Saturday, February 5, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 2/6 - 2/12

Tap into your feelings and let them guide you, Aries.  There's a peaceful knowing waiting for you under a layer of anxiety that has made it difficult to focus and get things done.  A wish can come true this week if you're open and paying attention.  Walk away from a conflict not of your making.  You don't need this.

A burst of creative energy is helping you get inspired and energized.  This is good news and it's helping you pull out of a slump.  Indulge in things that feel good.  Don't hesitate to wallow in pleasure.  Just as you get in the mood to join with others, they end up leaving for greener pastures.  Try not to take it to heart.  You're lucky!

You are fertile in thoughts and actions this week, Gemini.  Your garden is flourishing and seeds you planted a long time ago are starting to sprout, much to your surprise and delight.  Though there is much to do, make sure you have time for rest here and there.  it's time to let go of a fantasy that's starting to cause pain.  Chuck it!  

You're feeling the love this week Cancer and it's helping you create more balance and flow in your day to day dealings.  It's easy to get inspired now and to share the great energy that's emanating from your heart.  Someone close to you is falling apart a bit.  Get out of the way and let this play out.  There's healing here.

Tap into the space of wealth Leo.  What does it mean to you?  How does it feel?  Could it be that you're already wealthy beyond measure?  An old pain is on the surface and it's distorting the way you see yourself and your life.  You can put a stop to this anytime and you will this week.  See from a fresh perspective.

It's easy to be seduced by things and people who aren't going to further your dreams.  It's okay if you need to investigate this Virgo, just go into it with eyes wide open.  Sometimes it feels good to do the wrong thing.  You are coming to the end of something but have no idea what's coming next.  You're going somewhere great!

It's hard to sleep this week, Libra.  You are exploding with ideas.  The problem is, all this thinking can easily become anxiety.  Do what you can to cool it down when it starts to get tense.  You are on the cusp of a big victory.  Keep taking steps to get to completion and get the recognition you deserve.  Find time to play as well.

It's time to tend to a project that's been on the back burner but that's suddenly showing promise.  You were close to giving up on this but it's coming around now and offering the promise of abundance and more.  You're ready to see new things.  Don't wait too long to move.  Pick a path and go, Scorpio.

Step away from the conflict even though a part of you is enjoying the volatile energy.  This is a waste of time, Sagittarius and there's nothing here for you.  You are avoiding being alone with yourself and wrestling with what to do next.  In your heart, the answers await you.  Get quiet and you'll know what to do.

It's time to stop all the obsessive work and enjoy the moment.  It's harder than it sounds Capricorn but it's a worthy goal.  A big idea has you feeling slightly out of your depth.  Why don't you take a few deep breaths and give it a little space?  With time and patience you're going to build something huge.  Trust yourself.

It's a wonderfully fruitful time in your life, Aquarius.  Relax and enjoy it all.  A part of you is experiencing a barren quality.  This can be shifted quickly if you just look at the problem from a different angle.  Get together with some funny people and laugh.  That's about all it will take to get you back to feeling great.

Stand still for a bit, Pisces and just feel the abundance.  It's about feeling, not thinking this week.  You can tap into deep healing by just deciding to.  An opportunity to make more money is very appealing.  There's no need to rush here.  You're going on this trip and it's going to be a fruitful journey for sure.


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