Monday, January 31, 2011

Fortune Forecast 1/31 - 2/6


It's time for new vistas.  We might have a million reasons why it's not a good idea to go now but let's go anyway!  If we don't satisfy the need to wander not only will we miss out on many amazing discoveries, we'll have to placate the gypsy part of our soul with shallow treats.  The gypsy does not take kindly to shallow!  A trip will energize and ignite us.  It doesn't have to be far and wide, just simply breaking our normal routine will create healing.  get off the beaten path for a minute or an hour this week and find refreshment for body, mind and soul.

Monday 1/31
There's resistance int he air today and not much we can do to overcome it.  If you can't beat it, let it wash over and around you.  There's no need to take it personally or get stuck in figuring it out.  Just let it be and spend time on spaces that have movement, levity and flow.

Tuesday 2/1
There's chaos in the air and it's hard to know what to do.  Retreat is great but not an option for everyone.  Resist the urge to be reactive.  Let the energy play out.   As we move into acceptance and let go of the fight, we might just find ourselves supremely entertained by it all.

Wednesday 2/2
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We need a little time and space to regroup after the intensity of the last few days.  The New Moon urges us to slow down and consider our options.  This is a great day for big dreams and saying no to the energy that says NO.  Action will come soon.  For now be content to drift a bit.

Thursday 2/3
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We're feeling heavy today and there seems to be no way to shake it off today.  As we approach the end of a cycle, we tend to run out of steam.  We can see the finish line but it looks far away.  Don't despair!  We're closer than we think and we can make it in just a few more steps.  Keep going.

Friday 2/4
There's a sense that we have everything we need today.  It might come in fleeting moments but it's there and we can heave more of it just by putting our attention on it.  Rest in satisfaction.  Look at what's great and stay there for a while.  The world is bursting with beauty.  Relish it.

Saturday 2/5
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We have what we need to climb a hill or tackle a stubborn space.  We've been frantically looking in the wrong places.  The strength and focus we need can be found by getting quiet, taking a breath and knowing it.   Don't hesitate to fake it till you make it if that's what it takes to find the inner gold.

Sunday 2/6
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Just relax!  All this tension and for what?  We need to go with what's happening now and stop fighting the forces at work.  Once we realize that there's no way to exert power here, we'll find ourselves relaxing into it and finding the magic.  Make time to do nothing today with a clear conscience.

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Trying to repress the need to wander is a losing proposition.  We need a break from the familiar and new sights, sounds and smells to savor.  Just do it!  (as they say over at Nike...).

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 1/30 - 2/5

You're so ready to jump into the fire this week, Aries.  You've had it with waiting and just want to go now.  At the same time, you might not have a real idea of where you're going or even what you want.  It's not a problem.  You'll figure it out as you go.  Don't abandon what's working to fulfill your need for change.  You can have it all and you're about to discover this in a profound way.

It's a bit of a struggle to get your energy going this week, Taurus.  Whether you realize it or not, you are tying up loose ends and completing a big cycle.  This takes energy away from starting new things.  Be patient and let this play out.  A wave of creative energy is coming for you and when it does, you'll wonder why you worried about this slight, sluggish feeling.

An opportunity to make money is exciting and it pulls on skills you already have in abundance.   It's slightly off track and yet right up your alley, Gemini.  Pursue it with gusto.  A journey is calling you and you might be unsure of exactly where this will take you.  Go anyway.  You are leaving an old wound behind and opening to more love.  There's gold at the end of this rainbow.

Things are a bit out of control this week, Cancer.  It's annoying but it's not going to kill you.  You're tending towards a little drama as you live through this particular storm.  You can find relief by connecting with friends and finding a way to laugh about it all.  Abundance will start to flow again as you snap out of the negative mindset.  Seeds are springing to life, so get back to work!

It's up to you to take charge this week, Leo.  You're not really in the mood but if you want to see a positive change, you need to apply your particular brand of wisdom to a space in need.  You are powerful now and need places to apply this power in order to see, experience and understand it more clearly.  Balance your revolutionary urges with the need for calm.  You can do this.

You're on the cusp of a big victory.  Don't shy away from the attention and praise people are offering, Virgo.  Soak in it and let it inspire your next step.  Exciting opportunities are coming your way.  Get ready to receive and review them in order to choose the best one.  Don't settle on what's practical, go for what you love.  Get ready for some good money energy.  It's in the works.

People need you to lead this week, Libra.  You're not really in the mood but you need to get there and quick.  A wish will come true as soon as you respond to this call to action.  It's the perfect time too because you've been in need of something new to sink your teeth into.  You don't know it yet, but taking charge of this chaotic space will give you much more than you bargained for, in a good way.

You're being called on to nurture and protect someone in need.  You might have mixed feelings about this, Scorpio.  Brush aside your reservations and embrace your role as healer.  Fears are coming up and being released.  Be patient as this process continues, leaving you free to love more deeply.  Enjoy the garden of your creation.  It's lovely and amazing and needs to be shared and celebrated.

Big energies are working for you this week, Sagittarius.  You're being asked to let go of almost everything you count on for security in order to be reborn.  Are you ready?  Probably not.  Go anyway!  Love is all around you.  Let it bring the support and encouragement you need to allow more transformation.  Soon you'll be happily invested in new things and this awkward transition will be but a memory.

Soften up a bit this week, Capricorn  You've been focused on goals almost to the point of obsession at the expense of your personal and emotional life.  Friends and family need time and attention now and believe it or not your goals will be easier to achieve if you take time out to love and be loved.  Expect a surge of abundance.  It's coming and it will lift your spirits.

