Saturday, December 31, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 1/1 - 1/7

Happy New Year Aries!  You are so ready to try something new but you just don't know what it is yet.  This is a bit of a problem as you battle restlessness and irritability waiting for your new vision to take shape.  You're also in the process of finishing up an old cycle and the ending you're embroiled in is very challenging.  Do what you can to blow off steam in a healthy way.  You are almost to new and better things.

Happy New Year Taurus!  It's a rich time in your life and so much is coming to fruition.  Take time out to celebrate it all.  Powerful energies are helping you see opportunity in spaces that once seemed completely flat and uninteresting.  Do what you can t move on from a situation that's caused a lot of heartache over a long period of time.  There's nothing here worth looking at anymore.  Move into the new and unknown with confidence.

Happy New Year Gemini!  You are in deep healing mode and may be annoyed when mundane issues intrude on your contemplative space.  Knowing this can help you carve out real time to step away for a break and some rest.  Big ideas are percolating in the back of your mind.  You're creativity is high and a wave of energy will soon be here.  In the meantime, start figuring out how to disentangle yourself from projects that no longer provide meaning or energy.

Happy New Year Cancer!  You need to take charge this week, Cancer even though the mess you're being asked to address is not of your own making.  Be the hero and reap the rewards.  A conflict is getting more and more contentious in your immediate environment.  It's affecting you and causing you stress.  You can resolve this by facing it head on.  Once the tension abates, you'll find plenty of joy and love to refresh your body, mind and spirit.

Happy New Year Leo!  You're feeling a little poor in spirit this week and it's hard to see the magic all around.  The problem is that you're depleted and exhausted.  Once you see that all you need is rest, you'll be able to re-frame your problems in a way that helps set you free again to be big and shiny and wonderful.  Let go of an old wish.  The longing you feel here is part of what's draining your energy.  It's time for a new dream.

Happy New Year Virgo!  Plan to celebrate this week Virgo.  You need a chance to connect and feel the love in your life.  Relationships of all kind are where you're going to find healing, insight and energy.  Make time to get closer to the people you love and are fascinated by.  A money opportunity is beguiling.  This can yield tremendous abundance over time.  That's the big key here, it will take time to see this all the way to the end.

Happy New Year Libra!  You've been holding back and it's starting to get painful.  Give yourself permission to explore whatever it is that tickles your fancy.  Trying to stay on the straight and narrow is getting more and more painful.  Just stop.  A bright, new idea has the potential to change your whole life.  Are you ready to throw yourself into it without knowing what will come?  Just do it!  You're going to love what happens.

Happy New Year Scorpio!  You'll be relieved to discover that a situation that has long been unfair is about to turn around for you.  This will bring healing across the board for you.  Your abundance energy is about to go way up.  Are you ready for some magic?  Part of what needs to happen now is you need to let go of the idea that you have to struggle and fight for what you want.  You can stop now and let ease take over. 

Happy New Year Sagittarius!  You're so ready for fresh challenges and adventures.  You can hardly wait for a new cycle to launch but wait you must.  There are a few loose ends that need to be tidied up before you can leap into the future.  Undertake this with the best attitude you can muster up.  It'll be a challenge but one that you'll enjoy once you see how to play the game.  Get ready to rediscover who you are and what you want as the new year unfolds. 

Happy New Year Capricorn!  A space that's been infected with heavy, stuck energy is starting to move.  This will bring relief and healing your way and you can finally stop blaming yourself for whatever you think you might have done wrong here.  Put some attention on your body this week.  You're in need of healing and rest.  Indulge your sense in all manner of beauty.  It will get your energy up and ready for the next challenge. 

Happy New Year Aquarius!  You've been a tad on the cynical side of life lately and it's wearing your down.  Can you just decide to believe in the viability of your dreams no matter how lofty they might seem?  Big ideas are coming in and can help you see anew path.  Your creative energy is ready to take risks, so let yourself go with it.  Adopt an attitude of wonder.  It won't be easy for a wise soul like you but it will help you see the magic again. 

Happy New Year Pisces!  It isn't the easiest time in your life but it is a rich time.  If you can see that all your struggles are valuable, you'll have a lot more fun working through the hardships.  Don't neglect your body in your quest to get everything done.  You need care this week.  Make it a top priority.  An opportunity to create more abundance is at your door.  There's no need to rush into anything.  Take your time and let it fall together for you.


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Internal Time

Well Friends,

It was a lovely holiday spent teaching the kids how to play board games and building complicated lego sets.  I made it a priority to focus on the kinder.  I must say, I'm a tad over it now and the mess upstairs and occasional sibling rivalry-driven shriek is grating on my nerves.  Such is life...

I feel like despite my best efforts to have a celebratory and somewhat shallow holiday experience filled with too much food and wrapping paper, my efforts were foiled and many a deep though happened over the last week or so.  Maybe it was the combination of Solstice plus New Moon on the 24th in Capricorn...a little solemn for such a time we count on for joyousness.

So here we stand on the cusp of a New Year and perhaps like me, you are gazing down the path and pondering making some alterations?  Exciting!

The Stonestreet Cafe at will be back in action on January 5th with new shows.  I'm going to dedicated the second half of each show to calls.  Get your questions ready so that you can call the show with all your new year questions! 

If you can't wait that long, catch me over at this week for a year end reading and healing.  Let's go into the unknown feeling brave and focused.

If you need an energy tune up, consider hopping into my meditation space.  We meet on Tuesdays at 1pm pacific and Friday at 8am pacific for just 20 minutes.  The group is growing and we are having so much fun exploring psychic tools.  These meditations end up being a space for me to share much of what I know about how our abilities function and how to make the most of them.  Join us for one or more.  The work is getting powerful!

Other than that, all I have to say is that I'm wishing you a very happy New Year.  Yeah, I know I'm a few days early but I can't wait!


Monday, December 26, 2011

Fortune Forecast 12/26 - 1/1

This is an exciting week and through we might not realize big gains, we'll make progress, expecially when we look for openings in unexpected places.  We experience movement now by hook and by crook and at times it seems as if there's no movement at all.  Trust what's erupting now and there will be plenty of eruptions this week as people try to find a new way to balance.  It would be easy to get discouraged under these conditions but really, amazing opportunities are starting to take shape now.

Monday 12/26
It doesn't take much to get us inspired and up today.  We can see far and with the clarity needed to make a plan.  It's exciting and the freedom we feel to pursue our dreams is positively intoxicating.  How lovely!  Let's make the most of it while it lasts.

Tuesday 12/27
20 Minute Meditation at,1pm pacific/4pm eastern
Throw your weight behind a grand idea.  Take steps to make something outrageous more real.  It's an exciting time, a liberating time and we can make great strides with very little effort now.  It all begins with our choice to really invest in our own vision and the magic it takes to make a dream come true.

Wednesday 12/28
There are changes unfolding and the good news is that nothing is too shocking or unbearable.  There's a message about patience that is important to heed now.  We'll lose nothing by slowing everything down a bit today and just seeing what emerges in a very natural, organic way.

