Monday, January 3, 2011

Fortune Forecast 1/3 - 1/9


We're on the cusp of a whole new world this week.  Let it sink in that we are truly moving into something new.  The available energy supports us in that thinking as we start to reach for bigger and brighter goals.  We might have a slight feeling of apprehension as we move into a bigger arena.  We can take all of our skills and abilities with us, so there's no need to worry.  We are ready for what's coming!  2011 is going to feature a lot of energy that pushes us to break free from situations that have long felt oppressive and unyielding.  Get ready to roll into greatness of all kinds. 

Monday 1/3
Just do it and don't look back.  There's truly nothing to be lost and so much to be gained.  Today's energy rewards risk and frowns on stagnation.  Don't let the empty prattle of the mind keep us from jumping into something luscious.  Go now and go with the faith that creates wisdom out of thin air.

Tuesday 1/4
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Unlike yesterday, today we need to stop.  Hold very still and wait for important information and insight to arrive.  It's on the way.  There is a lot of complex energy happening today.  Let it pass and resist the urge to be reactive.  The pause we create will bring opportunity tomorrow.

Wednesday 1/5
There's no right or wrong and no real winning and losing so why the delay?  Let's pick something and get behind it.  Let's make it our own and believe in our abilities to make it happen.  So much trouble results from the lack of trust we have in ourselves.  Let's resolve to stop now.

Thursday 1/6
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We're not going to see instant results today and it might be terribly frustrating.  Before we start trying to push the river we might want to relax and understand that what we want will come our way.  We just need to wait a bit.  Focus on making space for this gift's arrival instead.

Friday 1/7
We just can't seem to get to the bottom of it today no matter how hard we try.  the mind simply isn't equipped to lead us on this journey.  We've got to be willing to feel our way through this fog.  Our intuition can provide the guidance needed is we just get out of the way.

Saturday 1/8
Things are picking up and creative energy is high today.  We've been longing for certain opportunities and here they come!  Expect to be overwhelmed by what's coming along now.  It's a lot and it's happening fast.  We're not going to have a lot of time to ponder.  Let's launch into it!

Sunday 1/9
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It's a lovely day for rest and reflection.  Wonderful insights are coming through and a time out is just what the body and mind need to achieve restoration and balance.  Let the good stuff in.  Throw the notion of worthiness aside and just let it in.  Let's stop making simple pleasures so complex.

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Whether we know it or not, we're moving into a whole new vibration of energy.  It's expansion time and this year will bring many experiences that test the limits of what we think is possible.  It's likely that many opportunities and experiences that come our way will have a limitless quality.  This will be tough for those of us who like to know where were going before we get there.  Get ready to play!

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