Monday, February 28, 2011

Fortune Forecast 2/28 - 3/6


Let's be big and radiant this week, friends!  Shine on!  It's infectious and when one light begins to burn more brightly, other lights come on as well.  Soon we're in a field of light, all shining together.  It takes energy to shine and we might find we're running low.  If that's the case, take time out at the beginning of the week for refreshment and restoration.  It's ever more important that we find a way to balance the competing needs in our lives.  Spend some time on this now and clear the space for more energy to flow.

Monday 2/28
Stop all movement now.  Just stand still because something amazing is coming into shape.  We need to give it a little space to take root and start to grow.  There's no need to fuss over it or try to manage its growth.  It's going to come together all on it's own with a dash of faith and patience from us.

Tuesday 3/1
We don't have to do it all in one day. Any project or idea that feels overwhelming needs to be broken into pieces now.  A small step will bring relief and it will give us the momentum we need to take the next small step.  Let's keep going and soon we'll arrive at the desired destination with energy to spare.

Wednesday 3/2
We're weary of a certain project that has almost come to conclusion.  These last few days and hours with this challenge are taxing.  We can see the end but we can't quite get there and it's causing tempers to flare and spirits to sag.  We just need to keep going and apply the yesterday's lesson of small steps and soon we'll be free.

Thursday 3/3
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It's time to free some trapped energy.  We can free it through movement, creative expression, speaking, singing and whatever else feels appealing.  The important thing is to take advantage of the opportunity to unburden ourselves.  Lighten the load and let go of old, stagnant ideas and emotional energy.

Friday 3/4
We are being asked to go with the flow today even though some of the flow takes into choppy waters.  It's hard resist the urge to figure out every nuance of feeling.  What if there is no meaning beyond the healing that's taking place?  We're opening doors that were previously closed.  This is a good thing.

Saturday 3/5
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It's time to take a leap.  We can't worry too much about where we land.  What's truly important is the willingness to do it.  Take a deep breath and go even if some of the cells in your body are screaming no.  This ride is guaranteed to exhilarate and inspire.  Go with no assurances and enjoy the journey.

Sunday 3/6
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We see clearly now after a few days of fog.  Things are starting to make sense and we can understand the method to the madness.  It feels good and it brings validation for now we recognize just how far we've traveled and the skills we discovered on the way.  It's time for peace, if only for a day.

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It's important the we find activities that help our energy flow this week.  We are making big gains and taking leaps into the unknown.  We can go willingly or be dragged kicking and screaming.  Sometimes the only difference is in how we perceive the opportunities at hand.  Everything happening now is taking us somewhere greater in terms of awareness. Open to it, work with it and find the flow.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 2/27 - 3/5

It's time to contemplate ways to bring more balance into your life, Aries.  You've been so focused and driven with certain goals that other areas have suffered.  You can turn it around now with a little conscious intent.  A big idea has you excited and nervous.  You're going to have to take a leap of faith but it's so worth it.  Do it!

It's a magical week, Taurus but you might not know what to do with it all.  The thing is, you don't have to do anything.  Just let it in...receive the blessings.  It's time to make peace with an old enemy.  You might not even have contact with the original offender but the feelings you're carrying about this aren't good for you.  Get out and have some fun!

You're at the end of something that one felt so good.  It's just not delivering the juice you want anymore, Gemini.  recognize this, do some grieving about leaving it behind and go.  Wealth awaits you up ahead.  All you have to do is open to it.  You're being seen as more of an authority and it feels good.  Don't hesitate to step into more power now.  The world is waiting.

Your passion is on high and it's so intense that it's tough to find enough outlets and ways to express it.  Have fun experimenting and playing around with new modalities and mediums.  Someone is inviting you to celebrate.  Tear yourself away from your ambitions and get silly.  It will heal your heart, Cancer and bring some fresh insight.

It's hard to know exactly what to do and where to go this week, Leo.  You're a little confused right now and it's ok.  Clarity is coming but while you're waiting, just let all the ideas and possibilities swirl around a bit.  Something important is happening and you're about to step into some big magic.  Get ready because the seeds you plant now will yield a huge harvest.

It's a little confusing out there.  You're getting tons of mixed messages and may not know exactly what to make of it all.  Trust your instincts, Virgo.  Your body will tell you what to do and when.  An old wound is on the surface and this makes you feel vulnerable and unsure.  Add some extra nurturing to your routine this week as you work through it into a space of greater freedom.

It's a good week to step back a bit and reflect on what it is you want.  There is seemingly little support for your dreams and passions right now.  Don't let it stop you, Libra.  Others will see what you're purpose is when you get further down the road.  Trust the vision you have and invest faith in it.  healing energies are available.  Reach out and let them in!