It's tough to know where to go this week.  You've got a lot going on and you're not ready to limit your options by choosing a particular focus.  Let this be ok, Aquarius.  You will find answers soon and picking a path will feel more organic and effortless.  Resist the urge to jump into a battle affecting a loved one.  You'll lose energy here and you're not really needed.  Stay on the sidelines.

You're being torn between two groups or two people who want your loyalty and alignment.  It's tough to stay neutral to this conflict, Pisces but trying to mediate is only going to create more pain for you.  Put your attention back on your own projects.  You are close to the harvest and need your resources to create more abundance and love.  You will find peace this week in a very unlikely place.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011


That's right friends, Saturn is now retrograde in Libra.  Outer planets go retrograde every year and we don't usually pay much attention to them but since I've been totally immersed in the planets of late, I feel like I need to make note of it for you here.

First of all, let's rethink what a retrograde is.  From our vantage point on Earth, a retrograde is a time period when the planet appears to move backward.  This obviously made our ancestors pretty nervous I imagine but there's no need to fear a retrograde.  A retrograde is an opportunity to discover the gifts a particular planet offers by experiencing these gifts in a very visceral way.  A Saturn retrograde helps us discover wisdom and strength that was previously hidden from view.  Saturn helps us dig deeper, discovering buried treasure along the way.  Let's meditate on this idea as the retrograde gets underway.

The funny thing about this retrograde is that it coincides with Jupiter now in Aries and Uranus which will move into Aries on the 11th of March.  Jupiter and Uranus are urging us to move forward, to leap off the cliff so to speak.  Saturn on the other hand is urging caution and for some of us, it's causing doubt and depletion on an energy level.  So many of my readings this week have been about how to balance the need to be creative, free and willing to take risks (Jupiter in Aries) versus the need to conserve, rest and pause (Saturn in Libra).

How do we know when to leap forward and when to hold back?  This is an excellent question and I'm not sure there's one answer.  It depends on the individual situation.  We need to feel things out with intuition and intellect and when in doubt, ask a trusted friend or mentor.  I've been contemplating starting a new project or two and then feeling the energy of "no, not yet..."  I've decided to go anyway knowing that at times, my energy will drop and I won't be as inspired as I want to be.  One of Saturn's gifts is endurance and the ability to go even when the going gets tough.  We can use this to our advantage during this retrograde.

A reading can help!  Come on over to and give me a call if you're struggling with the flow of your life force energy.  We can look at your birth chart and figure out how this pattern is affecting you and all that you want to create this spring.  Let me use my energetic healing skills to get you balanced and back in the game.

If you're not into talking on the phone, order an email reading!  I have a Three Month Transit report as well as my One Issue in Depth reading.  Both of these are a great way to get clarity about this complex energy.

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Back to Saturn.  A Saturn retrograde gives us a chance to restructure.  Some things we know need restructuring and other things we don't know until it happens.  If something in your life starts to slow down now, trust that it's important.  See the slow-moving energy as a gift.  Saturn can show us where we need to reconsider our plans, often whether we want to or not.  As always, go with it, not against it!

It's time to shore up resources and repair the foundation of spaces that are in need.  Saturn will cause delay.  Now is the time to take better care of the body. Saturn is about earth, grounding, materialism, structure and more.  Rest, relaxation, exercise and enjoying nature can help us weather the challenges that arise over the next four months or so as we struggle with how to assert our creative energy during times that can also feel sluggish and perhaps uninspiring.

Speaking of Earth, that's exactly what we're going to explore tomorrow night (Thursday) in the Stonestreet Cafe.  I'm welcoming my friend; artist, filmmaker, musician and fantastic human, Carl Fuermann to the Cafe to talk EARTH with me.  Please join us at 6pm PST/9pm EST at

Let's work with these complex energies and resist the urge to make it a problem!  Easier said than done but worthy of our best effort.

Until we meet again,


Monday, January 24, 2011

Fortune Forecast 1/24 - 1/30


We're being pulled in more than one direction this week and it's kind of challenging.  One minute we seem very clear and focused and in the next minute, it all goes awry.  There is tremendous creative energy coming through now and it's a task to get this energy grounded and flowing in a way that enhances our lives as opposed to causing chaos and trouble.  We can help ourselves by seeking more balance.  If our personal lives are suffering at the expense of our working lives (or vice versa) there needs to be a correction now.  If we're neglecting our bodies needs in order to be more productive, this needs correction now.  If one idea or reality is all we see and we're convinced we're right, this needs correction.  Let's create more options and outlets this week.  It's essential!

Monday 1/24
We just can't stop from spinning wold tales in the inner world today.  It's like a compulsion that has no bounds.  Our minds are running amok and it's getting unpleasant.  All we see is trouble and complication.  The good news is we can stop anytime and just breathe.  Yeah!  Try it...

Tuesday 1/25
We're starting to get a sense of where we want to go and how to get there.   It's refreshing and the doubts that have plagued us are abating as the clarity grows.  It's easy to take a step today and make this passion more real, more material.  Let's go!

Wednesday 1/26
Clouds are rolling in and they're threatening to darken the view.  It's just the psychic weather but the tricky thing is, psychic weather is so easily taken to heart.  Look around and see how others are behaving today is a reality check is in need.  It's in observing others that we'll understand the bigger pattern at work.

Thursday 1/27
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A small step can pay off in a major way today.  There's no need for radical action, just a small step.  Sometimes we think about things so long we work ourselves into a state of paralysis.  Just a little bit of action now will open the door to bigger leaps in the future.

