Saturday, February 19, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 2/20 - 2/26

Powerful forces are working for you this week, Aries.  All you have to do is relax into it.  There is a lot of support for you now.  People are lining up to help, which you may or may not enjoy.  You like to do things your own way, so some of the support might feel like an impediment.  Be graceful and know that your nerves will be rattled as you start to embody more of your magic.

A fantasy that once provided emotional relief is becoming a source of pain and insecurity.  Perhaps you're realizing that it can't come true or perhaps you're seeing it become more real and feeling out of control.  Either way, Taurus it's time to take a closer look at what you want and make adjustments.  A big revelation has you looking at your life with fresh perspective.  Go after what you want.

You're in the mood to learn and explore new things.  Venturing into the unknown will stir up insecurity.  Go anyway!  Make peace with someone who hurt you.  You might not be in the mood to take the first step but no action is more harmful in the long run.  Don't let resentment eat you up.  Use your magic consciously this week, Gemini.  You'll be tempted to take a short cut but it won't pay off.

You're in the mood to sample lots of different pleasures this week, Cancer.  You keep changing your mind about what you want and that's ok.  You've worked hard and have reached a harvest.  Enjoy the spoils and get ready to dream your next dream.  An old pain is rising to the surface to be healed.  It might get pretty intense before the hurt subsides.  Don't resist what's happening.  Go with it and get free.

You've tapped into something amazing, Leo, a vein of alchemical gold, just for you.  You don't need to do anything hasty.  Just sit with the energy and decide where you want to put the focus.  Pushing for desired outcomes is going to get painful.  Try and relax.  It's all coming together whether you see it or not.  Enjoy your quiet time because it won't last.  Life is about to move into high gear.

Your fears are potent this week and very close to the surface.  Don't hide and don't push them away, Virgo.  You can make it through this, especially if you find the quiet place inside you where experience, trust and wisdom reside.  A conflict is painful to watch.  There's no clear resolution so perhaps it's best to step away to the degree that you can.  Intuition can guide you here.

Mood swings are potent and possibly distracting but there's information coming through.  Listen to what's happening in the inner world, Libra.  You might not like the tone or the feeling but you'll love the wisdom you gain here.  Being stubborn can help you weather a storm or two.  Just dig in.  Others will try to talk you out of what you know.  Tighten up your boundaries and let it all settle back down.

Your heart is about to burst open and you may be slightly ambivalent about it, Scorpio.  Blow the doors off and let it all out/in!  Your mind is trying to keep the reigns in on this process.  Don't let the mind stop the magic.  A new business opportunity is calling your name.  You might not see the total potential ahead.  Keep this seed safe while it starts to take root.

It's time to come together more deeply with yourself, Sagittarius.  Look for the inner splits that keep you disempowered and discombobulated.  You tend to think it's the circumstances of your life that keep you chaotic but it's really all inside.  Stop being hard on yourself about things you have no power to change and work on what's within grasp.  New ideas are coming.  Get ready.

Worrying about money and resources implies that you don't believe in your skills and abilities, Capricorn.  Frankly, it's unattractive and it's coming from an idea that's just not true.  You'll have the opportunity to work on it this week.  A wish is about to come true.  Receiving this gift will help you feel more abundant and capable, which is all it takes to get back in the game.

You're about to launch into a new cycle without a lot of information about what's ahead.  It's ok to be a little unnerved by it all, Aquarius.  You're going to be fine!  In fact, you are so ready for this adventure.  As you leave old stuff behind, you might encounter a regret or two.  Be willing to let that heavy stuff slide off.  Chaos is a big part of transition and you're going to experience some.  Get ready.

Repressing intense feelings won't work, Pisces.  You might not approve of the passions that are pushing for expression now.  It's better to make peace with them then try and fight them.  Make space for what you feel without having to figure out why.  It's a great time to tie up loose ends.  You need room to move and change direction because you'll want to soon. 


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