Talk about power!  You've got it going on this week, Scorpio!  The wheel of fortune is on the upswing and the abundance is starting to flow.  Catch the wave and surf it into new territory.  As you forgive and heal some inner rifts, you'll find that your ability to manifest more goes off the charts.  You are ready to take your game to the next level.  Warn people to get out of the way or else.

Shake off the negativity.  It's not as bad as it looks, Sagittarius.  Perhaps you just need a good night's sleep?  Seriously!  Get some rest while you have time because your life is going to get more exciting soon.  Resist the pressure to get involved in something that won't pay off.  You know it but you stay out of misguided loyalty.  You can free yourself now, so go ahead and do it.

It's time to meditate more on the meaning of love.  You have a lot to give and a lot to learn about receiving.  Spend time with loved ones this week and open the doors to a deeper experience of connection.  Inspiration will result, Capricorn and you can use this inspiration to fuel your dreams.  You have a great foundation to expand on.  See and know your resources.

Something is brewing and it's about to cause some pain.  Actually, it isn't causing pain, it's just giving you a chance to see the pain that's been hiding in you.  Delays are frustrating but important. You can't run away this week Aquarius and any attempt will be thwarted and challenged.  Let yourself move through the big changes that are happening with a degree of grace and faith.

You'll have to be patient this week even though you don't feel like it.  Trust how things are unfolding now, Pisces even though a part of you feels like you need to apply more pressure and control.  Your intuitive abilities can help you move through whatever comes up.  As you relax into your own wisdom, you'll find that your ability to make magic goes off the charts.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Playing With Abundance

I often mention abundance here at Leonine Times and talk about tapping into it but I wanted to write to all of you this week with some real tips and hints that can amp up the energy.

First of all, let's acknowledge that Saturn is currently retrograde in Libra.  Saturn rules our material reality, our sense of time, resources, what we own, what we want to build, the foundation we stand on and the structures we rely on to feel safe and supported.

A retrograde can help us get rid of what's no longer working.  This can be a welcome experience or unwelcome depending on what's getting rearranged and how we feel about it.  Let's decide to work with this energy and make the most of it while it lasts (through early summer).

As our resources and our sense of abundance goes through this transformation, thoughts and feelings come to the surface in order to be released.  We may feel like we need to cut back on our spending and feel somewhat resentful about it or on the flip side we might be resisting the constricting energy and find ourselves on a compulsive shopping spree.

There's nothing wrong with either but perhaps there's another option worth considering.  Perhaps we can start to play with the energy in our money space and get that space feeling better and more free.

I know many of us sit down to pay bills and feel a drop in the energy.  We might tear open that credit card bill and feel a variety of feelings from regret to shame to annoyance.  Other bills come along that just aren't that fun to pay.  Things like utilities and medical bills.  What happens when we get into a sacred space when paying these bills?  Magic, my friends!

Let's try something new.  When sitting down to pay bills, be mindful of the energy and attitude happening around these bills.  Imagine healing and forgiveness going in to the space of paying for whatever it is in front of us.  I like to imagine gold energy in my checkbook, on my credit cards and on the bills themselves.  I reflect on the many ways I'm taking care of myself and paying the bills is part of that self care space.

I want you to try this this week if you're feeling pinched or if you're struggling to make peace with your current money situation.  Money is a form of energy and we've all had time periods where a dollar seemed to have the power of ten and other times when a dollar has the power of a penny.

Mindfully paying bills and playing with the energy on our checkbooks and credit cards can help!  Another technique I love to play with is imagining my abundance as a ball of energy.  I expand that ball and make it bigger and choose a color that feels lush to fill the space with.  Make those bubbles of energy BIG and imagine releasing the energy that says no.  These tools are powerful and get more powerful the more we play with them.  Try is and see!

I would love to hear from you as you experiment with energy and find ways to shift from lack to ABUNDANCE.  If you want to take a closer look at what's happening in your abundance space, consider a reading with me at  I'm available Thursday morning to early afternoon and I'll also be available during our weekend happy hours form 1-4pm PST.  Call me at and let's clean out the abundance space and welcome wealth into our lives.

I hope you'll join me in the Stonestreet Cafe tomorrow (Thursday) night at 6pm PST/9pm EST at  I'm welcoming Mo Abdelbaki to the Cafe to take a look at some of the revolutionary energy happening in the world and in our own personal lives.  It's going to be a great discussion and I hope you'll join us at

Also, I've added three shows to the archives at, so if you've missed any recent shows be sure and check it out.

PLAY WITH ENERGY!!  and let me know what happens.  Let's bring more freedom, permission and forgiveness into our money space this week and make the most of the power of the Saturn retrograde.  Love all that you have and make space for more because with a little healing on an energy level, more will come.