Friday 1/28
Something amazing is about to run past and we need to reach out and take hold of it when we see it.  The time for contemplation has passed.  Action is favored and the tools and resources we need for success are within reach.  The Universe supports us now in jumping into the unknown.

Saturday 1/29
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It's a great day to open and receive one the many gifts floating around looking for homes.  Let life be fun and easy today even if it takes conscious effort to do so.  Even for those struggling with the heaviest of burdens, magic wants to happen in a big way.  Let it land.

Sunday 1/30
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This is a great day to relax and relish some of the amazing things that have transpired this week.   Enjoy the beauty all around.  There's magic in the air.  It's right there!  Relax into it.  Notice the poetry of the world.  It's lovely and amazing and indulging in it brings healing.

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Keep coming back to the goal of creating more balance.  Start with mindfulness of the body.  Pausing can help.  Don't allow the creative magic to become painful chaos.  be the one to make corrections and create flow.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 1/23 - 1/29

You're not feeling your best this week, Aries.  You're tired and life has been a bit overwhelming of late.  The freedom you seek just hasn't arrived and it's very difficult to wait.  It's coming and it's coming soon.  Get ready.  Part of getting ready has to do with releasing some of the heavy emotional energy you've been shouldering.  Let it slide away now.  You don't need it anymore.

Mood swings are potent this week and you might have a hard time figuring out why you feel the way you do.  See this as a healing and let the moods shift and flow.  You're opening up to more love, Taurus and that's what matters.  Let the old fears come up and out.  You don't need this stuff anymore.  Decide to be free enough to let the gifts coming your way into your heart. 

It's a great time to start something new, Gemini.  You're falling in love with something and it's easy to move forward with it.  In some ways you're vulnerable to cynicism.  Be careful who you share your enthusiasm with because some will try to bring you down.  Perhaps you can feel the excitement building and have a sense that you're about to launch?  You are!

The pace is picking up and you have a lot of projects to attend to.  It's tough at times to figure out the most efficient approach to your daily responsibilities.  It wouldn't hurt to pause a bit here and there, Cancer.  You won't miss out on anything.  It will be hard to slow down but do it!  Balance the fires of inspiration and action with the need to ground.

Take of the glasses you're wearing this week, Leo.  Your lenses need adjusting.  You're temporarily low on inspiration and it's making everything look a little dull.  Shake off the feelings of failure you've been struggling with.  It's old stuff and you just don't need it anymore.  See yourself as an alchemist and life as your lab.  You can make magic now if you just start experimenting.

It's a great time to go back to school or undertake a new study.  You are ripe for learning new things, Virgo.  Take advantage of your currently open, curious nature and jump into something exciting.  It's time for an identity update.  You're not who you think you are.  Catch up with all the changes you've been going through.  Break out now.  Break out of that old space and expand.

It's time to play more with your power Libra.  Life has felt serious and at times, you've been lacking in amusement but you can get it all back if you decide to.   Wonderful things can happen this week if you just decide to let them happen.  Your ambitions have been growing in intensity but your belief in your abilities is not keeping pace.  Make corrections now so that you can leap forward with ease.

You're in the mood to relax and relax you should, Scorpio.  Good things will come your way if you hold still and open your arms.  Opportunities to enjoy yourself are abundant this week.  Put away the work and play.  You need refreshment if you're going to make it to the top.  Money fears are potent but exaggerated.  See what you have without the negativity and you'll find riches.

You're all over the place this week, Sagittarius.  You've got way too much going on to make any of it a success.  Do what you can to narrow it down.  A seed you planted a long time ago is springing to life and offering you a second chance.  This is exciting and possibly overwhelming.  Sit with this for a bit before you spring into action.  Be at peace with everything happening now.  This will create movement.

Good fortune is coming your way this week though it might catch you slightly unprepared.  No matter, Capricorn.  Let ti come whether or not you feel ready to receive it.  Your money energy is strong and you can manifest a ton of success this week as long as you pay attention to your need for rest and refreshment as well.  Dream big and take small steps.  You're going somewhere great!

Delays are in the works this week and they will test your patience and faith.  You're not in the mood to slow down, Aquarius but you don't have much of a choice.  Rewards for hard work are coming your way.  This will help lift your mood and calm down the better of you that wants to sprint ahead.  Big ideas need time and space to come into shape and form.  Trust helps.

A big idea is completely taking over your life, Pisces.  You simply don't care about anything but this idea and its potential to change your life.  It's ok to get obsessed.  In fact having something to look forward to is helping you move through some challenging and unpleasant, emotional energy.  Just make sure that in all your excitement, you don't forget to attend to important, daily needs.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fire & Water

Get ready for the Full Moon in Cancer this Wednesday, 1/19.  We're having a sale at from 1:21-4:21pm pacific with our lowest rate.  Come get a reading!  I'll be there waiting for you.  We can look at your birth chart, do some Planet Zones location astrology and/or energy work.  I know you'll enjoy yourself!

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This Full Moon brings our attention to home and family.  The Full Moon in Cancer stimulates our emotional energy.  Some of us might feel moody today as we come to completion with certain cycles.  The Full Moon gives us a chance to tie up loose ends in preparation of the New Moon when new seeds are planted.  Get in the mood to let it all go, even if that means shedding a few tears.

Mars just moved into Aquarius, ushering in the rebel.  Can you feel it?  This Saturday, Jupiter moves into Aries, amplifying the rebellious energy we're feeling with Mars now in Aquarius.  Get ready to launch into something new.  It will be impossible to resist the winds of change.  If you have the desire to move, change jobs, start a business or get involved in a humanitarian cause, your day has come.  Both Mars and Jupiter urge us to take action and leap into the unknown.  Know that the planets are supporting us in taking risks now.