Thursday 12/29
It's time to get more deeply invested in something we might feel ambivalent about.  One option is to walk away and look for a new delight and interest.  Our other option is to choose to get more involved and leave the questioning about whether it's right or wrong behind. 

Friday 12/30
Grounding and Protection Meditation at, 8am pacific
It's a good time to get very, very quiet.  Anything that causes a feeling of pressure or the need to rush should be put on hold for now.  There's just no reason to push anything at the moment.  What endures will be there waiting for us when we are finally ready to claim it.

Saturday 12/31
We need to get out of our own way today and let the chips fall.  Trying to stay in control is a thankless job and it's not worth our energy today.  There's just no way to win by force right now.  Other approaches are called for and they're challenging to embrace for at the core, they are about acceptance as opposed to aggression.

Sunday 1/1
An old heaviness seems to be lifting and easing away.  It feels freeing to have this shadow gone once and for all.  The shift is subtle and it might take a while to really get used to the new feeling of levity and creativity.  This realization is worthy of incredible celebration.

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 12/25 - 12/31


Creative impulses have you traveling far and wide this week, Aries.  Make space for it.  You need more room to come up with your next, big plan.  There is a lot of magic available to you.  All you have to do is be open to it.  Mood swings might have you a bit perplexed.  You don’t seem able to figure out why you feel the way you do.  Does it matter?  It’s important to know when to surrender to experience. 

Be patient even though you don’t feel like it, Taurus.  You’ll be tempted to take rash action this week but would be better served by waiting quietly for the right moment to act.  Seeds you planted long ago need diligent care.  Life is not as exciting as you would like it to be but the pace will pick up soon.  Get organized now so that you can make the most of the opportunities coming your way. 

Relax into life and all its offerings and see where you end up.  Don’t be surprised to discover something amazing about yourself, the past and what’s possible in the future.  As you near completion of an important project, unexpected problems pop up, challenging your patience.  Try to stay calm and use humor to get through it.  The final push can be daunting but you’re almost there.  Take heart.

Relationships get a healing this week, Cancer.  Sometimes healing takes strange and uncomfortable forms.  Be open to what shows up and know that the challenges are helping to set you free for more love and abundance.  You’re about to be recognized for hard work.  It’ll feel good to get validation.  Be sure and share the spotlight with the folks who’ve supported your dream.  Generosity will pay off big.

You’ve reached the end of the line with a project that once brought great joy, Leo.  You keep trying to figure out how to make it work but the truth is, it’s time to let go.  There may be some grief and fear that comes up as you contemplate what it means to move on.  Take your time and know that as you allow yourself to dream a new dream, miracles will manifest.  The wheel of fortune is turning in your favor.

An upswing is in the stars this week Virgo.  To make the most of the myriad of opportunities coming your way, get out and create new connections.  This will require some effort because a part of you is not in the mood.  Resist the urge to hide away.  Trust is important now.  Put away the negative and self-critical energies that keep you from seeing the progress you’re making.

It’s time to look for ways to create more balance in your world Libra.  Certain projects and relationships are demanding way too much energy and other parts of your life are suffering as a result.  There are things that need to be said this week to create healing and movement.  You’re reluctant to let it all out because you fear rejection.  If you continue to censor yourself to make others comfortable, you’ll get in trouble when it all blows up.

There are a ton of opportunities lining up for you Scorpio.  Some are better than others so be discriminating when deciding where you want to invest your energy and time.  Raise your level of worthiness so that you can truly enjoy what is coming to you.  Creative energy is high now and you are able to see past obstacles that have kept you stuck and frustrated.  Other people are anxious to follow your lead.

Use humor to communicate about charged issues. Sagittarius.  You’ll be happily surprised when loved ones respond with enthusiasm and a willingness to make adjustments.  Simple pleasures bring healing and joy.  Go ahead and give yourself permission to give to yourself.  There are a million little voices in your head saying no.  Do it anyway.

Your heart is opening and it feels great.  An opportunity for more love and intimacy is safe and exciting.  Go with it Capricorn.  Trust the wonderful energy and opportunity here.  You might feel tempted to hide behind a mask.  Notice that as love grows, old wounds pop up for healing.  Have a sense of humor about these old wounds and how they keep you from the authenticity you crave in yourself and others.

Resist the temptation to do something sneaky.  Be as clear as you can and share your real feelings, Aquarius.  Any crafty behavior on your part will backfire and create a rift.  This extends into your professional life as well.  If you do make a mistake, own up to it quickly.  Nothing will stay hidden this week.  Transparency and the vulnerability it brings, is worth contemplating now.

Be gracious and graceful with all the folks who show up to help this week, Pisces.  Learning how to delegate it a great space to play in.  You finally have a degree of peace about a relationship that has been turbulent and lacking in honesty.  It’s been brutal for a while and you are finally getting some resolution.  The peace is coming from you.  Your partner in this space continues to be unconscious and that’s okay.


Monday, December 19, 2011

Fortune Forecast 12/19 - 12/25


It's a lovely week.  There will definitely be challenges, as old pain come to the surface for healing.  There's nothing quite like the holidays for dredging up resentments and disappointment.  Even if we find ourselves in a happy place, we might find ourselves affected by others who seem to be dragging their pain around for all to see.  Regardless, something sacred is afoot and it's something we can all participate in.  To find this quiet space of refreshment, we need to limit the distractions and the stress, which is obviously easier said than done!  Let's try and see what happens.

Monday 12/19
It's time to recognize that something truly has come to an end.  Knowing there's nothing left here can help us take steps into new challenges and new joys.  It's time now to make sure that everything we're involved in is something we really want to be part of.  All the rest is just a detour and a distraction.

Tuesday 12/20
20 MINUTE MEDITATION at, 1pm pacific
Let's get to the bottom of a mystery today.  There are answers and information to be had but we have to open to it and jump in.  Don't be afraid to see things that were previously hidden.  In this case, ignorance is not bliss though we might feel like it for a moment as a new picture of the truth begins to emerge.  Embrace it.

Wednesday 12/21
There's just no way to make something happen today.  We can try and we can push but what we're trying to move is unyielding.  Perhaps there's an unseen reason for this and with time, we'll understand why we weren't able to assert ourselves here?  If this idea brings comfort, let it in.

Thursday 12/22
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We don't have to let the stress get out of control today but it might, despite our best efforts.  We might just have to step away from the trouble in order to attend to our own needs.  As we disentangle ourselves from whatever troubles are brewing, we'll find that there is plenty to celebrate.  Progress, not perfection.

Friday 12/23
A blue mood descends and lingers in the air.  This slight darkness allows us to dream a new dream.  It's the stillness that happens before a wave of opportunity rushes in.  Let it be.   There's no need to try and fight it off or pretend it's not there.  See it as a harbinger of healing because that's exactly what it is.

Saturday 12/24
We're finally ready to turn the corner.  Some of the troubles of the last few days have now led us to an opening.  Enjoy it!  Though some of what we've been dealing with is unwelcome and not fun, it has helped create a new foundation for abundance, love and more.  Get ready for excitement, magic and much, much more.