Monday, February 21, 2011

Fortune Forecast 2/21 - 2/27


There's growing tension in and around us.  It's difficult to find resolution as both sides have validity.  Perhaps we can find the center point and create healing from there?  This requires us to open to seeing things from a broader perspective than we see from now.  Let's do what we can to detach from the desired outcome and unhook from allegiances long enough to to get the overview here.  in the end, both sides of this argument stem from the same, shared root.  In other words, this could simply be an offshoot of wanting the same thing and having very different approaches.

Monday 2/21
Engage with the world and what it's offering.  Find creative ways to move with the energy.  there will be obstacles for sure.  Stay grateful and fluid and meet the challenges.

Tuesday 2/22
It's everywhere and most of all it's an attitude and one we can have by shifting out of the idea of lack.  Look for what's wanted and feel that it's already here.  

Wednesday 2/23
It's time to lose the defensive attitude.  Stop assuming there's a threat in the environment.   There is no threat and we have the wisdom and experience to deal with any minor blips.

Thursday 2/24
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It's time to let go of an old resentment.  this resentment is causing more pain and suffering than its worth.  Work with acceptance and let the heavy, stressful energy unwind.

Friday 2/25
We're coming to the close of a difficult cycle. We can relax now and let go of the struggle.  Perhaps we're not ready to let go?  Knowing this is important.

Saturday 2/26
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Let loose and follow a whim and a desire.  Wonderful things want to happen and we can allow them if we step out of our own way now.

Sunday 2/27
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It's time to hit the road either figuratively or literally. A journey is in order and it's time to go.  Undertaking this adventure will feel good and bring new perspective.

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Get neutral to whatever it is that's causing disruption.  See oth sides and in doing so, find the space of freedom.  All it takes is a little meditative activity.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 2/20 - 2/26

Powerful forces are working for you this week, Aries.  All you have to do is relax into it.  There is a lot of support for you now.  People are lining up to help, which you may or may not enjoy.  You like to do things your own way, so some of the support might feel like an impediment.  Be graceful and know that your nerves will be rattled as you start to embody more of your magic.

A fantasy that once provided emotional relief is becoming a source of pain and insecurity.  Perhaps you're realizing that it can't come true or perhaps you're seeing it become more real and feeling out of control.  Either way, Taurus it's time to take a closer look at what you want and make adjustments.  A big revelation has you looking at your life with fresh perspective.  Go after what you want.

You're in the mood to learn and explore new things.  Venturing into the unknown will stir up insecurity.  Go anyway!  Make peace with someone who hurt you.  You might not be in the mood to take the first step but no action is more harmful in the long run.  Don't let resentment eat you up.  Use your magic consciously this week, Gemini.  You'll be tempted to take a short cut but it won't pay off.

You're in the mood to sample lots of different pleasures this week, Cancer.  You keep changing your mind about what you want and that's ok.  You've worked hard and have reached a harvest.  Enjoy the spoils and get ready to dream your next dream.  An old pain is rising to the surface to be healed.  It might get pretty intense before the hurt subsides.  Don't resist what's happening.  Go with it and get free.

You've tapped into something amazing, Leo, a vein of alchemical gold, just for you.  You don't need to do anything hasty.  Just sit with the energy and decide where you want to put the focus.  Pushing for desired outcomes is going to get painful.  Try and relax.  It's all coming together whether you see it or not.  Enjoy your quiet time because it won't last.  Life is about to move into high gear.

Your fears are potent this week and very close to the surface.  Don't hide and don't push them away, Virgo.  You can make it through this, especially if you find the quiet place inside you where experience, trust and wisdom reside.  A conflict is painful to watch.  There's no clear resolution so perhaps it's best to step away to the degree that you can.  Intuition can guide you here.

Mood swings are potent and possibly distracting but there's information coming through.  Listen to what's happening in the inner world, Libra.  You might not like the tone or the feeling but you'll love the wisdom you gain here.  Being stubborn can help you weather a storm or two.  Just dig in.  Others will try to talk you out of what you know.  Tighten up your boundaries and let it all settle back down.

Your heart is about to burst open and you may be slightly ambivalent about it, Scorpio.  Blow the doors off and let it all out/in!  Your mind is trying to keep the reigns in on this process.  Don't let the mind stop the magic.  A new business opportunity is calling your name.  You might not see the total potential ahead.  Keep this seed safe while it starts to take root.

It's time to come together more deeply with yourself, Sagittarius.  Look for the inner splits that keep you disempowered and discombobulated.  You tend to think it's the circumstances of your life that keep you chaotic but it's really all inside.  Stop being hard on yourself about things you have no power to change and work on what's within grasp.  New ideas are coming.  Get ready.