Be sure and stop by this Thursday 1/21 at 6pm PST/9pm EST as I welcome special guest and fellow 12advisor, Mary Spicer to the Stonestreet Cafe.  We're going to be talking about the element of FIRE, which seems timely considering the energy being generated by Mars and Jupiter. 

Other than that, I've been putting the finishing touches on my website  Wow.  It only took me nine months.  A true gestational period.  I'm excited for you to get over there, even though it's not quite perfect yet.  Go play with the Oracle I created.  I've already seen a spelling mistake in there, so please be patient while I work out the kinks.

Today, I headed to Boulder, Colorado to get new pictures for all the web spaces I inhabit.  It was hilarious to pose in my new, red shirt.  I wanted to be a little silly, especially for the Stonestreet Cafe pictures.  Have you tuned in to the show?  It's my place to be fun and irreverent and I know you'll get a kick out of what happens there.  Starting in February, I'm going to do at least one show a month where you can call in and get a reading or just share your thoughts and feelings about the weekly topic.  The show is LIVE now and it tends to get a little nuts.  Tune in Thursdays at 6pm PST/9pm EST for a blast of Julia-thought-machine.

In other news, I gave up coffee and have been surprised by my ability to live without it.  Thank you Mars and Jupiter!  There's more to this story and I hope to share it with you soon but suffice it to say, I'm pretty hyper, even without caffeine.

Much love to all of you!  I know what it's like to experience a wide range of emotion.  As always, let's go with it, not against it and please stop by 12listen and 12radio to say hello!

Until we meet again...


Monday, January 17, 2011

Fortune Forecast 1/17 - 1/23


All we have to do is look around and see the beauty that surrounds us.  It's easy to ,let problems and concerns become the only thing we see.  Let's hake it off in order to tap into the abundance and love that's waiting at our finger tips.  It's a great time to take a look and see what needs care and cultivation.  There might be something amazing we've forgotten to attend to and with a little energy, this space could blossom into something amazing.  Take time out to just relish what is.  It may not be perfect but there is much to enjoy, even in the darkest corners.

Monday 1/17
Don't hold back today.  Get behind a big idea even if success looks slim to none.  It's not important what happens here.  What's important is our ability to believe.  The more we believe, the more possible the impossible becomes.  Keep going and love what happens on the ride.

Tuesday 1/18
It's time to let go of a dream that no longer fits.  It's hard because we once loved it and like an old, faded party dress, we like to keep it around to remind us of good times from the past.  This dream is taking up valuable closet space where a new dress should be.  Let it go now before it crumbles into dust.

Wednesday 1/19
We're just not going to find the answers we're seeking today anywhere but inside us.  That's the last place we think of looking but that's exactly where we need to put our attention today.  Others can't support us now and may not understand the guidance we're getting.  Soldier on...

Thursday 1/20
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We have the seed of somethign fantastic within reach and we just need to reach out for it.  Action is called for today. It doesn't need to be radical but we definitely need to affirm on some level that we believe in our ability to grow more of what we want and desire.  Reach out and grab it.

Friday 1/21
Nothing feels satisfying today and it's hard not to be shaken by mood swings.  As soon as we stop trying to make it make sense, a degree of peace returns.  Find comfort in a healthy escape is possible.  It's just a psychic storm and it will pass.  Don't let it get the best of you!

Saturday 1/22
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Little clues are helping us forge a new and exciting path.  We need to feel out way down the road now and it might be a challenge.  Our instincts can guide us.  Will we listen and respond accordingly?  The right track is the track that feels expansive and perhaps unsettling.  Don't settle for safety today.

Sunday 1/23
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It's time to wander.  We need new sights, smells and sounds to stave off feelings of stagnation today. It could be a quick trip to the mall or a longer sojourn to parts unknown.  The point is, break out of the routine and seek something fresh.

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Just stop.  It sounds so easy but it's actually quite a challenge.  Just stop the busyness of the body and the mind.  Even for a minute, just stop.  It's incredibly clarifying and in that blank pause, our ability to see changes.  Suddenly we recognize something beyond what's immediate and problematic and see the bigger, richer picture.  Let's do it!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 1/16 - 1/22

Enjoy the stable, earthy energy happening in your world this week.  A part of you might be struggling with restlessness.  Let it go for now, Aries and use this time to regroup.  If you've wanted to learn something new, now is the time to jump in.  New information can bring refreshment on many levels.  Happy surprises await you at every turn.  Enjoy!

Be at peace, Taurus even if there's conflict in your world.  You simply don't have the energy to be a mediator this week.  You're better off moving into acceptance and trusting that this too shall pass.  You're moody and in need of new pleasures.  Go on a journey of discovery.  Once you take the first step into something fresh, you'll find refreshment and a wave of creativity waiting for you.

You're falling in love, Gemini and it feels so good.  Your senses are heightened and the world looks and feels more beautiful.  Be willing to risk your heart even if your mind is protesting.  You are so ready for a flight of fancy!  Someone is inviting you to voyage into the unknown.  There's nothing to lose here and much to gain.  Go and find refreshment.

Internal conflict is making it tough to move forward.  Why are you fighting yourself, Cancer?  Can you make space to feel your passion and go for it?  As you get going, you'll find that others have are in opposition to you.  Who cares?  Seriously.  Big gains are possible now but require big risks.  Trust that the space you're jumping into will yield the abundance you want, need and deserve.