Sunday 12/25
We can see things with fresh perspective today.  Life is lush and shimmering with possibility.  Gather close to loved ones and share in the magic.  The simplest of pleasures pack a punch and in every moment we recognize our ability to love all that is.  The world is well now.  Devotion to something bigger is easy now.

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See, hear, taste, smell and touch the magic.  Relish life on all levels.  It's magic!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 12/18 - 12/24

You've got some major magic working for you this week, Aries.  Play and see what you can create with it.  A big idea has you inspired and ready to take risks.  Others can see and and feel your power clearly but you might still be struggling to recognize it in yourself.  Wake up to who you are and what you're capable of.  When you do, you're going to blow the roof off this joint!

The pace is moving at quite a clip this week and you might be struggling to keep up with it all.  Do what you can to step away and get some rest, Taurus.  You won't miss out on anything profound by deciding that time alone to reflect is the best gift you can receive now.  Get ready to explore a whole new dimension.  You're been contemplating it and it's almost time.  Get ready!

You're inspired and passionate this week and it's a wonderful time for exploration, learning and pleasure.  You're finally getting a chance to apply some of the skills you've been so diligently crafting.  The rewards are great and you're being seen as an authority now.  It feels good and at the same time it dredges up a whole new batch of fear.  Have fun with all of it, Gemini.

Make connection and the exchange of love a top priority this week, Cancer.  You've been so focused on growing your empire that you've forgotten how to enjoy the fruits of your labor.  You'll find refreshment and your energy will be restored if you put away the work for now.  A big decision will be made clear soon.  You need to stop thinking about it to find the answer.  Peace is yours.

Enjoy the mental clarity that has arrived at last, Leo.  You can make plans now with confidence and it will feel really good.  Your energy and enthusiasm is needed now.  You're in demand all over town.  Enjoy the festivities and share your natural sunshine with everyone who crosses your path.  A burst of creativity will set you on a new and exciting path.  It's all very wonderful.

You're in the mood to give and offer yourself to friends in need.  It feels great to make a difference in peoples' lives.  The only downside is that you might not get enough rest and this can lead to stress for you.  Be sure that you balance your giving to others with plenty of self care for you.  A situation that's been unfair for some time is about to take a turn for the better.  This will lift your spirits.

You're craving more balance in your life, Libra and you have the ability to create more of it this week.  It will take focus but you can do it, especially as you tune out all the noise and chaos around you.  It's time to let go of something that may have once provided a lot of fulfillment.  You keep thinking you can revive it but it's finished.  Letting it go will bring more relief that you realize.

Good luck is yours this week, Scorpio and you're going to love some of the unexpected gifts that come your way.  Relax and let the amazing energy in.  Someone is making a very generous offer.  Will you take it?  Do it!  This opportunity can take you into an amazing new world of beauty, magic and prosperity.  There's just no reason not to go.

Communicating what you want is important this week, Sagittarius.  Ask for what you want and do what you can to really listen to others.  Tremendous healing can happen if you slow down and just get clear.  There's no need to rush, in fact most of the joy that's available now comes in the simplest of pleasures.  Pleasures that you can't enjoy if you continue with your normal chaos.

You're stressed out but the funny thing is, you're the one creating it, Capricorn and you can stop any time you're ready.  Just stop fretting.  It's a decision, so do it.  All that you need is yours to be had.  Meditate on what that looks and feels like.  It's so much closer than you realize.  You can feel the passion starting to build.  Get ready to follow it without fear and with total freedom. 

A wish is coming true, Aquarius.  Can you sink into the excitement you feel about it without worrying whether or not it will last?  be here now this week.  When you start thinking too hard, you tend to get stressed out.  Just stop!  Your body could use some attention.  Amp up on what feels good, whether it's rest or more activity.  You can create big healing for yourself and others.

You might have to get tough about a situation that's slowly been draining you of energy.  It's hard to assert yourself here, Pisces but what's the alternative?  You can't go on much longer with this unfair and unpleasant dynamic in your life.  As you come into completion with this cycle, you'll be shocked to discover how much better you feel.  This will help you make peace with any unresolved feelings about it all.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I wanted to send you a little love letter today because I'm feeling it and I don't even know why.  It's not like life is perfect or I have everything I want but I gotta tell you, I am just bursting with LOVE!

It's funny because this week in the Stonestreet Cafe at I plan to talk about the hard energies that can emerge during the holidays...the stress, the irritability and resentments.  I named the show GRINCH because I often feel like a Grinch during this time of year.

I'm not sure why I'm having such a good time this year? It could be that holidays with children are really fun.  They're so in the magic of it all.  It could be that I'm making progress with some big, long term goals, which is pure heaven for us Capricorns.  It could be that I'm just in a place where I don't have to change or alter myself in any way to feel better.  Everything is great as is!

The last few years have been tough for many.  There have been challenges and obstacles and moments of total despair.  I chalk this up to Pluto moving slowly through Capricorn and the deep restructuring that is underway.  I think we're at the point in this cycle where we might be recognizing that some things have changed forever.  We are not longer hanging on desperately to what we count on for support.  We've been stripped on many levels and it feels like we're at the point where we're finally getting comfortable with the changes and challenges.

It's not easy but as we get behind the notion that our world has shifted and will continue to shift, we have more room to see what's wonderful about this moment, right now.


Join me Thursday at  I'll be the guest on Imagine That with Astrologer Shawn Nygard at 5pm pacific/8pm eastern.  We're going to talk about the Wheel of Fortune, followed the Stonestreet Cafe at 6pm pacific/9pm eastern.  Call in for a reading during the second half of the show (6:30pm pacific, 9:30pm eastern).  1.218.862.1300 ext 124290.  I want to hear from you no matter what mood you're in!

Friday brings the Grounding and Protection Meditation at at 8am pacific/11am eastern.  Let's release some old junk and make way for more WONDERFUL.

Friday also brings a very special sale at from 8-noon pacific just for those of us who host radio shows.  I'll be there to celebrate wherever you find yourself in your life right now.  Love it up!


Monday, December 12, 2011

Fortune Forecast 12/12 - 12/18


It's a great time for risks, great and small.  Get out and get off the beaten track.  The energy this week supports us in pushing against limitations and finding more freedom.  There's really nothing to lose and so much to gain.  So let's do it...let's get wild and see what happens.  Let's try on something new with no expectations and no worries.  The end of the year is coming so shake off the fear and cut loose.  I'll join you!  Let's see what happens when we allow ourselves more levity.

Monday 12/12

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Suddenly it's clear where we need to put our attention.  It feels good to find a focus and a plan of action.  Say goodbye to the confusion that's been holding things up.  We're on the cusp of a breakthrough. It's exciting...possibly even intoxicating to feel so suddenly free to surge ahead.