Worrying about money and resources implies that you don't believe in your skills and abilities, Capricorn.  Frankly, it's unattractive and it's coming from an idea that's just not true.  You'll have the opportunity to work on it this week.  A wish is about to come true.  Receiving this gift will help you feel more abundant and capable, which is all it takes to get back in the game.

You're about to launch into a new cycle without a lot of information about what's ahead.  It's ok to be a little unnerved by it all, Aquarius.  You're going to be fine!  In fact, you are so ready for this adventure.  As you leave old stuff behind, you might encounter a regret or two.  Be willing to let that heavy stuff slide off.  Chaos is a big part of transition and you're going to experience some.  Get ready.

Repressing intense feelings won't work, Pisces.  You might not approve of the passions that are pushing for expression now.  It's better to make peace with them then try and fight them.  Make space for what you feel without having to figure out why.  It's a great time to tie up loose ends.  You need room to move and change direction because you'll want to soon. 


Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I went on a tear this morning cleaning up old emails.  I'm a hoarder or sorts when it comes to correspondence.  It was a trip to scroll past all these people from the past, present and future!  Perhaps some of you felt a little bit of my attention on you this morning?

After I was done, I had the kind of satisfaction I feel after a good haircut.  All tidy now...

It seems symbolic of a greater force of energy I've been wanting to jump on which is simpleness.  This is not the first nor the last time I've wanted more simplicity, in fact I've blogged about it here quite a bit.

This need for simplicity is a trend in the world right now and many of us are feeling like it's time to purge in order to prepare for new seeds to sprout.  If I have my way, I'll give my home a good work over too but I'm not sure I'm ready for that task just yet.  Aside from all the external rearranging, I find I'm seeking simpleness in my internal world.  Perhaps this is one of the gifts of Saturn retrograde?  We have the opportunity now to change our internal foundation, to clarify our goals and priorities and to bring the power of focus to what's treasured.

I find myself drawn to the quiet space of meditation.  I crave that time, even in the midst of many competing and sometimes, intense demands.  How about you?  Are you able to create time for rest, reflection and restoration?  If not, perhaps it's time to stop by for a reading and an energetic clearing.  Let's get in there and unhook the stress that prevents simplicity, quiet and reflection.  I'll be available Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday waiting for you!

I won't be at on Mondays as I've made a commitment to hot yoga once a week.  I attended my first class this past Monday and it was a TRIP!  At one point, the teacher asked us to gaze into our third eye in the mirror.  Everything was fuzzy and there was sweat in my eyes but what I saw gave me a chuckle.  It was a swirling mess of brown and gray.  Perhaps that was the moment I knew I needed a good purge.

We get other people's energy in our space!  It happens all day everyday and in my case, I've been carrying a lot of excess baggage around.  I'm not mad about it, I'm amused.  I collect this energy for many reasons.  Some of these people are dear to me.  Some of them I worry about and some of them I need things from (or at least I think I do).  Seeing that swirling brown mess was a wake up call to spend more time clearing and being open to the messages that want to come through.

Fortunately, moving energy is pretty quick and easy once we become aware.  I've been playing with a warm blue/green to get my psychic space fresh and open.  It feels great and I've noticed my readings have taken on more depth and dimension since my hot yoga initiation.

Things are getting more complex for me professionally as I take on new projects and that means saying good bye to others.  This might mean changes here at Leonine Times as I contemplate moving the scopes over to and moving the blog to my new website,  I'm not quite ready to do it, mostly for sentimental reasons.  This has been such a great space and I'm hesitant to ask everyone to move with me.  It's probably going to happen, so stay tuned.  I'll be sure and keep you updated.

I hope you'll join me tomorrow (Thursday) at 6pm PST/9pm EST for the Stonestreet Cafe #41...ASTROLOGY OF THE USA with CA at  I'm going to be joined by the amazing CA Brooks, the host of Simple Tales at and a fantastic astrologer.  We're taking a look at the natal chart for the United States and looking at the personality of this great nation.  We'll also make some predictions about what's to come as the planets transit the USA natal chart.  Please join me int he Cafe!

Many blessings to you, my friends.
May the peace of simpleness find you and bring healing and clarity.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Fortune Forecast 2/14 - 2/20


It's time to roll.  Roll away from spaces that create tension.  If leaving isn't an option be willing to take a closer look at the energy inside that causes such strong and challenging reactions to said difficult circumstances.  The power to make things different rests in our ability to re-frame the opposition we're experiencing and see it as something positive.  this might take a little work.  We may also be asked to give up something we love this week, which we might resist.  A sacrifice can bring tons of magic, especially when we trust that in letting go, something better will arrive.  Believe it because it's real.