It's important to find the middle ground this week, Leo.  You're tempted to go to extremes in order to get what you want but it's not necessary.  Moderation will serve you well.  Make a choice and get behind it.  Don't let your bright mind run wild with doubt.  You may not have all the intellectual information you want but intuition can lead you quite nicely if you let it.

Stop and make time to care for your body, Virgo.  If you put energy and attention into feeling better, a lot of your troubles will dissipate.  Connecting with others can bring healing.  Resist the urge to isolate yourself and mix it up with people who care about you and your dreams.  Your creative energy is on the upswing.  Get ready for leaps and bounds!

Life is a tad heavy this week, Libra.  Your responsibilities are complicated and at odds with each other.  Keeping everything going is requiring you to be creative in a way that's uncomfortable but you're doing it!  When you get to the other side of this trying time (and you will), you'll discover that you're capable of things you never realized before.  This is good news.

Shake off the blues and play!  You'll find answers to challenges in the strangest places this week, Scorpio.  See your life as a treasure hunt and look for clues around every corner.  Social events and dates with friends can bring refreshment and happy surprises.  You're ready for romance Scorpio.  Break out the flirt and polish it up.  It'll serve you well.

You might find yourself gazing out over the landscape of your life, itching for something new and exciting this week, Sagittarius.  Before you go running off, take stock of your resources.  You'll want to know what you have if you end up needing it in unexpected ways.  Heavy energies are lifting and helping you feel more free.  Let the levity sink in and infuse you with movement.

You're on the prowl this week, Capricorn, hunting for more fulfillment.  Have fun with it and resist the urge to take everything so seriously.  You're adjusting to big changes that took you off guard.  It's good stuff, just a lot to handle all at once.  Being organized can help.  The thing is, you keep putting off the boring work that will support more success.  Get it done now!

You're working hard to move through old pain and fear this week.  If you can see that it's not really about what's happening now you'll have an easier time of it, Aquarius.  Resist the urge to take rash action until you have more clarity.  A business and/or career opportunity is truly golden.  Step into it and know that over time, this can grow into something amazing.

You're a bit under the weather this week, Pisces.  There's been a lot of discord in your environment and it's affecting you.  Find a way to step back and rest when you can.  It will help a lot.  You are on the cusp of discovering a new passion and your body is trying to get ready to embody more energy.  Work with it and stop seeing this as a problem.  Good fortune is coming soon!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

When it Rains...

Or should I say, when it snows, it dumps?

Ever since the New Moon/Eclipse last week, my working life went into high gear.  My web designer and I put our heads together and started to put the finishing touches on my website  It's not perfect but it works!  You can visit now and get a look as we continue to email each other back and forth, getting the final details in place.

Wow.  That only took nine months.  I guess some projects have a cycle, much like the birth process of the human being.  It feels good to get this thing out to the world and off my mind.  There's more information there about Planet Zones, my fresh take on location astrology.  I've expanded my email readings and I'm having a ton of fun with them.  Get over there and take a look!

We're having a huge sale today (Wednesday 1/12) at on readings by phone and chat.  Stop by if you get a chance and let's take a look at your current location or a place you want to move to or visit.  Planet Zones is truly revolutionary and the feedback I've gotten on these readings is stunning.  Join me in this powerful and enlightening space!

Also on sale today, tons of classes at, including my GROUNDING AND PROTECTION 20 minute introduction.  The class is this Friday (1/14) at 9am PST/noon EST but you can purchase it today for just 12 bucks.  This is your opportunity to get a feeling for the class and the tools and techniques I'm offering to help us stay more centered and safe in our own bodies.  There are tons of other offerings as well, all on sale today so if you're in the mood for expansion, take advantage of the sale.

I was lucky enough to be a guest on the Power Peek Hour yesterday on Hay House Radio.  It was a great show and I want to thank so many of you for tuning in and writing me letters of support, validation and congratulations.  Thanks as well to my friend and mentor mark Husson for letting me share my new passion, Planet Zones.  The show will be archived soon and I will be sure and let you know so that you can listen if you missed it yesterday.

Tomorrow (Thursday 1/13) brings another episode of the Stonestreet Cafe.  This week, I'm welcoming Brittany James to join me in a discussion of the element of WATER.  Understanding the elements is a big part of Astrology, Tarot and other metaphysical systems.  I hope you get a chance to tune in to at 6pm PST/9pm EST for this fun show.

I guess that's about it.  My son is home sick today while I toil away in my office.  I got a pile of snacks and beverages together to keep him occupied.  Oh, and our new Apple TV helps as well.  That boy is not going to move an inch from where I last left him!  (It's actually kind of fun to have him home.  He's bonding with our newest cat whose time and attention is usually taken up by my daughter.  Son created a system of boxes for cat to hide in and jump through.  They are in love!!).

CHEERS!  Enjoy the snow, rain and sunshine in your world.  It all works together to create the fertile ground we need to grow and expand!


Monday, January 10, 2011

Fortune Forecast 1/10 - 1/16



It's time.  The New Year is underway and even for those of us who eschew resolutions and other stuff, a fresh feeling is in the air and with it the potential for a whole, new vision of what can be.  If the details are fuzzy, focus on what you want it to feel like.  The feelings create a vibration of energy and the energy calls in the circumstances and opportunities we need to make it real.  I love to work with color because color helps me picture the kinds of energy I want.  Are you looking for some sunshine yellow?  A warm, relaxing turquoise?  The loving embrace of sparkling peach?  Start creating the energy of what's wanted and desired right now.  Bring it in and surround the body with it.  It sounds silly but it works!  Let's play with out power this year and lose the effort.  Let's do it now.

