Saturday, January 22, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 1/23 - 1/29

You're not feeling your best this week, Aries.  You're tired and life has been a bit overwhelming of late.  The freedom you seek just hasn't arrived and it's very difficult to wait.  It's coming and it's coming soon.  Get ready.  Part of getting ready has to do with releasing some of the heavy emotional energy you've been shouldering.  Let it slide away now.  You don't need it anymore.

Mood swings are potent this week and you might have a hard time figuring out why you feel the way you do.  See this as a healing and let the moods shift and flow.  You're opening up to more love, Taurus and that's what matters.  Let the old fears come up and out.  You don't need this stuff anymore.  Decide to be free enough to let the gifts coming your way into your heart. 

It's a great time to start something new, Gemini.  You're falling in love with something and it's easy to move forward with it.  In some ways you're vulnerable to cynicism.  Be careful who you share your enthusiasm with because some will try to bring you down.  Perhaps you can feel the excitement building and have a sense that you're about to launch?  You are!

The pace is picking up and you have a lot of projects to attend to.  It's tough at times to figure out the most efficient approach to your daily responsibilities.  It wouldn't hurt to pause a bit here and there, Cancer.  You won't miss out on anything.  It will be hard to slow down but do it!  Balance the fires of inspiration and action with the need to ground.

Take of the glasses you're wearing this week, Leo.  Your lenses need adjusting.  You're temporarily low on inspiration and it's making everything look a little dull.  Shake off the feelings of failure you've been struggling with.  It's old stuff and you just don't need it anymore.  See yourself as an alchemist and life as your lab.  You can make magic now if you just start experimenting.

It's a great time to go back to school or undertake a new study.  You are ripe for learning new things, Virgo.  Take advantage of your currently open, curious nature and jump into something exciting.  It's time for an identity update.  You're not who you think you are.  Catch up with all the changes you've been going through.  Break out now.  Break out of that old space and expand.

It's time to play more with your power Libra.  Life has felt serious and at times, you've been lacking in amusement but you can get it all back if you decide to.   Wonderful things can happen this week if you just decide to let them happen.  Your ambitions have been growing in intensity but your belief in your abilities is not keeping pace.  Make corrections now so that you can leap forward with ease.

You're in the mood to relax and relax you should, Scorpio.  Good things will come your way if you hold still and open your arms.  Opportunities to enjoy yourself are abundant this week.  Put away the work and play.  You need refreshment if you're going to make it to the top.  Money fears are potent but exaggerated.  See what you have without the negativity and you'll find riches.

You're all over the place this week, Sagittarius.  You've got way too much going on to make any of it a success.  Do what you can to narrow it down.  A seed you planted a long time ago is springing to life and offering you a second chance.  This is exciting and possibly overwhelming.  Sit with this for a bit before you spring into action.  Be at peace with everything happening now.  This will create movement.

Good fortune is coming your way this week though it might catch you slightly unprepared.  No matter, Capricorn.  Let ti come whether or not you feel ready to receive it.  Your money energy is strong and you can manifest a ton of success this week as long as you pay attention to your need for rest and refreshment as well.  Dream big and take small steps.  You're going somewhere great!

Delays are in the works this week and they will test your patience and faith.  You're not in the mood to slow down, Aquarius but you don't have much of a choice.  Rewards for hard work are coming your way.  This will help lift your mood and calm down the better of you that wants to sprint ahead.  Big ideas need time and space to come into shape and form.  Trust helps.

A big idea is completely taking over your life, Pisces.  You simply don't care about anything but this idea and its potential to change your life.  It's ok to get obsessed.  In fact having something to look forward to is helping you move through some challenging and unpleasant, emotional energy.  Just make sure that in all your excitement, you don't forget to attend to important, daily needs.


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