Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I went on a tear this morning cleaning up old emails.  I'm a hoarder or sorts when it comes to correspondence.  It was a trip to scroll past all these people from the past, present and future!  Perhaps some of you felt a little bit of my attention on you this morning?

After I was done, I had the kind of satisfaction I feel after a good haircut.  All tidy now...

It seems symbolic of a greater force of energy I've been wanting to jump on which is simpleness.  This is not the first nor the last time I've wanted more simplicity, in fact I've blogged about it here quite a bit.

This need for simplicity is a trend in the world right now and many of us are feeling like it's time to purge in order to prepare for new seeds to sprout.  If I have my way, I'll give my home a good work over too but I'm not sure I'm ready for that task just yet.  Aside from all the external rearranging, I find I'm seeking simpleness in my internal world.  Perhaps this is one of the gifts of Saturn retrograde?  We have the opportunity now to change our internal foundation, to clarify our goals and priorities and to bring the power of focus to what's treasured.

I find myself drawn to the quiet space of meditation.  I crave that time, even in the midst of many competing and sometimes, intense demands.  How about you?  Are you able to create time for rest, reflection and restoration?  If not, perhaps it's time to stop by for a reading and an energetic clearing.  Let's get in there and unhook the stress that prevents simplicity, quiet and reflection.  I'll be available Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday waiting for you!

I won't be at on Mondays as I've made a commitment to hot yoga once a week.  I attended my first class this past Monday and it was a TRIP!  At one point, the teacher asked us to gaze into our third eye in the mirror.  Everything was fuzzy and there was sweat in my eyes but what I saw gave me a chuckle.  It was a swirling mess of brown and gray.  Perhaps that was the moment I knew I needed a good purge.

We get other people's energy in our space!  It happens all day everyday and in my case, I've been carrying a lot of excess baggage around.  I'm not mad about it, I'm amused.  I collect this energy for many reasons.  Some of these people are dear to me.  Some of them I worry about and some of them I need things from (or at least I think I do).  Seeing that swirling brown mess was a wake up call to spend more time clearing and being open to the messages that want to come through.

Fortunately, moving energy is pretty quick and easy once we become aware.  I've been playing with a warm blue/green to get my psychic space fresh and open.  It feels great and I've noticed my readings have taken on more depth and dimension since my hot yoga initiation.

Things are getting more complex for me professionally as I take on new projects and that means saying good bye to others.  This might mean changes here at Leonine Times as I contemplate moving the scopes over to and moving the blog to my new website,  I'm not quite ready to do it, mostly for sentimental reasons.  This has been such a great space and I'm hesitant to ask everyone to move with me.  It's probably going to happen, so stay tuned.  I'll be sure and keep you updated.

I hope you'll join me tomorrow (Thursday) at 6pm PST/9pm EST for the Stonestreet Cafe #41...ASTROLOGY OF THE USA with CA at  I'm going to be joined by the amazing CA Brooks, the host of Simple Tales at and a fantastic astrologer.  We're taking a look at the natal chart for the United States and looking at the personality of this great nation.  We'll also make some predictions about what's to come as the planets transit the USA natal chart.  Please join me int he Cafe!

Many blessings to you, my friends.
May the peace of simpleness find you and bring healing and clarity.


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