Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Well, not exactly.  It's not raining and snowing up here in the mountains of Colorado.  It's just plain cold.  So cold that the schools are closed, the restaurant my husband works for is closed and one of our cars won't start. 

So here we are, all four of us, in a house that starts to feel claustrophobic quickly with all of us barricaded in.  Last week in the Stonestreet Cafe I was ranting about my love of our dear Earth and talking about how we've been at war with nature since we had the ability to perceive nature as an enemy.  I was scoffing at our tendency to resent nature but today, here with restless kids and a bored husband, I can't help feeling a tad of frustration over the natural conditions that have helped to set this up.

I step outside here and there for a breath and to look around.  It's pretty quiet.  Even the highway is sparsely populated.  Mostly it's just big trucks carrying supplies further west.  We are cocooning here.

All of this during the afterglow of Mars conjunct the Sun (think high energy and combustible) and today of course the New Moon in Aquarius.  I'm always looking for ways to make stories out of planetary patterns and heaven's knows, I LOVE Aquarius but it's not known for being the warmest energy on the planet.

Have you ever tried to get an Aquarius to see things from an opposing angle? It's like a blast of cold winter air.  Have you ever asked an Aquarian to deal with complex and dramatic emotional displays? Get ready for the cold shoulder.  This energy just doesn't like the mess of human emotion or physical experience.  Aquarius is idealistic and attracted to ideas.

I can't help feeling like this winter chill is somehow symbolic of the shadow side of Aquarius.  It's intolerant and feels rejecting and yet there is a wisdom behind it.  A wisdom I can't see and understand yet, just as we're often puzzled by the future thinking ideas of the Aquarius.  This deep freeze had purpose even if I can't recognize it.

I closed the door to my office to get a little peace and quiet and here we are together!  I'm hoping you'll join me in two, lovely spaces tonight and tomorrow (Wednesday 2/2 and Thursday 2/3).

The first space is our big 24hour New Moon/Chinese New Year sale at, starting this evening at 6:31pm PST and running all night and through tomorrow at 6:31pm PST.  Come get a reading and celebrate the Aquarian magic (and shadow).  I'll be around tonight and all day tomorrow after about 9am PST.  This is an excellent time to check in or open a new account.  I can't wait to hear from you!

Also tomorrow (2/3) the Stonestreet Cafe airs at 6pm PST/9pm EST at  I'll be taking calls and sharing recent insights and ideas.  I hope you stop by and give me a call to share what's on your mind.  The call in number is 218.862.1300 ext 124290.

Stay warm and safe dear friends! Love the stark, cold of this winter Moon even if you're somewhere hot.


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