Monday 2/14

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Finally...signs of life in a space that has looked rather dull and unrewarding.  This is great news and we might be taken by surprise at this turn of events.  Seeing life spring up helps us open our hearts to the great exchange of love that's always available.  Relax into the Valentine's magic knowing that this is the beginning of exciting, new opportunities.

Tuesday 2/15
There is abundance in the air and we can relax and enjoy it if we're willing to put aside our troubles in order to feel it.  Stop looking for a way out or a path to relief and just rest in the moment.  Breath and come back.  There's no point in resisting what's unfolding especially when we find bliss as soon as we stop fighting the process and the magic of what's happening here and now.

Wednesday 2/16
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We have the option to walk away today.  All we need is permission.  We might be sticking around because it's interesting or we might be sticking around because we feel some degree of responsibility or obligation.  This is a waste of energy and the sooner we see it, the better.  Just leave it all behind and trust it to get resolved on its own.  It will.

Thursday 2/17
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We are all alchemists and have the potential to take what we don't like and turn it into something amazing.  I'm not suggesting its easy but it's possible and worth the effort.  Identify what in your world isn't working and meditate on the energy surrounding it.  Change that energy into what you want.  Work with color, imagines and words and then sit back and watch what happens.

Friday 2/18
Things are moving faster and though this is what we want, it's a challenge to live with now that it's happening.  It's important that we have some way to stay anchored and centered.  Chaos could easily take over at this juncture and that would impeded the success we're trying to create.  Get into the spirit of change while being mindful to preserve what works.  Let's go!

Saturday 2/19
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It's getting a tad boring, sticking to the same path.  We need to wander away for a bit to see new things and find inspiration.  Even though the pace is picking up, we're still stuck in seeing things in a less than fresh way.  Shake it off and be willing to entertain things that might just look crazy at first.  What's life without a little conscious crazy? 

Sunday 2/20
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Its abundant everywhere we turn, especially if that's what we want to see.  There is so much to enjoy today.  All we have to do is make time to enjoy it all.  It's easy to get swept into the business of life and lose the central need to enjoy what's unfolding.  Stop and see and listen and taste and touch.  Smell while you're at it!  Life is rich in gifts.  Let's reach out and embrace it all.

need help with the energy this week?

It's time to move forward and leave the old stuff behind.  Some of the old stuff, we're aware of and some of what we're being asked to release might surprise us.  Let it go anyway and make space for a wave of creation.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 2/13 - 2/19

You're a whirlwind of activity this week, Aries and it's exciting but chaotic.  You might want to slow down and get grounded again. You can get so much done if you find the core and the center of this creative storm.  It's time to give up something you think you want.  This is all in the mind and as soon as you recognize you're done, you will fly!

You have a lot on your mind and it's making it difficult to get anything done.  It's as if you don't know where to start.   In order to make the most of your exciting goals and dreams, you need to put other, less interesting things aside for now.  Let it go and do it knowing it serves you in the long run.  Don't let petty distractions keep you from creating success now.

A new passion is helping you feel alive and free.  You may not be sure exactly what form this passion will take but the feelings and energy around it are oh, so good.  A part of your life is feeling rather barren and perhaps you're afraid to confront what's happening there.  If you slow down and really look at it, you'll see that it's not as bad as it looks.

You are shifting into a deeper awareness of what you want and getting the energy you need to make it real.  It feels good to relax into the power of certainty.  Gone are the debates and decisions.  Now you can walk away from inner turmoil that has kept you tense and vigilant.  Get together with friends.  You need connection to ease you into your new world. 

It's all about you this week and well it should be!  It's time to celebrate Leo and indulge yourself.  Pick your pleasure and go get it.  Then have more.  You are ripe and rich in creativity and need to find plenty of outlets for your energy.  If you find new ways to flow, you'll find a deeper experience of fulfillment.  Expect inspiring insights at every turn.  They're waiting for you.

Bask in the love energy others want to offer you.  This can inspire you Virgo and open you up to the love energy locked inside you.  You have so much to give and so much devotional energy.  At times, you've been shamed for giving so much.  Shake it off and let the world know how big your heart is.  Fun awaits you as you open to life, love and abundance.

Keep the focus this week, Libra knowing that there will be plenty of distractions.  You are on the cusp of a major accomplishment, so keep going.   Painful events from the past are coming up for review.  Now you can see how far you've come in terms of healing.  As you find where you are now, you'll see that you've left the what oppressed you in the past.

A burst of inspiring energy has you running around like a crazy person.  This new energy will find a groove soon, Scorpio.  In the meantime, enjoy the fire!  You have a seed to plant but keep over-thinking the whole process.  Just get that puppy in the ground and add some water!  It will grow whether you obsess over it or not.  Get ready for a wave of happiness.  It's coming!

