run even though a part of us is reluctant.  If we don't find some way to deal with our wanderlust, it will manifest as impatience, irritability and lots of preventable mistakes.  Even a short trip can work wonders and get us settled back down and focused.  If we can't hit the road, surely we can escape with an exotic story via movies and books.  Make a break from dull routines!

Monday 12/6
A heavy cloud is lifting, leaving us with fresh perspective and renewed energy.  We might not even have known how bogged down we were but now that the energy is shifting, it's easy to see and to be more forgiving for having not felt our best recently.  Get ready to soar!

Tuesday 12/7
We need to work in teams today if we want to get anything of substance accomplished.  Old rifts can be repaired now, especially when we surrender our pride and open to deeper connection.  Being vulnerable is an important part of the healing.  Don't shy away from showing up.

Wednesday 12/8
Magical energies are available today.  They're not coming from an outside source but rather from our own internal alchemy.  Our magic depends on how much love we have for ourselves.  Create more love now and start to tap into the wealth of resources hidden in the interior.

Thursday 12/9
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We have so much to be grateful for and yet there's a seed of restlessness in us pushing us to forge new paths and break out of old patterns.  There's no way to mitigate these feelings except by going with the urge to see and experience new things.  Go now.  The world awaits.

Friday 12/10
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We need to pull out of some inertia today.  It would be easy to just languish in the laziness but it won't feel satisfying.  Some days are made for dreaming and some days are made for action.  Take risks great and small.  Do it just for the sake of doing and and get a happy surprise in return for the willingness.

Saturday 12/11
We're getting it from all angels today ans there's not much we can do to make it stop.  There's no use in wondering what we can do to change things.  This is one of those days when acceptance is the most important space to contemplate.  As soon as we accept, it all softens up.

Sunday 12/12
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We are powerful today and can see far and wide. Unfortunately, we might find ourselves questioning the information that's coming through.  Get behind it, whatever it is and especially if it runs counter to a carefully crafted idea or plan.  Let some innovation in.

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GO, GO, GO...

Stay in motion.  Keep moving and reaching and stretching.  Risk will brings rewards now and playing it safe will feel stifling.  Sow some wild oats.

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