Saturday, January 8, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 1/9 - 1/15

You're in the midst of a big conflict this week, Aries.  It could be completely internal or it might be spilling out into the external world.  Either way, it has you feeling anxious and unsettled.  Big opportunities will help take your mind off the trouble.  Get ready to launch into something new and exciting!  You are more than ready to go. Be sure and pace yourself for best results.

You're feeling good and many neglected personal needs are starting to get met.  It's about time, Taurus.  You deserve the happiness coming your way.  The funny thing is, as this happiness grows, so does your anxiety about whether or not it will last.  Do what you can to set the fear aside and just relax into the beauty and magic.  You are safe here.  It's time to play!

Alchemical magic is working in your favor.  You can take something lackluster and turn it to gold, Gemini!  Play with your power and see what you can do.  Invitations are coming in fast and furious.  Which ones will you accept?  You simply can't do it all, so it's time to start prioritizing.  New ideas have you excited and ready to jump!  There's no need to rush.  It will wait until you're ready.

Powerful energies are at work this week, Cancer.  You're being asked to take a step up in terms of power.  Insights are coming fast and furious and you can see projects that are in need of need attention.  It's tough to figure out how to do it all.  Don't worry...the Universe will deliver the support you crave.  Let good things come your way.  Don't let the hard work and focus keep you from seeing the gifts.

Wow.  There is some potent energy working in your favor this week, Leo.  Big changes come swiftly and you need time to adjust to what's happening.  Your intuition is powerful but challenging to understand.  Be patient as a new course of action takes shape.  You have a ton of resources at your disposal.  Know it even if you don't feel it.  It's time to strike out in a new direction.

Resist the urge to panic, Virgo.  Things are not as bad as they look and you've got to fight the urge to sink into cynicism.  There is a lot of emotional support available.  Let love in!  Focusing on affection and care can help you weather this temporary storm.  Can you surrender something you once loved?  It could be an idea or a goal but whatever it is, you need space for the magic that's coming.

You're tired this week, Libra nd it's putting a damper on your world view.  Negativity isn't pretty on you.  Shake it off!  You have so much to feel good about but somehow it's just not satisfying.  Now is the time to plot your next move.  An old pain is surfacing with ferocity.  Can you be a good nurse to yourself?  Be gentle and let this pain come up and out.  It wants to leave now.

Dig in and get grounded Scorpio.  You are on the cusp of success and need to prepare.  Expect mood swings this week.  One minute you feel happy and satisfied and the next minute, you're gripped with the fear that what you want will never come.  Don't fight the feelings.  Make space for them to move through you.  You are unlocking the energy you need to create more of what you want.

You are the magician this week, Sagittarius and have the skills and abilities to leap forward into something new.  No it's just a matter of deciding what you want.  You can keep it loose and just ask for adventure creativity or abundance.  Think in terms of energy and let the details work themselves out.  Deep changes have gotten you ready for this moment whether you were aware of it or not.

Your worries are bigger than they need to be, Capricorn.  Perhaps this is an old way of keeping yourself motivated to focus and work.   Why not try a new approach this week?  How about trusting your wisdom, experience and creativity to see you through whatever little challenges come along?  Get some rest.  When you feel better physically, you'll see the infinite possibilities.

You're being awfully hard on yourself this week, Aquarius.  Your standards are impossibly high and it's getting painful.  Consider easing up a bit and finding some amusement.  You're about to get the clear picture you need to take a big leap forward.  Hang in there just a bit longer as clouds of confusion clear away.  It's time to redirect your attention into space that can yield the results you want.

You're reaching the end of a project, relationship or cycle and the thought of leaving it behind is causing a lot of anxiety.  You won't feel so nervous when you get a sense of what's coming, Pisces.  Stay the course and give yourself time to move through these changes with grace.  You're about to fall in love in a way that you never have before.  This will make letting go easy.


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