Saturday, December 11, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 12/12 - 12/18

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What do you lead with, head or heart?  It’s the biggest issue of the week for you Aries and until you find the balance, it will be very difficult to move forward.  At the root of your head/heart split is a decision you made a long time ago that is now coming back to haunt you. With this as your filter, it’s very difficult to find neutrality to your current struggles. 


You’ve got everything you need to make a go of it this week Taurus.  Unfortunately, you’re not in the mood to get out there and make things happen.  This will cause self-criticism and a terrible sense of missing out on opportunity.  Try not to succumb to the negativity.  Trust that the magic you’re looking for will still be there when you have the energy to pursue it.  


Things are starting to move faster and faster and you may be thrilled as well as nervous about what’s popping up.  Be willing to roll with the punches this week Gemini because there are some strange developments in the works.  A dream, so perfect and lovely would not satisfy you if it came to pass.  Don’t let go of the dream just be careful about the expectations you place around it.  


Delays are frustrating and hard to understand.  It seems that the universe is conspiring against you this week, Cancer.  As long as you continue to have this perception, things are going to be tough.  Look at challenges from a different angle.  Is it possible that some of the trouble is actually a gift in disguise?  Enjoy what’s happening.  If you need to distract yourself, do so.  


It’s a fruitful and abundant week Leo.  You are finally able to see and feel the harvest and the result of a lot of hard work.  It’s time to celebrate and share some of the bounty with the friends and loved ones who’ve helped you get where you are.  This is an excellent time to review your investments.  Make adjustments and trust your instincts.  


You are pushing too hard for a desired outcome, Virgo.  Take a break for a minute and recognize that you don’t have as much control as you would like, or maybe a better way of saying it is, you have control but it works differently than you think.  Part of your struggle this week is the feeling that it’s all up to you.  There seems to be a lack of support and guidance.  Do what you can to lighten up.  


Mixed messages are making it hard to relax and enjoy the festivities.  Someone close to you is in a bad space and wants to drag you into it.  It’s important that you know this is not about you.  There’s nothing you can do to make it better.  Give yourself permission to step away, Libra.  In doing so, the healing you’re hoping for will have a chance to manifest.


It’s a little uncomfortable this week, Scorpio.  The good news is that it’s not your fault or something you have the ability to control.  Can you give yourself permission to put your energy and attention elsewhere while things work themselves out?  This is your best course of action.  As you pull out of projects that feel stagnant, a new passion starts to percolate.  


Everyone is counting on you to take the lead this week, Sagittarius.  It feels a little daunting to have so many peoples’ expectations riding on you.  Do what you can to make it fun.  If your energy shifts, everyone else will go along too.  You’ve been distracting yourself from a deep desire. It wouldn’t hurt to make room to explore it in more depth.  


Life is a little intense this week Capricorn.  You’re not feeling good.  It’s important that you recognize how much of these difficult, emotional energies belong to other people.  You’ve taken it upon yourself to create the perfect holiday and it’s just too much.  Get yourself off the hook.  A new goal is taking shape in the back of your mind.  It’s a radical departure but it feels so right.  


You seem to have an urgent need to go back in time and review some choices.  The energy driving this need is not very friendly or loving.  It’s time to get peaceful with where you are in present time, Aquarius.  Being angry because things are the way they are isn’t helpful.  Stop being so hard on yourself and find something wonderful to meditate on.  


You are about to be recognized for hard work.  It feels good but a part of you is having a hard time letting the praise in.  Your humility is keeping you from being able to enjoy and bask in the validation you need for your next big adventure.  Think of this praise as the fuel you need to take risks and continue to challenge yourself, Pisces.


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