Tuesday 12/13
20 Minute Meditation at, 1pm pacific, 4pm eastern.
We can create incredible success if we lay to rest the inner conflict that's slowing us down.  We need to create unity internally and let go of old grievances and resentments.  Let it go.  We have the potential to discover more about our own alchemical abilities if we just decide to own the power that's been waiting for us all along.

Wednesday 12/14
Dig in and get settled a bit.  We've been dealing with some very dynamic energy this week and we may need a moment or two to just pause and rest.  Find a way to make a deeper connection with what's loved and valued.  Drill down to the simplicity under all the strife.  We make our own battles and we can stop any time we want to.

Thursday 12/15
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It's time to move and explore new spaces.  There's just no reason to put it off.  There are exciting opportunities waiting for us but to find them we need to be out of our normal routine.  Explore today and be willing to be slightly uncomfortable doing so.  There's just no distraction worth the magic that awaits the willing.

Friday 12/16
Grounding and Protection Meditation at, 8am pacific/11am eastern.
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We might find ourselves facing a bit of disappointment today when something that seemed too good to be true fades away.  The hurt we feel about this has little to do with the actual promise and more to do with the fact that we're bored and in need of new excitement.  Once we see that, we'll move through the disappointment with speed and agility.

Saturday 12/17
Happy Hour at noon-4pm pacific.
We might find ourselves back in conflict today.  We just can't seem to pick a course of action with any degree of certainty.  Let's put big choices away for now.  Don't push it.  Wait just a bit and let the answers emerge organically.  They will and quickly if we stop trying to force an outcome.

Sunday 12/18
Happy Hour at noon-4pm pacific.
Have fun today.  It's what matters and it's also what brings the refreshment we need for even more manifesting.  Connect and find a path to love.  Open the door for more by expressing care and affection for those who matter most.  Responsibility will be waiting when we get back from our mini trip to heaven.

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Just say yes to everything.  Say yes to see what happens.  Say yes even when you think it's no.  Feel the yes.  Be the yes.  Make the yes.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 12/11 - 12/17

It’s a tough week, Aries.  There is a sense of futility lingering over your life.  Before you panic and make too much of it, know that apathy is a signal that you are about to experience a breakthrough.  Don’t fight it.  Sit with it and let it show you the way to a deeper sense of passion.  Money and resources look more constricted than they are.  Try not to take it too seriously or panic. 

It may be painful to limit yourself this week, Taurus.  Reframe this idea and see the magic of narrowing the field and finding your focus.  You’ll be recognized and rewarded for your hard work.  Be gracious and thank those who helped you create success.  Find a way to celebrate your victory.  Doing so will help you get the energy you need for the next leap forward.

You have what you need whether you want to admit it or not.  The role of the tragic romantic is a fun one but it doesn’t really suit you Gemini.  In your case, you are waxing poetic over what might have been which is getting in the way of enjoying what is.  A small pain is growing in intensity.  Your mind is making this way too big.  Take it as a sign that it’s time for healing.

There are many temptations to indulge in and behaviors that will take the pain away this week, Cancer.  Though you might experience temporary relief, long-term happiness demands that you stay present and work through the energy.  There is support available.  Take advantage of it.  Let yourself be loved and cared for during this mini dark night of the soul.  The fulfillment you seek will sink in soon.

You can get what you want this week, Leo, but you need to pull your attention back to what’s happening here and now.  Small steps can take you far.  Be productive with the opportunities at hand.   A new idea will surprise and delight you.  The potential is awesome and it’s exciting to be considering something you once would have pushed aside as uninteresting or unfulfilling.

Your intuitive abilities are potent this week, Virgo.  Now it’s just a question of trusting what you’re seeing.  Unfortunately some of the insight coming in runs counter to what you want to believe.  You might have to adjust your plans so get ready.  Willingness to change is important now.  Don’t let pride keep you stuck in something that ultimately will not bear fruit.

Life is a balancing act this week, Libra.  Moderation will help you capitalize on important opportunities and keep you grounded and focused.  There will be many temptations to get out of balance.  A part of you is seduced by the idea of passion, but right now, wild passion could get you in trouble.  Your mind is racing with a million possibilities.  Give yourself time to sift through them and pick the ones with the most potential.

Take breaks to play, Scorpio.  You need to find creative ways to keep your energy and optimism in motion.  Your mind is fixated on your flaws.  Gently pull yourself out of that thankless pit and focus on what you love about yourself and your life.  With your psychic abilities on high, it’s essential to watch your boundaries so that you don’t pick up the negativity of those around you.  Expect a breakthrough.

You’ve got a lot going on this week though it might not look like it at first.  There are intense energies infusing you with the need to change and evolve.  Some of this will feel refreshing and exciting and some will feel uncomfortable.  The strange thing is, it doesn’t seem like your responsibilities should be generating such a big charge but they are.  There’s no need to try and figure it out, Sagittarius.  Spiritual forces are at play.

You’re starting to get a feeling for the next chapter in your story.  It’s passionate and bold but the more you look at it, the more you see the stumbling blocks and potential barriers to success. Don’t get ahead of yourself, Capricorn or you’ll get psyched out.  Continue to dream and expand on your vision no matter how unrealistic it might seem.  Soon you’ll be in the future you imagined and feeling great.

Trying to recapture the magic of days gone by is tying up the energy you need to create something new and improved here and now.  There is definitely a need to process recent events so that you can move forward with a fresh and open-minded attitude, Aquarius.  Whatever it is you’re longing for wasn’t really that great.  It only looks good because you are uncomfortable where you are today.  This too shall pass.

There are tremendous opportunities lining up for you, Pisces but you won’t see them unless you get your energy and focus back to present time. You seem reluctant to address the fear and pain that you’re dragging down the road.  Looking at it and admitting you feel afraid is not a sign of weakness.  It is in fact an incredible sign of strength.  Things are on the upswing so hang in there.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Life is conspiring against me having enough time to WORK this week.  Oh dear.  My parents are visiting and I'm off for a day with my mom.  I'll have to keep the blog brief this week.

I don't know about you but I'm starting to feel the holiday frenzy.  I went to Denver yesterday to hang out with a handful of 12advisors and do a little holiday shopping.  I froze up in the toy section of Target.  My mind went blank as I stared at the seemingly thousands of options for the kids.  When I got home, I asked the kids to list their three top items.  It keeps shifting around.

Hopefully my trip with mom will yield more inspiration!

Hanging out with my colleagues was great!  I got to meet Donna Virgillio who is charming and lovely.  Oliver and Mark were there too and they provided a does of grounded, male energy to the mix.  It's great to get to know the people who are co-creating 12listen, 12radio and 12academy with me.

Back to the moment though...I can't seem to get any time for WORK which is unnatural for a Capricorn.  Tomorrow will see me taking time off to take the car in for repairs, so my best hope is to get back in gear on Friday.  We have a huge sale on Saturday on readings at, so get over there and get some healing communication!

Thursday in the Stonestreet Cafe, I'm welcoming two 12listen Advisors, Tamara and Aleta to take over the show so that I can attend the kids' holiday concert.  The show is called CONNECTION and will be about how we can find more connection during this somewhat frantic time of year.  Tune in at 6pm PST/9pm EST at to get to know these two amazing ladies.

