Saturday, January 15, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 1/16 - 1/22

Enjoy the stable, earthy energy happening in your world this week.  A part of you might be struggling with restlessness.  Let it go for now, Aries and use this time to regroup.  If you've wanted to learn something new, now is the time to jump in.  New information can bring refreshment on many levels.  Happy surprises await you at every turn.  Enjoy!

Be at peace, Taurus even if there's conflict in your world.  You simply don't have the energy to be a mediator this week.  You're better off moving into acceptance and trusting that this too shall pass.  You're moody and in need of new pleasures.  Go on a journey of discovery.  Once you take the first step into something fresh, you'll find refreshment and a wave of creativity waiting for you.

You're falling in love, Gemini and it feels so good.  Your senses are heightened and the world looks and feels more beautiful.  Be willing to risk your heart even if your mind is protesting.  You are so ready for a flight of fancy!  Someone is inviting you to voyage into the unknown.  There's nothing to lose here and much to gain.  Go and find refreshment.

Internal conflict is making it tough to move forward.  Why are you fighting yourself, Cancer?  Can you make space to feel your passion and go for it?  As you get going, you'll find that others have are in opposition to you.  Who cares?  Seriously.  Big gains are possible now but require big risks.  Trust that the space you're jumping into will yield the abundance you want, need and deserve.

It's important to find the middle ground this week, Leo.  You're tempted to go to extremes in order to get what you want but it's not necessary.  Moderation will serve you well.  Make a choice and get behind it.  Don't let your bright mind run wild with doubt.  You may not have all the intellectual information you want but intuition can lead you quite nicely if you let it.

Stop and make time to care for your body, Virgo.  If you put energy and attention into feeling better, a lot of your troubles will dissipate.  Connecting with others can bring healing.  Resist the urge to isolate yourself and mix it up with people who care about you and your dreams.  Your creative energy is on the upswing.  Get ready for leaps and bounds!

Life is a tad heavy this week, Libra.  Your responsibilities are complicated and at odds with each other.  Keeping everything going is requiring you to be creative in a way that's uncomfortable but you're doing it!  When you get to the other side of this trying time (and you will), you'll discover that you're capable of things you never realized before.  This is good news.

Shake off the blues and play!  You'll find answers to challenges in the strangest places this week, Scorpio.  See your life as a treasure hunt and look for clues around every corner.  Social events and dates with friends can bring refreshment and happy surprises.  You're ready for romance Scorpio.  Break out the flirt and polish it up.  It'll serve you well.

You might find yourself gazing out over the landscape of your life, itching for something new and exciting this week, Sagittarius.  Before you go running off, take stock of your resources.  You'll want to know what you have if you end up needing it in unexpected ways.  Heavy energies are lifting and helping you feel more free.  Let the levity sink in and infuse you with movement.

You're on the prowl this week, Capricorn, hunting for more fulfillment.  Have fun with it and resist the urge to take everything so seriously.  You're adjusting to big changes that took you off guard.  It's good stuff, just a lot to handle all at once.  Being organized can help.  The thing is, you keep putting off the boring work that will support more success.  Get it done now!

You're working hard to move through old pain and fear this week.  If you can see that it's not really about what's happening now you'll have an easier time of it, Aquarius.  Resist the urge to take rash action until you have more clarity.  A business and/or career opportunity is truly golden.  Step into it and know that over time, this can grow into something amazing.

You're a bit under the weather this week, Pisces.  There's been a lot of discord in your environment and it's affecting you.  Find a way to step back and rest when you can.  It will help a lot.  You are on the cusp of discovering a new passion and your body is trying to get ready to embody more energy.  Work with it and stop seeing this as a problem.  Good fortune is coming soon!


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