Monday 1/10
An idea or project is ready for action.  If we don't make a move soon, this dream will start causing pain.  It will start to cause us to think mean thoughts towards ourselves about how lazy/afraid/disorganized/whatever we think we are.  let's not go down that old road.  One step is all it takes to get this to move.

Tuesday 1/11
We can travel far and wide today and accomplish great things but we need to use the wisdom and the head and the heart in conjunction.  For some this will present a small challenge and for others it might be a major hurdle to overcome.  Wherever you find yourself on this continuum, start the healing now.

Wednesday 1/12
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Be willing to be more vulnerable despite hesitation and doubt.  As one heart opens, others respond with openness as well.   We can exchange tremendous healing with loved ones and strangers alike today if we're just willing to start.  let some of that fantastic energy come on home to the body.  She/he needs it and will respond delightfully.

Thursday 1/13
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We're being asked to pause and reflect before taking major action today.  It's tough because we feel like throwing ourselves headlong into something without worry or care.  Temper impatience with the notion that time is not the enemy here.  Carelessness is.  Stop everything long enough to see clearly and in doing so, find the right action.

Friday 1/14
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Something we wish to be rid of is dominating the day.  We can handle this with resentment and anger or with cool and poise.  This thing is on its last legs.  It's not going to last much longer so why the fight?  Be at peace with it even if it has caused suffering at times.  Remember that it once contained joy.  This memory will lift it up and away.

Saturday 1/15
Balance is important today.  We've been so focused on certain areas of our lives that others areas have languished.   Let's take corrective action today with love and forgiveness in our hearts.  The body needs attention and care.  Do something nice for that amazing body!  Give it the validation it deserves for carrying you this far.

Sunday 1/16
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Our old favorites have lost their luster and we're in desperate need of new ones.   There's only one way to find these new joys...go on a hunt!  get off the beaten track, wander and meander but whatever you do, don't do the same old, tired routine.  Add something new to spice things up.  It will feel so, so good.

need help with the energy this week?


It truly is time to re-frame the story.  Turn a failure into a success.  See a loss as a gain.  Turn everything you think about yourself on its head and see through new eyes.  We're not the stuff we make up to make sense of things.  We are bigger and brighter than that.  Let's set ourselves free and find new delights to wonder in.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 1/9 - 1/15

You're in the midst of a big conflict this week, Aries.  It could be completely internal or it might be spilling out into the external world.  Either way, it has you feeling anxious and unsettled.  Big opportunities will help take your mind off the trouble.  Get ready to launch into something new and exciting!  You are more than ready to go. Be sure and pace yourself for best results.

You're feeling good and many neglected personal needs are starting to get met.  It's about time, Taurus.  You deserve the happiness coming your way.  The funny thing is, as this happiness grows, so does your anxiety about whether or not it will last.  Do what you can to set the fear aside and just relax into the beauty and magic.  You are safe here.  It's time to play!

Alchemical magic is working in your favor.  You can take something lackluster and turn it to gold, Gemini!  Play with your power and see what you can do.  Invitations are coming in fast and furious.  Which ones will you accept?  You simply can't do it all, so it's time to start prioritizing.  New ideas have you excited and ready to jump!  There's no need to rush.  It will wait until you're ready.

Powerful energies are at work this week, Cancer.  You're being asked to take a step up in terms of power.  Insights are coming fast and furious and you can see projects that are in need of need attention.  It's tough to figure out how to do it all.  Don't worry...the Universe will deliver the support you crave.  Let good things come your way.  Don't let the hard work and focus keep you from seeing the gifts.

Wow.  There is some potent energy working in your favor this week, Leo.  Big changes come swiftly and you need time to adjust to what's happening.  Your intuition is powerful but challenging to understand.  Be patient as a new course of action takes shape.  You have a ton of resources at your disposal.  Know it even if you don't feel it.  It's time to strike out in a new direction.

Resist the urge to panic, Virgo.  Things are not as bad as they look and you've got to fight the urge to sink into cynicism.  There is a lot of emotional support available.  Let love in!  Focusing on affection and care can help you weather this temporary storm.  Can you surrender something you once loved?  It could be an idea or a goal but whatever it is, you need space for the magic that's coming.

You're tired this week, Libra nd it's putting a damper on your world view.  Negativity isn't pretty on you.  Shake it off!  You have so much to feel good about but somehow it's just not satisfying.  Now is the time to plot your next move.  An old pain is surfacing with ferocity.  Can you be a good nurse to yourself?  Be gentle and let this pain come up and out.  It wants to leave now.

Dig in and get grounded Scorpio.  You are on the cusp of success and need to prepare.  Expect mood swings this week.  One minute you feel happy and satisfied and the next minute, you're gripped with the fear that what you want will never come.  Don't fight the feelings.  Make space for them to move through you.  You are unlocking the energy you need to create more of what you want.

You are the magician this week, Sagittarius and have the skills and abilities to leap forward into something new.  No it's just a matter of deciding what you want.  You can keep it loose and just ask for adventure creativity or abundance.  Think in terms of energy and let the details work themselves out.  Deep changes have gotten you ready for this moment whether you were aware of it or not.

Your worries are bigger than they need to be, Capricorn.  Perhaps this is an old way of keeping yourself motivated to focus and work.   Why not try a new approach this week?  How about trusting your wisdom, experience and creativity to see you through whatever little challenges come along?  Get some rest.  When you feel better physically, you'll see the infinite possibilities.