Friday morning brings the Distance Energy Healing Session at at 8am pacific/11am eastern.  Come join us by teleconference for 20 minutes for a healing meditation.

I hope all is well with you lovely people!  I can't wait to get back to work!!


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fortune Forecast 12/5 - 12/11


This week we need to be mindful of making time to rest, reflect and let some healing unfold. There are powerful energies that are ready to take root and flourish but they can't work their magic if we don't welcome them in.  Whatever feels pressing and difficult now will shift when WE shift and part of shifting has to do with whether or not our energy is flowing through our bodies in a way that offers refreshment and healing.  It's available.  Let's bring it in!

Monday 12/5
Dig deep into the traditions that have helped shape your life today. Even the ones we don't enjoy have much to teach us about our history and how we view life.  Perhaps we can update and change the ones we've outgrown and bring new depth and meaning to them?  It's all about tapping into roots and what helps us feel grounded.

Tuesday 12/6
20 Minute Meditation at, 1pm PST/4pm EST.
It's time to say good bye to something that has clearly come to a close.  There's no point in trying to make something work that's clearly run its course.  Be willing to let it go knowing that in doing so, better things will come.  Some of what needs to be done isn't fun but doing it will bring fulfillment nonetheless.   

Wednesday 12/7
As we tie up loose ends and put certain things to rest, we can start to open the door to the new and inspiring.  Try something on just for fun.  See where it leads, without short circuiting the energy before it even begins.  Why not let an outlandish dream sink in?  This is how we break out of patterns long enough to forge a new path.  

Thursday 12/8
Come play in the Stonestreet Cafe!  6pm PST/9pm EST at
The pace is a bit frantic today and it will be a challenge to stay grounded.  So much is happening and it's all playing out in a very chaotic way.  All we can do is our best.  There's no need for perfection right now.  Progress, not perfection people!  In the rushing river of it all, some lovely gems will arrive. 

Friday 12/9
Distance Energy Healing Session at, 8am PST/11am PST.
Stonestreet Cafe replays at 10:30am PST/1:30pm PST at
There's a temptation in the air today and it's incredibly seductive.  It's difficult to resist this shiny ball of seeming happiness but be aware that it's just a mirage.  If we throw ourselves into this thing, we'll quickly discover that it leads nowhere.  We'll sense the truth of it when we feel the pull.  Is that enough to stop us from going all the way?

Saturday 12/10
Readings on sale at from 6:36am-6:36pm.
We are still coming off the temptation of yesterday, which has left us in the mood to cut corners and take risks.  Be careful today!  What seems like an easy out will only lead to complications.  Do it right even if it takes more time and effort.  There will be no regrets if we follow our integrity and act with awareness.

Sunday 12/11
Readings on sale at from noon-4pm pacific.
Celebration is in the air and we can all partake.  Have a laugh and gather with loved ones.  Find ways to validate the goodness in the world.  It's easily visible when we actually look.  Life is beautiful.  Let's love it up and share what we have in abundance.  More will come and even more after that.

need help with the energy this week?

Slow down.  Stop the frantic action.  Feel the undercurrents that are normally evaded.  There is nothing wrong.  All is right.  Prepare for the wave that's coming by resting now.  There's no point in trying to surf until the wave actually arrives.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 12/4 - 12/10

You’re being forced to confront an old dynamic even though you’d rather not.  You’ll see this pattern reflected in all of your interactions.  There is no way to get around it, Aries.  You might as well sit down and get to the root of it.  It’s all about rejection.  As you clean out the old hurt and suspicion, a new, passionate energy start to take root giving you a sense of bigger, richer possibilities. 

You can expect to meet some great people this week, Taurus.  People who understand who you are now and the potential you have for greatness.  The surge of creativity coming in has you feeling free and easy.  Be patient as you start to take steps to implement your new vision.  It will take time to get everything the way you want it.  It’s fantastic to have so many possibilities ahead.

People want to be near you and it’s a bit of a problem, Gemini.  You really need space now but the demands are difficult to turn away from.  Get involved even though you don’t feel like it.  Magic will come through interactions with others.  You need a bigger arena to play in.  The only thing standing between you and this bigger space is permission.  Can you give it to yourself? 

Wishes come true this week Cancer but the way things play out may surprise you.  It’s time to let go of the control you’re been exerting and let things unfold more organically.  This is a great space to explore.  Can you trust what the universe wants to give you?  Let go of the control you’ve been using to stay on task.  Go willingly into the unknown knowing that joy and abundance await you.

Expect chaos this week Leo.  You have so much going on that it’s tough to keep all the balls in the air.  A sense of humor will help you weather the stress and excitement.  You have an urge to break free but what does that mean?  Be careful because reactive impulses will be powerful and you may say no to something in the heat of passion that can actually be a wonderful and fulfilling space to explore.

Life moves a little slowly this week, Virgo.  Slow, deep changes are lining you up for success.  The problem is, it’s hard to see any progress and you might find yourself slipping into doubt.  Trust the process even though you don’t have much to go on.  Find fun distractions as you wait to see results.  If you take time to get a closer look at your inner world, you’ll be surprised at the wisdom and information that’s coming through.

Recognition for hard wok is slightly overdue but it feels good nonetheless.  Pause and let it in, Libra.  The validation being offered will help you gather your energy for the next chapter in the story.  Love is in the stars.  This is a sweet kind of love.  There’s no hidden agenda to contend with so stop looking for one.  Allow yourself to receive the affection and appreciation you deserve.

You have so many resources waiting to be tapped, Scorpio.  Knowing this will bring tremendous comfort.  Fresh ideas are starting to flood in.  You might not know exactly what to do with all of it but a plan will soon emerge.  Conversations with friends and loved ones will help add dimension to your vision.  Don’t hesitate to share.  Be willing to dream bigger and brighter than you normally allow.

A part of you is longing to recapture the past, Sagittarius.  Know that you can create a newer, fresher version that will feel better and more satisfying now.  You are in the midst of a massive shift.  It’s okay to feel uncertain.  You can’t get a picture of what’s ahead and it’s unnerving.  Know that the world that’s opening to you is filled with wonder and magic.  Relax into the process and let go of the need to come up with a plan and a picture.

You seem to be repressing some passionate urges, Capricorn.  It’s as if you don’t totally trust yourself.  Contemplate this a bit and you’ll find a workable solution.  There are situations popping up that don’t look like what you want.  You have the power to transform what comes along.  Make lemonade out of the lemons.  The degree to which you can be the alchemist depends on the degree to which you heal the inner lack of trust.

A choice is looming, Aquarius.  Trying to figure it out by thinking through it isn’t getting you where you want to be.  Feel your way to the answer.  The truth is, there is no right way to go.  There are only two paths that lead to the same destination.  The only difference between the two paths is scenery.  What do you want to look at as you travel?  Pick a path and go without a backwards glance.