It's time to take charge of a situation that has gotten way out of control.  Secrecy and half-truths have prevented you from taking control of this and it's getting quickly out of hand.  It's time to confront your pride and how it keeps you stuck, Sagittarius.  Just come out with it already and set yourself free!  You will feel immediate relief once you take action here.

Big changes have you feeling a tad overwhelmed.  Things that you've wanted to have happen are happening, Capricorn.  It's exciting and yet you find yourself wondering if you're up to the challenge.  You are and it's going to be great but you need time to find the flow here.  Balance work with taking care of your body and enjoying your personal life.  This is essential for success.

Ready or not, it's time to leave the familiar behind in favor of uncharted territory.  You've been desperate to try new things but now that the opportunity is here, you're a little hesitant to go.  Take a deep breath and just do it!  You won a recent battle but lost a lot in the process.  Mourn it and move on.  Don't let this rob you of needed confidence.  It's silly, really.

Shake of the negativity, Pisces.  It's really not as bad as it looks and feels.  A dream and a wish is now sour and you're anxious to be rid of it.  Forgive yourself even though you haven't done anything wrong.  You've been holding a harsh judgment against yourself and it's not helping.  Trust that you are right where you need to be.  This has always been your strength.  Use it.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Day of Healing

I spent the day on a healing odyssey, friends and I feel compelled to tell you all about it!

My first stop was the Chiropractor, the amazing Dr. Greg Mortimer of the FSP Family Wellness Center, here in the Denver Metro area.  It's been over a year since I had an adjustment, so I was excited to get back to the Center.  Dr. Mortimer is a gifted healer and he has huge hands so when he applies pressure POP...everything gets back in place.  It's as if I feel the energy flowing through my body so much more intensely after a visit.  It's quite addictive.

I met Greg after the birth of my daughter, which was a rough one.  She was stuck for awhile and both of us got way out of alignment during said stuck-ness.  My midwife recommended him and I went initially to have him work on the babe.  I found his work to be so powerful with my little gal that I started getting adjustments too. So glad I went back today and if you're looking for a great chiropractor in Denver, check him out.

My next stop was the Yao Clinic to pick up some no wheat/no dairy bread.  I've been visiting the Yao Clinic for about 3-4 months and it's been life changing for me.  Daniel Hudson and his wife Ewa run the Clinic and they got me started on this no wheat/no dairy food plan.  I only agreed to it because it was to be three weeks long but I've so enjoyed the changes happening for me that I've stuck with it.  This means that I need to stop by for delicious eats and just to say hi as often as I come to Denver.

Like Greg, Daniel is an amazing healer.  Seriously!  Some kind of genius with Chinese herbs and Acupuncture.  I only get acupuncture once a month but let me tell you, when I get off that table, I'm flying!  I've never been preachy about lifestyle choices and I've always been reluctant to change mine but there's something about hitting 42 and feeling like now is the time to take better care of this amazing body.  I credit Daniel with getting me inspired to try something new.

My final stop was an astrology reading with John Joseph (available by appointment at, the man who gave me my first astrological reading at age 24 and really got my interested in learning the art.   I've been fortunate to work with him over the last 18 years and when I need to check in, he's always there for me.

It was comforting to sit with John, sipping tea and listening to his wise words about the months to come.  I gotta tell you, John is a give-it-to-you-straight reader, something I've always gravitated towards and he delivered today, giving me food for thought, direction and guidance with absolutely no fluff.  Thank you John!

As I drove back up the hill to my little mountain town, I couldn't help reflecting on how interesting it is to be working with all these men.  I'm not sure what it means but it makes me reflect on a recent reading I got from Psychic Katt (another fantastic healer/reader at!).  In the reading Katt saw a bunch of men supporting me in my next step professionally and I have to say...KATT, YOU'RE SO RIGHT! 

I hope to have some of these genius healers as guests in the Stonestreet Cafe at in either March or April when the theme for the month will be HEALING.  Healing can take so many shapes and forms and all of us have healing abilities whether we know it or not.  I hope you'll join me for this exploration of a space that we we need to wake up to and utilize in this ever-challenging reality.

I'm investing in self-care right now as a way to handle the intensity of the energy happening in the world.  Maybe you've been feeling it too but there's a strange combination of energy currently where on the one hand we want to leap ahead and on the other hand, we can hardly move.  This is frustrating to say the least and as I've pondered this particular psychic weather pattern, I've gotten the message over and over that it's more important than ever to come back to the moment and come back to the sacred space of the body.  If it's not feeling sacred, perhaps it's time to seek healing!

