Thursday, December 30, 2010

On the Cusp...

of a whole New Year!  EXCITING!

2010 brought us a host of challenging, astrological energy.  We experienced all kinds of retrogrades and clashing planets.  2011 is going to have a much, more forward-moving kind of energy.  We have far, fewer retrograde action and we'll see Jupiter and Uranus moving into Aries, giving us a lot of energy to pioneer new things, take risks, find our freedom and more.  I really can't wait to see what happens.

I've been doing tons of Astrocartography* readings and one thing that's really striking is how many people are gravitating towards their personal Pluto zones.   In the last week, I've done three readings for people who are considering moving to a Pluto zone. 

*Astrocartography is the art of location Astrology and it's based on an individuals birth chart.  We have different zones in the world that are influenced by certain planets...a Sun zone can bring expansion and prosperity, a Moon zone can help us with our intuitive abilities and with healing old wounds, Mercury can help us with writing and communication, etc, etc.  Learn more and get a reading HERE

This has gotten me thinking in a fresh way.  One would think that people would gravitate to zones where ease and good luck await (Venus and Jupiter) but what I'm finding is that many of us are seeking challenge.  We WANT to grow and become more of who we are.  We're looking for experiences that helps push us to find deeper levels of strength, wisdom and power (Pluto).  It's fascinating and it makes sense.  The times we live in seem to be about discovering the core and a level of truth, fulfillment and passion that might not have interested most of us a few years ago. 

Our collective value system is changing and has been for while.  It really is incredible for me to see this shift in the readings I'm doing of see people looking for more intensity and awakening.  I LOVE IT!

So here we are, poised on the cusp of 2011 and it's time to take a breath and recognize where we are and who we are.  It's time to validate all that's transpired over the last year, be it positive or negative.  Can we look back with love?  Let's take charge of the story we tell ourselves about our lives and make that story one of magic and celebration of an imperfect world (perfect in it's imperfection but that a whole other blog...). 

As we close in on the end of the year, we're going to experience some volatile energy.  Please travel with care.  There's an ungrounded quality to the weekend ahead which is great for celebrating but can be dangerous in its carelessness.  If you're like me, you might find yourself eschewing big crows in favor of more time to rest, relax and contemplate.  If you're not like me have fun out and about.  This is a great weekend to meet new people and get a fresh perspective on life.

I'm so grateful to have this place to share some of the information that comes through me.  I can't really take credit for most of it...I'm just the typist.  I guess that's one of the gifts of living in my Neptune zone.  Neptune makes me a bit chaotic and disorganized but it's great in terms of channeling information, information that I know is relevant for you.

I've gotten so many amazingly, loving letters from so many of you this year.  THANK YOU!  I've also had the pleasure of doing readings for some loyal Leonine Times fans who finally took the leap and called or contacted me for a reading via chat and/or email at  THANK YOU!  You are a continual source of inspiration for me.  Learning about your lives and challenges and TRIUMPHS is what keeps me writing here.  If I left it all up to Neptune, I'd drift away on some cloud to la la land but it's you and the realness of you that keeps me going here.

I can't wait to see what the New Year brings!

So much love to you friends.


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michelle said...

So grateful for you, Julia, and for all you share with us. Happy New Year!

Judy said...

Great post Julia. Best in 2011.

Julia Stonestreet Smith said...

thanks michelle and judy! you are both so precious to me. KNOW IT!

seriously...can't get over the good feelings i have about 2011. i'm not saying it will be perfect but i do feel like it will be exciting and offer us so many chances to BREAKTHROUGH!

glad we're going together!