You need to break out of your normal routine this week, Pisces.  It’s hard to give yourself permission to do so when there are many pressing responsibilities that need to be addressed.  Even a little adventure will go a long way towards satisfying your wanderlust.  Internal strife is making it difficult to know where to put your energy and attention.  Step away from it all and you’ll find your freedom.


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Free the Moths?

My little brother has this the doves.  I've written about it before and speak about it often in the Stonestreet Cafe.  It's a way to visualize tension, anxiety, frustration and whatnot flying out of the chest and into the sky.

Well my friends, I've been seeing a lot of tension, anxiety, frustration and whatnot in the collective lately.  I've been feeling it too.  So today at the end of a very intense yoga class I was lying there in my meditative state, trying to free the doves.  All I saw was a flock of dusty-winged, gray moths fluttering out of my chest.  Weird and somehow appropriate.  Maybe the moths mean its old stuff.  Maybe the moths mean it's the hidden stuff that's eating away at my psychic closet.  Who knows?  All I know is that the image got me laughing and that's what matters.

Are you stressin'?  I hope not!  Stress is always available in copious quantities.  Let's set that stuff loose and choose a giggle or two.  We're closing in on the end of another year, which tends to get us reflective and pensive about where we're at.  We're somewhere wonderful! It's called Earth and it's bursting with beauty.  Slow down and notice the magic because just as there's an endless amount of stress, there's also an endless amount of magic to be had and enjoyed.

I'm so excited for this week's episode of the Stonestreet Cafe.  I'm welcoming the amazing Andy Wilbury Smith of the Official Andy Wilbury Radio Show.  Have you ever caught Andy's show?  It's amazing and Andy knows more about music than just about anyone I know.  We're going to be playing tunes and talking about some of the whimsical, magic music that came out of the UK in the 60's.  It's my favorite era of music and I want to share it with you.

Be sure to tune in Thursday at 6pm pacific/9pm eastern at for show #78...BRITISH INVASION.  I named the show such because Andy will be joining us live from the UK and we're playing all UK tunes.  Come play and take a break from heavy thinking, fretting and fussing.  Relax into obscure and delightful music and enlightening talk about culture, artists and MAGIC.

Friday brings another 20 minute meditation at  We meet at 8am pacific/11am eastern for just 20 minutes to move energy and create healing.  I'd love to see you there!  It's all over the phone so need to drive or even get dressed.  I'll be there waiting for you.

Mercury is retrograde, which means it's time to seek answers internally.  Retrogrades push us back to ourselves so if you're seeking relief in the external, you're looking in the wrong place.  Soon, Mars will join Mercury in retrograde action.  This will bring opportunity to clarify what we're passionate about and what we're not.  If you feel your stress levels going up, remember you can always free the doves, or in some cases, moths.

Let's love it up!!


Monday, November 28, 2011

Fortune Forecast 11/28 - 12/4


It's a great week to get our bearings as the holiday season starts to ramp up.  It'll be a challenge but why not try?  Take time out to check in with body and mind.  Amp up on the self care.  You're worth it!

Monday 11/28
Try something new!

Tuesday 11/29
20 Minute Meditation at, 1pm PST/4pm EST
Need I say more?  Check everything out before saying no.

Wednesday 11/30
Step away from the crazy in favor of peace.

Thursday 12/1
tune in to the Stonestreet Cafe at, 6pm PST/9pm EST
Get ready to go.

Friday 12/2
Grounding & Protection Meditation at, 8am PST/11am EST
Love the magic that's in the air and make the most of it!

Saturday 12/3
readings on sale at from noon-4pm PST
Rewards are here and it's our job to enjoy them.

Sunday 12/4

readings on sale at from noon-4pm PST 
Just do it.

need help with the energy this week?


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 11/27 - 12/3

You’ll have to take charge if you want to get closer to a dream this week, Aries.  You’ve been waiting for the right time and the right place.  Well it’s here now.  It’s time to confront your reluctance to put all that passion to work.  Stop making excuses and take a step toward your dream.  Once you get going progress will be quick and easy.

You’ve closed yourself off to some excellent opportunities and don’t even know it.  To make yourself more accessible, you need to come back to what’s happening right here, right now.  Let’s face it Taurus, you are off in the future and frustrated about your inability to get there faster.  If you come back home, you’ll see new paths to get you there quick.

You have a ton of energy right now and it’s tough to get organized.  Meditative activities can help immensely Gemini, so make time for them.  A wish will come true this week.  Watch for it and be open to everything that comes along, even if it looks less than appealing at first.  Sometimes what we want comes disguised in funny packages.

A sudden revelation is helping you see how to make positive change.  It’s so simple that it’s hard not to beat yourself up for not seeing it sooner.  Be grateful that you have the information you need to move forward.  Dwelling on what might have been isn’t helpful, Cancer.  Your power is stunning this week and people are showing up to help support your dreams and goals.  Make the most of it!

There are some negative people trying to influence your choices, Leo.  These folks just don’t see what’s possible.  Don’t let their disbelief take the wind out of your sails.  You have a lot of resources available to create a deeper, more permanent kind of success.  Believe it and start taking action.  You are entering a wonderful period of creativity and growth.

You’re being recognized for your hard work and dedication, Virgo.  Make sure you bask in the validation for a bit before moving to the next project.  This victory might seem minor on the surface but it’s helping to set the stage for even bigger, more magnificent gains.  You’re moving out of some heavy, depressing energy and it feels great.  It’s time to fall back in love with life.

Don’t be afraid to delegate and direct the people showing up now to support your dreams, Libra.  They want you to lead, so do it.  Make time for affection and connection.  You’re going to need some rest and refreshment to balance the intensity of your ambition.  Amusement will heal any lingering heaviness.

It’s a tough week, Scorpio.  You’re low on energy and enthusiasm.  It might be worth retreating for a bit until you feel better and more optimistic.  Decisions made now are tainted with a lack of self-love and will not produce the results you want.  You’ll be tempted to try and push through the heaviness but that will only make you more tired.  Regroup and rejuvenate.

A minor betrayal has tapped you into deep fear.  It’s hard to see what’s really going on as you sink into a space where rejection and shame are the theme.  A part of you is watching this descent knowing it’s not really real.  Part of the problem is about conflicting loyalties on your part. This is your chance to get on your own team, Sagittarius and put your needs first.

It would be great if you could take a short trip and see new scenery, Capricorn.  It’s hard to give yourself permission to do that when resources seem to be dwindling right in front of you.  If you rest, you’ll see those resources flourish.  Though faith is not your strongest suit, it will pay off now.

You are edgy and impatient this week Aquarius.  You know what you want and how to get there, but there are all sorts of little distractions and annoyances.  Cultivate a sense of humor; otherwise you’re in for a rough ride.  The irritability is illuminating your lack of trust in yourself and in the universe.  Shake it off!

Part of you is bored and looking to generate drama, Pisces.  This is not a problem and could be a fun place to play as long as you stay awake to the rebellious energies at work.  Don’t pretend to be on the side of the status quo if you really aren’t.  It’s time to break the walls down.  Do it consciously and creatively.  Everyone benefits this way.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Here we are on the cusp of a lovely Thanksgiving in the United States.  It's my favorite holiday because it's all about gathering with friends and family and celebrating all that we have to be grateful for.  What's better than that?

