Wednesday, January 26, 2011


That's right friends, Saturn is now retrograde in Libra.  Outer planets go retrograde every year and we don't usually pay much attention to them but since I've been totally immersed in the planets of late, I feel like I need to make note of it for you here.

First of all, let's rethink what a retrograde is.  From our vantage point on Earth, a retrograde is a time period when the planet appears to move backward.  This obviously made our ancestors pretty nervous I imagine but there's no need to fear a retrograde.  A retrograde is an opportunity to discover the gifts a particular planet offers by experiencing these gifts in a very visceral way.  A Saturn retrograde helps us discover wisdom and strength that was previously hidden from view.  Saturn helps us dig deeper, discovering buried treasure along the way.  Let's meditate on this idea as the retrograde gets underway.

The funny thing about this retrograde is that it coincides with Jupiter now in Aries and Uranus which will move into Aries on the 11th of March.  Jupiter and Uranus are urging us to move forward, to leap off the cliff so to speak.  Saturn on the other hand is urging caution and for some of us, it's causing doubt and depletion on an energy level.  So many of my readings this week have been about how to balance the need to be creative, free and willing to take risks (Jupiter in Aries) versus the need to conserve, rest and pause (Saturn in Libra).

How do we know when to leap forward and when to hold back?  This is an excellent question and I'm not sure there's one answer.  It depends on the individual situation.  We need to feel things out with intuition and intellect and when in doubt, ask a trusted friend or mentor.  I've been contemplating starting a new project or two and then feeling the energy of "no, not yet..."  I've decided to go anyway knowing that at times, my energy will drop and I won't be as inspired as I want to be.  One of Saturn's gifts is endurance and the ability to go even when the going gets tough.  We can use this to our advantage during this retrograde.

A reading can help!  Come on over to and give me a call if you're struggling with the flow of your life force energy.  We can look at your birth chart and figure out how this pattern is affecting you and all that you want to create this spring.  Let me use my energetic healing skills to get you balanced and back in the game.

If you're not into talking on the phone, order an email reading!  I have a Three Month Transit report as well as my One Issue in Depth reading.  Both of these are a great way to get clarity about this complex energy.

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Back to Saturn.  A Saturn retrograde gives us a chance to restructure.  Some things we know need restructuring and other things we don't know until it happens.  If something in your life starts to slow down now, trust that it's important.  See the slow-moving energy as a gift.  Saturn can show us where we need to reconsider our plans, often whether we want to or not.  As always, go with it, not against it!

It's time to shore up resources and repair the foundation of spaces that are in need.  Saturn will cause delay.  Now is the time to take better care of the body. Saturn is about earth, grounding, materialism, structure and more.  Rest, relaxation, exercise and enjoying nature can help us weather the challenges that arise over the next four months or so as we struggle with how to assert our creative energy during times that can also feel sluggish and perhaps uninspiring.

Speaking of Earth, that's exactly what we're going to explore tomorrow night (Thursday) in the Stonestreet Cafe.  I'm welcoming my friend; artist, filmmaker, musician and fantastic human, Carl Fuermann to the Cafe to talk EARTH with me.  Please join us at 6pm PST/9pm EST at

Let's work with these complex energies and resist the urge to make it a problem!  Easier said than done but worthy of our best effort.

Until we meet again,


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