Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mars Alert!

Hello friends!

What a week.  Mars is making a ruckus and thanks to a facebook friend named, Anne, I was reminded of this just when I needed it the most.  I realized that I haven't ever blogged about my dear friend Mars and it's been long over due.  Apologies dear God of war.  I didn't mean to neglect you...

Mars is primal energy.  It's fire, it's masculine, it's the WARRIOR.  Mars is currently in Sagittarius, which is a fire sign and a sign that's motivated by freedom.  Sagittarius has an almost pathological need to feel unfettered.  Add Mars to that equation and we're going to see limitations and restrictions at every turn.  This lack of freedom is in part a perception and in part a reality.  For some of us it may be difficult to repress the urge to go into a fit of (hopefully cleansing) rage.

Mars squared Jupiter on Monday, the same day that Venus moved back in to Scorpio and boy was it strange.  I'm going to spare you the gory details of what unfolded in my world but suffice it to say I got madder than a wet hen as background issues came to the fore for healing.  About four to five, seemingly, unrelated things that have been really bothering me flared up.  I spent the morning making furious phone calls and sending emails.  I was in full on confrontation mode.  I kept it charming but I'm sure there was a huge undertone of MARS.

The strange thing is, that by the end of the day, everything came full circle and there was resolution on almost every issue that had flared up.  It was weird!  Things that have been bothering me for months, things that I felt powerless to change suddenly shifted and fell back in line. 

This made me realize a couple different things:
1.  There's an acceleration with Mars in Sagittarius.  Problems go from 0 to a 100 in a split second.
2.  The urge to be reactive is overwhelming.
3.  We'll see plenty that appears to block our freedom and opportunity, real or imagined.
4.  Resolution come just as quickly and EASILY.
5.  Sagittarius is known for good luck as well as blurting things out in a rather blunt way.  Make the best of both.

There's more Mars ahead so watch out.  Coming this Friday, we have a Mars/Uranus square.  This is accident-prone energy, so please slow down and be mindful.  Mars/Uranus aspects tend to bring about unpredictable events and these aspects are known to be volatile.  In old school astrology, they say to be careful with sharp objects when these two planets get together.  PUT DOWN THE KNIVES AND SWORDS!

Friday might be a good day to pull back and retreat. Don't expect to experience much peace though, even if you choose to hide in an isolation tank.  This combo amps up our anxieties, so even on a retreat we may find ourselves ruminating about things and experiencing deep restlessness.

Luckily I'm hosting the Healing Oasis this Friday at at 9am PST/noon EST.  The Oasis is a 20 minute focused healing session and I promise, you will leave refreshed.  Jump into the Oasis and let your stressful energy float away!
Also, this week in the Stonestreet Cafe (12/2 at 6pm PST/9pm EST, I'm welcoming special guests Kristina Walsh, the host of Surfing the Psychic Waves, and Eileen Smith, the host of Traveling Time and Space, both from and  I'm tempted to call the show IRREVERENT but we'll see.  These ladies are both thought provoking, funny and very, very interesting.  I hope you'll tune in Thursday at 6pm PST/10pm EST at!  Join me for the surprise as it unfolds and trust that Mars in Sagittarius will probably bring out some CRAZY!


ps.  keep a cool head (if you can!)

pps.  COME GET READING WITH ME AT 12LISTEN!  I'm on hot streak!!  I'll be available Thursday and Friday from 7:30-1pm PST as well as 1-4pm on Sunday for the happy hour/reduced rates!!  LET'S CONNECT!


Anne said...

I am hiding Friday. Period!

Julia Stonestreet Smith said...

me too anne! but the crazy came to me in the form of my chatty landlady and a high volume of time sensitive work. oh well.

going for another swim today to try and chill everything down. HEAVEN'S. mars is not kidding this week.