I'm hoping this Thanksgiving brings you many joys and delights of all kind.  Not only is Thursday Thanksgiving, it's also a New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius.  Wow!  The New Moon in Sagittarius helps us dream up new adventures and gets us focused on areas of study that we want to learn more about.  Expect to feel restless because Sagittarius is mutable fire and it loves to explore.

Because it's a solar eclipse, the energy is amplified.  Plant seeds now!  Send out a prayer and wish Thursday night and see what happens.  Manifesting is like ordering a meal in a restaurant.  We put the order in, and then it's our job to wait patiently while the supreme being cooks it up.  We might be starving for it but when know it will come we can find amusement while we wait.

What happens a lot is that we put the order in and immediately start doubting that it will come.  We fuss and fidget and fret.  How insulting is that to the cook?  Just as you wouldn't storm the kitchen in a restaurant, demanding to know what's going on, when we're in the process of manifesting, we need to have a bit of faith that it's all being worked on behind the scenes. It's our job to amuse ourselves while we wait and to sample everything that comes to our table.  What we want often shows up looking like something else.  Taste it and see.  We can always order again.

We're having a big sale on readings at all day on Thursday (from 8am-8pm pacific).  I will be signed on in the morning to take your calls and I would love to explore the New Moon energy with you or anything else you have on your mind.

The Stonestreet Cafe at will be a replay on Thanksgiving and we'll be back in December with new shows and fresh content.

Jump into the Distance Energy Healing session on Friday morning at  It's 20 minutes of healing via the phone and can be the perfect cap to holiday celebrations.  Let's clean out old, stressful energies at at 8am PST/11am EST.

Lastly, I just want to thank you all for being such a fabulous force in my life.  Your letters to me are precious and I am so thankful for each and every one of you.


I am here if you need me and as always, I am sending tons of good vibes.


Monday, November 21, 2011

Fortune Forecast 11/21 - 11/27


We're about to get inspired and energized by a new idea.  It's as if suddenly things are possible that we never thought of.  It feels good to have so much more room to navigate through obstacles and blocks.  We can take this new idea and put it into practice.  Part of what will make this successful is our willingness and ability to communicate in a very clear manner about it all.  Speak the truth but without all the emotional charge.  Just get it out there and detach from the outcome or the expectation of what it all means.  Get ready to move into MAGIC.  

Monday 11/21
Let's go!  It's a great day to explore, expand and have an adventure.  A new chapter in our ever evolving story is beginning and it's our duty to go out and gather more information.  So don't feel guilty for wandering away from duties and responsibilities for a moment.  It will all be waiting when we return, inspired and ready for action.

Tuesday 11/22
20 Minute Meditation at, 1pm PST/4pm EST
A wonderful surprise is in the works today and it's something we'll relish for a long time to come.  We might not know we want and need this but when it arrives, we're going to wonder what we ever did without it.  Take time to just enjoy the goodness and resist the urge to sink into superstition about it.  The other shoe is not going to drop.

Wednesday 11/23
It's time to put the focus on healing an old wound.  There's just no way around it today so why not dive in and do the work?  Find healthy ways to express these old, potent feelings.  If we just let them come up and out, we'll soon discover that we feel lighter and freer and more able to chase a dream.

Thursday 11/24

readings on sale at from 8am-8pm pacific
The energy is a bit off the wall today and it's tough to stay grounded.  Everyone is abuzz with energy.  It's ok to step away if necessary.  There's no need to stay in the crazy if it's not feeling good.  Take a moment or two to honor the New Moon in Sagittarius.  Make a wish, plant a seed and love what unfolds.

Friday 11/25
Distance Energy Healing Session at, 8am PST/11am EST
Something we've wanted for a long time is about to arrive.  It's going to feel so good and in many ways, it'll feel like a big surprise.  One of the best aspects of having a wish come true is that it creates space for new wishes to take shape.  Pause for a moment today and allow a whole new batch of wishes to come to mind.

Saturday 11/26
readings on sale at from noon-4pm pacific
We're getting rewarded for work we may have finished up a while ago.  These rewards may come in a form we don't expect or anticipate but it doesn't really matter because they bring satisfaction and validation and we can use this to propel ourselves forward into new goals.  We are ready to take on bigger and better things now.

Sunday 11/27
readings on sale at from 8am-8pm pacific
Notice how spooky everything feels today.  It's as if we're afraid of our own shadow.  We might feel like there's information we don't have that we desperately need to move forward.  Intuition can guide us now if we let it.  If needed, detach and find a quiet place to reflect and rest. This too shall pass.

need help with the energy this week?

Don't let practical concerns kill the dream before it even gets a chance to take root.  Be outrageous, be wild and welcome the whimsical.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 11/20 - 11/26

Don’t hesitate to reach out and make contact even if you feel your questions and concerns are silly.  They’re not silly and a trusted mentor can quickly put your doubts to rest.  Creative ideas seem to be flying at you with rapid speed.  You’re not ready to put them all in motion so pick your favorites and get to work.  You have everything necessary to succeed, Aries.  Go forth and conquer!

Make peace with someone or something that has been generating angry feelings.  You might think that healing should come from the other people involved and that it’s not your job to initiate peace.  You’re wrong Taurus.  Waiting for what you want is causing you to feel powerless and it’s amplifying the anger.  Reach out and make contact.  You can find the peace you’re looking for with a bit of action on your part.

You’re restless, Gemini and in need of new spaces to play in.  There’s no way you can deny these feelings and if you don’t indulge in the wanderlust you’re likely to get unconsciously destructive.  Make time and space for an adventure even if it’s just a little one.  A repressed passion is beginning to surface.  It’s a great time to explore these feelings.  What do you want?  Spend some time thinking on it.

A new idea is demanding lots of time and energy but it doesn’t feel like a drain.  This thing is energizing and inspiring.  Enjoy it, Cancer.  Someone is pressuring you to take a short cut but you have a sense that this short cut will actually add more work down the line.  Trust your instincts and resist the seduction of taking the easy way.  Get ready to celebrate all the magic you’re crafted. 

An eye opening experience is in the cards this week, Leo.  You are about to have a shift in perception that will open new avenues for exploration and give you a wonderful sense of freedom.  Just in time because you’ve been feeling restless of late.  Be patient with a project that has seemed unending. You’re making more progress than you realize and you need to stay steady.

An old betrayal is coming back to haunt you.  If you work on forgiving yourself for whatever role you played in this drama, you’ll get free of the pain and guilt that seems to recur at the most inconvenient times.  There’s nothing here to feel ashamed of, Virgo.  Let this old pain slide away now, leaving you free to create bigger and better things in its stead.  Soon you’ll be immersed in new delights.