I encourage you to explore different healing modalities as well, from massage, to acupuncture to chiropractic care to getting a great reading.  It doesn't have to be extreme.  Even a bit of extra bit of sleep, a long walk in the woods or a lunch date with a dear friend can help us shift energies that feel heavy and oppressive.. We don't need to get drastic, it's really about coming back to this moment and coming back with love.  Easier said than done, my friends!

Speaking of the Cafe, and men who are healers, Rev. Keith Ruback will be joining me in the Stonestreet Cafe tomorrow (Thursday) night at 6pm PST/9pm EST at  We're going to talk about love, attraction, romance and more in honor of Valentine's Day.  Some of you might recall the show Keith and I did last summer called BATTLE OF THE SEXES.  We're going to get back into it and see where we agree and disagree about male/female energy in present time.  I hope you'll join us in the Cafe for fun and a bit of enlightened entertainment.

I've added three shows to the archives at, so go give a listen!  Also the Stonestreet Cafe now replays on Mondays and Wednesdays at 3pm PST/6pm EST, so there are more opportunities to catch it when it's fresh.

See you tomorrow night in the Cafe and don't forget to stop by this Saturday the 12th when readings will be on sale from 8am-8pm PST.  I'll be waiting for you feeling relaxed and ready to HEAL!!


*I also want to honor and acknowledge all the amazing women healers in my life.  They are the baseline and the ones I run to at the drop of a hat.  Thank you and you know who you are!  Don't worry ladies.  I'm not abandoning you for the men, just spending some time communing with the divine masculine.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Fortune Forecast 2/7 - 2/13


It may not be time for a journey but the time is coming.  We need to see far and wide now to know where we are and where we're heading.  There's no need for big action yet.  In fact, our energy is better spent in contemplation.  It's time to find a space of neutrality in the way we look at our trials and tribulations.  Pull the emotional energy back and see the big picture.  This can help us find a new path, one that leads to deeper fulfillment, joy and celebration.

Monday 2/7

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The body is calling out for care and protection today.  Step away from the intensity and find a way to enjoy the senses.  When restoration sinks into the cells, all else will flow with more ease and beauty.

Tuesday 2/8
The pace is picking up and it's hard to stay ahead of all the developments.  Being calm and centered helps.  There's no way we'll miss out on the best of the best, so let that worry go.  What's our will be there waiting.

Wednesday 2/9
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Let the innocence of a bygone era come roaring back to consciousness.  It's available in abundance for anyone who wants to get some magic happening.  A shift in attitude might be needed.  See from a fresh perspective and enjoy the splendor.

Thursday 2/10
tune in to the Stonestreet Cafe at 6pm PST/9pm EST at
There's no way around a cloud of challenging feelings today.  We can try and push them away but they're not going anywhere.  Go through it and stay loose.  Know that when old pain surfaces, we have the chance to set it free once and for all.

Friday 2/11
Two opposing agendas are about to clash in a major way.  We have the ability to hold it all together and it's a worthy space to play in. Mediation is called for now.  Notice how it feels to have so much energy balanced in a small space!  This is a great, new reference point.

Saturday 2/12
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Tap back in to the magic that's always available.  If there's a wish or a want, set a prayer in motion.  That's about all it takes to cast a spell.  When we play with power, powerful things happen.  Keep it light and let your command fly into the creation zone of the universe.

Sunday 2/13
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We must put some of our own desires aside today in order to meet the needs of someone less fortunate.  We might not feel like doing it but its undoubtedly the right thing.  In fact, the feelings of satisfaction we get from being of assistance is a balm to the soul.

need help with the energy this week?

Just stop and breathe!! Detach enough to see a bigger view of whatever situation has you feeling stuck and unyielding.  With space, we'll see the path.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 2/6 - 2/12

Tap into your feelings and let them guide you, Aries.  There's a peaceful knowing waiting for you under a layer of anxiety that has made it difficult to focus and get things done.  A wish can come true this week if you're open and paying attention.  Walk away from a conflict not of your making.  You don't need this.

A burst of creative energy is helping you get inspired and energized.  This is good news and it's helping you pull out of a slump.  Indulge in things that feel good.  Don't hesitate to wallow in pleasure.  Just as you get in the mood to join with others, they end up leaving for greener pastures.  Try not to take it to heart.  You're lucky!

You are fertile in thoughts and actions this week, Gemini.  Your garden is flourishing and seeds you planted a long time ago are starting to sprout, much to your surprise and delight.  Though there is much to do, make sure you have time for rest here and there.  it's time to let go of a fantasy that's starting to cause pain.  Chuck it!  

You're feeling the love this week Cancer and it's helping you create more balance and flow in your day to day dealings.  It's easy to get inspired now and to share the great energy that's emanating from your heart.  Someone close to you is falling apart a bit.  Get out of the way and let this play out.  There's healing here.