You're being awfully hard on yourself this week, Aquarius.  Your standards are impossibly high and it's getting painful.  Consider easing up a bit and finding some amusement.  You're about to get the clear picture you need to take a big leap forward.  Hang in there just a bit longer as clouds of confusion clear away.  It's time to redirect your attention into space that can yield the results you want.

You're reaching the end of a project, relationship or cycle and the thought of leaving it behind is causing a lot of anxiety.  You won't feel so nervous when you get a sense of what's coming, Pisces.  Stay the course and give yourself time to move through these changes with grace.  You're about to fall in love in a way that you never have before.  This will make letting go easy.


Friday, January 7, 2011

Exciting Announcement!

Please join me Tuesday (1/11) at 9am PST/noon EST at Hay House Radio.  I'm the special guest on Mark's Power Peek Hour and we're going to be exploring the magic of location astrology.  I've named this part of my services Planet Zones and am coming up with a whole host of new email readings to offer all of you!

Soon you'll be able to order readings on your best LOVE ZONE, your best ABUNDANCE ZONE, your best CREATIVITY ZONE and more.  I have a team of people working with me to bring this idea to life, so stay tuned and learn more on Tuesday at Hay House Radio!

Also, if you're interested in a New Year reading, stop by, Saturday (1/8) or Sunday (1/9) between 1-4pm PST for our Happy Hour sale.  I'll be there.  If you haven't already set up an account, we now have amazing technical support and offer 5 free minutes to all new clients.  Come on over and get a reading this Sunday or anytime you feel like it.  If I'm not there, but assured that my amazing colleagues will take excellent care of you.

Remember too that we're putting tons of classes on sale at on Wednesday the 12th.  Sign up for my 120 minute introduction to GROUNDING AND PROTECTION, scheduled for Friday 1/14 at 9am PST/noon EST.  Let's play with new tools and techniques that help us manage all the CRAZY in the world.

Until we meet again...


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Eclipse Hangover

Wow.  The New Moon/Solar Eclipse we experienced in the early morning hours on Tuesday felt kind of nuts.  You'd think that Capricorn, being an earth sign would offer some grounded, focused energy but that's not what happened here.  I felt completely discombobulated all day yesterday (Tuesday). 

The phone was ringing off the hook with old friends making contact and various people I work with wanting to move on certain projects that have languished (HELLO WEBSITE!?!).  I was answering emails and and doing readings while listening to my kids destroy the house up above.  It was uncomfortable, that is until i stepped away from the work and got myself to the bath tub.  There I soaked in some potion made to help relieve stress.  It worked (to a point).

So many people called for readings om Tuesday telling me they were feeling blue...experiencing a combination of ambition and desire mixed with total exhaustion and lack of inspiration.  Very confusing!

Well, we're still basking in the afterglow of this energy.  If you've been feeling a little off, know that it's the Moon stirring stuff up.  Capricorn isn't the most playful energy, so this New Moon really brought up some pain and dissatisfaction for many of us.  On a more positive note, It's a great time to plant seeds and start new things.  It's also a great time to tie up loose ends and get to completion.  That's a lot to take on.  Break out the bath salts, my friends and make sure you have time for a good soak!

Stonestreet Cafe starts up again this week with a fresh feeling.  I picked out a new song for my intro and am giving the show a bit of a face lift.  I hope you'll join me this Thursday at 6pm PST/9pm EST at  12Listen Advisor, Audra Garcia is joining me this week and we're talking about the element of AIR.  It's going to be a hoot, so meet us there!

I'm also offering a series of classes this month called GROUNDING AND PROTECTION via phone at  We're going to start on January 14th at 9am PST/noon EST, with a 20 minute introduction to the tools and techniques I use to help me stay centered and safe in my body.  These tools are easy to learn and they pack a punch!

We'll continue on the 21st and 28th at 9am PST/noon EST for expanded classes.  Take one or take them all.  You're going to enjoy the material and it's very timely what with all this moon madness and other energetic phenomena that tends to feel a tad unhinging.

The 20 minute introduction will be on sale on the 12th for $12.  This is a great way to get a feeling for the work! Get over to and explore some learning opportunities for the New Year.

I hope you're enjoying the start of the New Year. I have a great feeling about what's coming.  Notice I didn't say easy.  We're all being asked to learn how to handle more energy and manage the psychic feedback in our environment.  Let's have fun working this space!  I'm here for you friends, so stop by and say hi!  I've been doing readings every day from 8-1pm PST and there's always the email option.  Let's peel off some junk and get closer to the CORE.


ps.  have to say it again...the bathtub works wonders as well! 

Monday, January 3, 2011

Fortune Forecast 1/3 - 1/9


We're on the cusp of a whole new world this week.  Let it sink in that we are truly moving into something new.  The available energy supports us in that thinking as we start to reach for bigger and brighter goals.  We might have a slight feeling of apprehension as we move into a bigger arena.  We can take all of our skills and abilities with us, so there's no need to worry.  We are ready for what's coming!  2011 is going to feature a lot of energy that pushes us to break free from situations that have long felt oppressive and unyielding.  Get ready to roll into greatness of all kinds. 

Monday 1/3
Just do it and don't look back.  There's truly nothing to be lost and so much to be gained.  Today's energy rewards risk and frowns on stagnation.  Don't let the empty prattle of the mind keep us from jumping into something luscious.  Go now and go with the faith that creates wisdom out of thin air.

Tuesday 1/4
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Unlike yesterday, today we need to stop.  Hold very still and wait for important information and insight to arrive.  It's on the way.  There is a lot of complex energy happening today.  Let it pass and resist the urge to be reactive.  The pause we create will bring opportunity tomorrow.