Trust in the shape and dimension of your dreams, Libra even if they seem too big to come true.  Watch your boundaries.  Someone you consider a distant friend is quietly working against you.  This person is competitive and jealous and you know it though you keep giving him or her the benefit of the doubt.  It’s time to stop and protect what’s yours.  As soon as you acknowledge this dynamic, you will be back in the driver’s seat.

It’s all about relationships this week, Scorpio.  You can’t seem to focus on anything else and that’s ok.  Give yourself permission to drift away from responsibility for now.  If you give yourself a conscious break you’ll come back with a lot more energy and enthusiasm.  There may be someone new and intriguing showing up.  It’s exciting!  Slough off that jaded fa├žade and let some love in.

An unexpected piece of news will shake things up and get you seeing differently.  It’ll take a minute or two to get your bearings so don’t expect to be thrilled at first.  Soon you will see the opportunity here.  It’s big, Sagittarius.  As you get your head around all the changes that are taking place, you’ll start to see that there’s nothing to fear and so much to look forward to.

Your mask of toughness is really just a defense mechanism, Capricorn.  Inside you’re innocent, hopeful and very beautiful.  Don’t hesitate to show it.  Notice the fears and doubts that are bubbling to the surface.  Opening to more love means opening all the spaces that contain painful memories and old hurts.  Let this stuff come up and out.  It’s time to shed an old layer of skin and doing so will feel so, so good.

There’s some tough stuff up ahead, Aquarius but it’s not as bad as you might imagine.  You’ve been sensing that difficulties are looming and in your mind these difficulties have taken on epic proportions.  Again, it’s not as bad as you imagine and you will be relieved to finally be in it and dealing with it as opposed to helplessly wondering.  See your challenge as an opportunity to discover more about your strength and wisdom.

While there is much you can do to change the things you don’t like about your life this week, there’s also an element of surrender that needs to come into play.  Know where to put your energy and have faith that the rest will move on its own.  No one knows surrender like you do Pisces, so sink into the moment knowing that all is moving in a positive direction even though it might not feel like it today.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Know Thyself

One of the things I love most about life is learning about other people.  I love hearing stories and learning the history of every individual I encounter.  I'm insatiable and often have to restrain myself from asking pointed questions in my quest to dig deeper.  This must be why I chose a profession that supports my need to explore humans in depth.  Astrology is a wonderful tool to help me see more clearly into what motivates and delights a person.

Some folks are very action oriented.  They're restless, they love risk and they're continually trying new things.  These people get edgy when they feel contained or stuck in any way...FIRE.

Other folks might want to get rooted in one home, one job, one relationship and find joy in routines and rituals.  These are more practical and grounded types...EARTH.

Others live in the mind, with fascinating inner worlds so entertaining that they need not ever leave the house, except of course until they want to share those ideas with others...AIR.

And lastly, there are people who are intensely relationship-oriented and interested in how things feel.  These folks love to splash around in intensity and become what ever is happening around them...WATER.

We all have a mixture of these four components/elements and it's endlessly fascinating for me to see what people do with their own, unique blend of energies.

Recently, I was doing a reading for a very fiery type.  This client has traveled the world and truly has a gypsy soul (Sagittarius Moon).  She can't sit still and finds that the world is just not moving fast enough for her and her goals.  She had a moment of projecting this as a need that we all have, which led me to thinking about how much I love to be close to home (Capricorn Sun) and that the idea of traveling the world is an amazing idea but is not a goal at the top of my own personal list.  It sounds stressful and chaotic and uncomfortable!

I've almost felt bad at times about the fact that I'm not more interested in seeing and exploring the globe.  I do have a list of destinations I hope to visit at some point but it's not a pressing need.  Still, I know a lot of people who NEED to wander and feel sick if they're too confined.

We tend to hold things against ourselves or beat ourselves up because we're not more like our cousin, or sister or best friend.  What happens when we just really get behind who we are and what we love?  For this client, she was shaking off feeling bad about not being able to stay in one place and simultaneously, I was shaking off the embarrassment of NOT wanting to hit the road and see the world.

We get shamed for the very thing we're born to do.  I see it over and over and over.  You may have heard me say it before but where we feel the most messed up is often where we have our greatest gifts.  Think on that a bit.  Take a closer look at where you might carry shame, doubt or fear.  Could it be that there's a treasure waiting under that crappy energy that says "you have no idea what you're doing"?


Thursday in the Stonestreet Cafe I'm welcoming Karen J. Lewis to the Stonestreet Cafe at  Karen was scheduled to join me 2 weeks ago but I lost my voice and we changed the date.  Karen is amazing and her line of all natural body products is fantastic.  Check out Gracious Earth Naturals by tuning in to the Cafe this Thursday at or by visiting the site.

Join me this Friday at for the GROUNDING AND PROTECTION MEDITATION at 8am pacific/11am eastern.  We meet for 20 minutes by telephone to shake off the heavy energy that builds up in our space.  Let's slough that junk off so that we can become more of who we are.

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Fortune Forecast 11/14 - 11/20


Life is getting exciting and there's a wonderful, anticipatory sense that new things are just waiting to emerge and take shape.  What do you envision for this chapter of the story?  Who is in the cast of characters and what is the action all about?  Don't be afraid to have fun dreaming this dream as we stand at the cusp of the unknown.  Sometimes we worry and get superstitious about getting too excited about all the good things that might happen.  It's as if we don't want to get too excited just in case things don't go the way we want them too.  Let's banish that nonsense and just be happy about it all as it becomes real.

Monday 11/14
It's hard to be upbeat when we see very bad signs all around.  Could it be that we're just looking for evidence of trouble?  There really is nothing that can't be overcome right now.  We need to be mindful of the viewpoint we choose today.  Say no to the scary ones.

Tuesday 11/15
20 minute meditation at 1pm pacific/4pm eastern at
It's a great day to celebrate love and connection.  Make it a project to reach out and connect to as many loved ones as possible.  Small exchanges will free a chain of good vibes, running through hearts and hands and spilling out all over the place.

Wednesday 11/16
We can make magic come to pass today if we get in a playful space.  We've got to lighten up to get the magic flying.  Think on what's wanted and needed to get the advantage of a clear focus for all the amazing-ness happening now.

Thursday 11/17
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A reminder is in order, that deep change is happening on a lot of levels right now and deep change can be a challenge to weather.  We may not be seeing some of the kinds of change we wish for but it's coming.  Just give it a little more time.

Friday 11/18
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There's no point in going back and lamenting over things that have long since passed.  It's time to move forward.  We've been causing ourselves pain and suffering by refusing to let go of old grievances.  Let's stop now.

Saturday 11/19
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It's hard to keep the fear in check.  Our fears seem to be taking on a life of their own today and we may need to calm down a bit here and there just to remind ourselves that things really are ok.  Pull out the stops in terms of what helps sooth and center.

Sunday 11/20
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It's time to acknowledge an important conclusion.  We've reached the end of a certain road and it was a wonderful ride.  We can acknowledge the complexity of this particular ending and extract a lot of meaning, especially if we resist the urge to analyze it all. 

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Say yes to it all.