Tap into the space of wealth Leo.  What does it mean to you?  How does it feel?  Could it be that you're already wealthy beyond measure?  An old pain is on the surface and it's distorting the way you see yourself and your life.  You can put a stop to this anytime and you will this week.  See from a fresh perspective.

It's easy to be seduced by things and people who aren't going to further your dreams.  It's okay if you need to investigate this Virgo, just go into it with eyes wide open.  Sometimes it feels good to do the wrong thing.  You are coming to the end of something but have no idea what's coming next.  You're going somewhere great!

It's hard to sleep this week, Libra.  You are exploding with ideas.  The problem is, all this thinking can easily become anxiety.  Do what you can to cool it down when it starts to get tense.  You are on the cusp of a big victory.  Keep taking steps to get to completion and get the recognition you deserve.  Find time to play as well.

It's time to tend to a project that's been on the back burner but that's suddenly showing promise.  You were close to giving up on this but it's coming around now and offering the promise of abundance and more.  You're ready to see new things.  Don't wait too long to move.  Pick a path and go, Scorpio.

Step away from the conflict even though a part of you is enjoying the volatile energy.  This is a waste of time, Sagittarius and there's nothing here for you.  You are avoiding being alone with yourself and wrestling with what to do next.  In your heart, the answers await you.  Get quiet and you'll know what to do.

It's time to stop all the obsessive work and enjoy the moment.  It's harder than it sounds Capricorn but it's a worthy goal.  A big idea has you feeling slightly out of your depth.  Why don't you take a few deep breaths and give it a little space?  With time and patience you're going to build something huge.  Trust yourself.

It's a wonderfully fruitful time in your life, Aquarius.  Relax and enjoy it all.  A part of you is experiencing a barren quality.  This can be shifted quickly if you just look at the problem from a different angle.  Get together with some funny people and laugh.  That's about all it will take to get you back to feeling great.

Stand still for a bit, Pisces and just feel the abundance.  It's about feeling, not thinking this week.  You can tap into deep healing by just deciding to.  An opportunity to make more money is very appealing.  There's no need to rush here.  You're going on this trip and it's going to be a fruitful journey for sure.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Well, not exactly.  It's not raining and snowing up here in the mountains of Colorado.  It's just plain cold.  So cold that the schools are closed, the restaurant my husband works for is closed and one of our cars won't start. 

So here we are, all four of us, in a house that starts to feel claustrophobic quickly with all of us barricaded in.  Last week in the Stonestreet Cafe I was ranting about my love of our dear Earth and talking about how we've been at war with nature since we had the ability to perceive nature as an enemy.  I was scoffing at our tendency to resent nature but today, here with restless kids and a bored husband, I can't help feeling a tad of frustration over the natural conditions that have helped to set this up.

I step outside here and there for a breath and to look around.  It's pretty quiet.  Even the highway is sparsely populated.  Mostly it's just big trucks carrying supplies further west.  We are cocooning here.

All of this during the afterglow of Mars conjunct the Sun (think high energy and combustible) and today of course the New Moon in Aquarius.  I'm always looking for ways to make stories out of planetary patterns and heaven's knows, I LOVE Aquarius but it's not known for being the warmest energy on the planet.

Have you ever tried to get an Aquarius to see things from an opposing angle? It's like a blast of cold winter air.  Have you ever asked an Aquarian to deal with complex and dramatic emotional displays? Get ready for the cold shoulder.  This energy just doesn't like the mess of human emotion or physical experience.  Aquarius is idealistic and attracted to ideas.

I can't help feeling like this winter chill is somehow symbolic of the shadow side of Aquarius.  It's intolerant and feels rejecting and yet there is a wisdom behind it.  A wisdom I can't see and understand yet, just as we're often puzzled by the future thinking ideas of the Aquarius.  This deep freeze had purpose even if I can't recognize it.

I closed the door to my office to get a little peace and quiet and here we are together!  I'm hoping you'll join me in two, lovely spaces tonight and tomorrow (Wednesday 2/2 and Thursday 2/3).

The first space is our big 24hour New Moon/Chinese New Year sale at, starting this evening at 6:31pm PST and running all night and through tomorrow at 6:31pm PST.  Come get a reading and celebrate the Aquarian magic (and shadow).  I'll be around tonight and all day tomorrow after about 9am PST.  This is an excellent time to check in or open a new account.  I can't wait to hear from you!

Also tomorrow (2/3) the Stonestreet Cafe airs at 6pm PST/9pm EST at  I'll be taking calls and sharing recent insights and ideas.  I hope you stop by and give me a call to share what's on your mind.  The call in number is 218.862.1300 ext 124290.

Stay warm and safe dear friends! Love the stark, cold of this winter Moon even if you're somewhere hot.