Saturday, December 25, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 12/26 - 1/1

The pace is picking up, Aries.  Are you ready?  A wish is about to come true and it will surprise and delight you in ways you never thought possible.  The simplicity of it all is amazing and magical.  Finish us a couple projects to make space from something new.  It's coming.

You're climbing out of a fog of sorts and gaining some much needed clarity.  It feels good to be able to see the terrain.  Be conservative with resources now even though you might feel like throwing caution to the wind.  You are attractive and popular this week.  Relish the attention!

You're on fire this week Gemini and will find it easy to bend the world to your will.  Be careful what you ask for because you're going to get it!  There's pressure on your to give up a dream.  Don't do it!  It's about to come into shape and you won't want to miss it.

An amazing opportunity to expand your abundance is in the works.  It will take time and dedication to see it through but you can do it!  Life is magical this week Cancer.  You're finally able to relax into all the changes that have taken place recently.  Enjoy all of your creations.

Make peace with recent tensions.  There's no need to take it all to heart, Leo.  You can let it slide off knowing that you tried your best to facilitate peace.  You are restless and in need of adventure.  Seek your fortune and don't wait for others to join in.  They'll follow once you get going.

It's hard to feel the available support this week Virgo.  Your burdens are heavy but there is help.  Just open and ask.  This is a powerful time for you and you have a sense of it but no idea why.   Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and soon you'll be in a much more magical space.

You need a lot of space to roam and wander this week, Libra.  If you don't get it, you might just make a ruckus.  It's difficult to focus on your responsibilities but do what you can to finish up a project or two.  Invitations to play are coming your way.  Indulge!

You are tapping into a wealth of new information and it feels great.  There is so much happening in your world Scorpio.  You are in the midst of a big shift.  It's time to take charge of a space that has languished from lack of attention.  Once you put some energy there, things are going to move.

New ideas are helping you see new paths, Sagittarius.  It's exciting to have your world opening up, right before your eyes.  There's pressure on you to continue with outdated behaviors.  Shake it off!  Your intuition can help you navigate now.  Trust it.

You get to decide your fate this week, Capricorn.  What do you want?  You're breaking free from old stuff and seeing yourself in a new fashion.  This is great news!  It's time to add more pleasure to your daily routine.  You need it and it's long overdue.  

Big ideas have you excited and ready to talk.  Bot everyone is interested in what you're doing, Aquarius.  Be discriminating when sharing or you might just get your dream crushed by the cynics.  Big lessons are asking you to dig deeper and be more than before.  You can do it.

It's time to cultivate more balance, Pisces.  You might not feel like putting effort into this, preferring to just drift along in hopes that it will all get better.  Do a little to create more balance and your mood will improve one hundred times over.  Get ready for a powerful revelation or two.


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