Saturday, December 18, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 12/19 - 12/25

Stress is causing you to see things in a negative light.  Do what you can to snap out of this perception, Aries before you get yourself into trouble.  There are certainly some unpleasant delays this week but if you see them as opportunity, you'll be better than fine when all is said and done.  Your heart is opening.  This will make you feel a nit awkward.  Let love flow!

It's time to tie up loose ends in preparation for a fresh start.  You might not feel like going back and looking at stuff you're ready to be done with but doing it now will save you a lot of time and trouble later on.  It's time to make a decision Taurus.  you keep waiting for some kind of insight to help you decide.  Just go and don't look back.  Action of any kind is favored now.

It's a confusing time period and you might have trouble figuring out which direction to travel.  Put off major decisions if you can, Gemini.  You need more time to see the underlying truth.  Mixed signals from someone you count on is driving you nuts!  Your intuition can show you what's really going on here.  Your workload is heavy now.  Be sure and make time for rest and refreshment.

Passions are running high this week, Cancer.  You might have a tough time staying grounded while the excitement unfolds.  You're definitely in need of fun and adventure.  At the same time, others are counting on your for leadership.  You'll have to find a way to balance your personal needs with the needs of everyone counting on you.  This is not the worst problem to have.

It's time to try something new and radical, Leo.  You've probably wanted to try this for a while but didn't have the time, space and/or resources.  While wait no longer!  Just jump in and see what happens.  You're in for a happy surprise.  Big opportunities to learn more about yourself await you at every turn.  Enjoy seeing more of your magic.  Get ready to flow.

You're being way to hard on yourself over something you have little to no control over.   It might make you feel better to ruminate on the many ways things could have turned out differently but I doubt it.  It's important that you find healthy outlets for the unhappy energy happening in your space, Virgo.  This too shall pass and when it does, you'll find a treasure amongst the ruins.

It's time to take a risk you've been putting off.  There won't be a better time, Libra so just jump into it!  You have the wisdom and experience to land on your feet, no mater what comes.  People are attracted to you this week and you might have mixed feelings about the attention.  Healthy boundaries are essential.  You can and will find your balance in the midst of some holiday crazy.

A wish will come true this week Scorpio though it might not look exactly like what you had in mind.  Be open to the gifts the Universe wants to share with you!  A cycle is ending and it feels good.  You are getting set free to explore something new and exciting.  You are powerful now and can manifest a myriad of opportunity.  What do you want?  You better start thinking on it.

It's a little lonely in your world this week, Sagittarius.  The emotional support you normally count on just isn't available right now.  You have the resources you need to face your challenges.  They're inside you.  It's time to clarify a relationship agreement or two.  You've changed and so have your needs.  Do some updating now.  Things you once tolerated are about to become unbearable.  Head's up.

Big changes are challenging your ability to stay cool and collected this week, Capricorn.  Trust that as things settle back down, you'll see opportunity in spaces where once there were none.  Your fears are potent and need the wisdom and comfort that comes from a loving confidant and friend.  Reach out and don't be afraid to be vulnerable.  Get ready for adventure.  It's coming for you.

It's time to get back int he driver's seat, Aquarius.  You need to take charge of a situation that has languished without leadership for too long.  Your mind is racing and you're already looking forward to the next, big thing.  It will be here soon but in the mean time, do what you can to tie up loose ends so that you can bring your full attention to the next cycle.  It's going to be a big one!

You have a wealth of information available to you this week, Pisces.  All you have to do is look in the right place.  Love is powerful and all you want to do is relax into it.  Make time to address pressing responsibilities while still engaging in tons of loving.  Be open to incredible opportunities.  They lurk in every corner and you'll find them if you approach your life with complete and total openness.


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