Wednesday 1/5
There's no right or wrong and no real winning and losing so why the delay?  Let's pick something and get behind it.  Let's make it our own and believe in our abilities to make it happen.  So much trouble results from the lack of trust we have in ourselves.  Let's resolve to stop now.

Thursday 1/6
tune in to the Stonestreet Cafe at 6pm PST/9pm EST at
We're not going to see instant results today and it might be terribly frustrating.  Before we start trying to push the river we might want to relax and understand that what we want will come our way.  We just need to wait a bit.  Focus on making space for this gift's arrival instead.

Friday 1/7
We just can't seem to get to the bottom of it today no matter how hard we try.  the mind simply isn't equipped to lead us on this journey.  We've got to be willing to feel our way through this fog.  Our intuition can provide the guidance needed is we just get out of the way.

Saturday 1/8
Things are picking up and creative energy is high today.  We've been longing for certain opportunities and here they come!  Expect to be overwhelmed by what's coming along now.  It's a lot and it's happening fast.  We're not going to have a lot of time to ponder.  Let's launch into it!

Sunday 1/9
the Stonestreet Cafe replays at 10am PST/noon EST at
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It's a lovely day for rest and reflection.  Wonderful insights are coming through and a time out is just what the body and mind need to achieve restoration and balance.  Let the good stuff in.  Throw the notion of worthiness aside and just let it in.  Let's stop making simple pleasures so complex.

need help with the energy this week?


Whether we know it or not, we're moving into a whole new vibration of energy.  It's expansion time and this year will bring many experiences that test the limits of what we think is possible.  It's likely that many opportunities and experiences that come our way will have a limitless quality.  This will be tough for those of us who like to know where were going before we get there.  Get ready to play!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 1/2 - 1/8


You're under the gun this week, Aries but much of it is of your own making.  Unhook from the pressure you're putting on yourself and trust that you can get everything done and done well as you relax a bit.  New ideas are coming in and it's exciting.  There's no need to rush into anything just yet.  Let it simmer for a bit.  Better boundaries can help.  Know when to say no.

Big lessons are pushing you out of your comfort zone.  This is a good thing Taurus!  Go willingly into unfamiliar territory.  Be cautious with resources and energy.  You're going to need everything you have for the next round of challenges.  Passionate energy is infusing you with what you need to break out of old, stagnant patterns.  Let the fire inside you set you free!

You're feeling free and easy this week as you make contact with old friends and new.  It's good for you to step away from pressing and possibly depressing responsibilities.  Mixed messages from someone you count on for support are driving you crazy.  You won't be able to make sense of it with your bright mind.  Be willing to feel your way through it, Gemini.  You know more than you think.

Someone is making promises that are too good to be true.  You know it Cancer but it's hard not to be seduced by it.  Put off making any big moves until you have more information and more clarity. It's coming, so hang in there.  You want desperately to belong in a space that has repeatedly offered rejection.  Are you sure you want in?  There's something better up ahead.  Move on from this.

It's a chaotic week Leo and you might struggle to figure out where to put your energy.  Go with what you love and don't worry too much about the rest.   As you connect more with your passion, you'll find that the small stuff resolves itself.  Try not to be hard on yourself over perceived failings.  Look from another angle and you'll see that you are wonderful just the way you are.

You're tired, Virgo and it's hard to see what's working right in your universe.  If you can get a little more rest things will start to look better instantly.  An opportunity to love more is within reach.  You might be wary of jumping into this space but take it from me, you're going to love it if you do!  Healing energies are helping you release old stuff just in time for 2011.  How perfect is that?

You're about to be rewarded for a job well done, Libra.  This will feel great even though it's a tad overdue.  A wonderful opportunity for abundance and expansion is about to come your way. Grab it when you see it before it runs by.  Your instincts will tell you what to do when the time comes. Listen and respond.  You are prone to cynicism this week.  Shake it off and see what's real.

Deep feelings have you seeking answers.  You are on the cusp of uncovering a dynamic that at times has wreaked havoc in your life.  This is good news, Scorpio.  Get ready for more freedom and a greater ability to manifest what you want.  It'll be fun to have so much power.  At the same time, it's important to tie up loose ends in order to make space for all the new stuff that's coming.  You can do it.

You're all over the place this week, Sagittarius and that's ok.  Let yourself drift a bit and soon you'll stumble into something wonderful.  Your fears are potent as you approach this new space.  Let that be ok and don't use the feelings to make a judgment about who you are and what you're capable of.  It's time to put some energy into balancing the needs of head and heart.  This is worthy of your full attention.

You are heading into a potent and magical week, Capricorn.  The stars are lining up for you and what you want is in the works.  Will you celebrate your victory or soldier on?  I recommend a hearty celebration!  People are coming out of the woodwork to offer support and validation.  Bask in it and let that energy lift you to greater heights.  Trying to stay in control is silly.  Cut loose!

Creative energy is running high and you are ready to jump into the unknown.   With this kind of energy in abundance, risk is favored.  You might not get the outcome you think you want but you will end up somewhere fantastic and new.  Go Aquarius!  A wish can come true now, so be open to the many happy surprises popping up.  Let the good stuff in.  You deserve it.

Slow, deep changes are starting to yield fruit.  It feels good to see that hard work over a long period of time can pay off.  Your intuition is on high and it's trying to guide you into something new and exciting.  You are ready for this Pisces whether you know it or not.  You have all the resources, wisdom and knowledge needed to take the next step.  Now all you have to do is go.