Monday, March 21, 2011

Fortune Forecast 3/21 - 3/27


The endless process of trying to choose the right path needs to stop now.  It's time to go and which direction isn't really an issue.  What matters is that we go with purpose, confidence and focus.  This is an exciting week and there are a myriad of great opportunities but we need to be in motion to capture them.  There's no right or wrong here, so don't worry about a misstep.  It's not even a possibility.  As we embrace the notion of being here simply to experience it all, we find our freedom to explore and discover more.  Go forward with an attitude of openness and excitement.

Monday 3/21
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There is nothing we need that we don't already have.  Nothing and any perception that defies this truth needs to get dumped now.  We might want and need more but the foundation for creating all of what we want is in place and in good operating order.  Tap into it.  Feel the resources just waiting to be put into play.  It's all there waiting to be utilized.

Tuesday 3/22
When we allow vulnerability in ourselves, we allow the creation of loving bonds with others.  It's important to let down the armor today.  Make amends if needed and look for places to put affection.  Small gestures can have a big impact and though we may never know how our kindness helps, it does.  Do it just to do it and let the happy spread.

Wednesday 3/23
We've stumbled into something great today and we have a sense of importance.  At the same time we're not sure how to proceed or what exactly to do.  Now is the time to wait.  Wait until more information comes through.  The time will come and the steps will be clear.  We're just not quite there yet.  Wait and dream about just how big this can and will be.

Thursday 3/24
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There's no way around a series of painful events today.  We can go through it with grace and aplomb or we can freak out.  It's pretty simple.  What matters is how we respond and we can avoid the creations of tons more pain simply by staying calm and steady. It's not that easy but it can be done with a few deep breaths and the ability to unhook from how personal it all feels.

Friday 3/25
We need to get it all out today.  If there's no way to be direct, find a different avenue but whatever happens, express the pent up energy.  Keeping everything under wraps is bound to cause a build up and who needs that?  Let it all out and feel the weight lifting and the stress releasing.  Trust that what gets released is a healing for all.  It is.

Saturday 3/26
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We're positively exploding with abundance today.  Everything is shimmering and magical.  We can tap into the power of some other realm with ease.  Everything seems to be alive in a way we experience when first in love.  Fall in love with the earthly realm and all its beauty.  Notice how easy it is to get things to spring to life.  Work the soil and plant some seeds.

Sunday 3/27
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It's a great time to try new things.  Risks are favored now and we can grow fast and quick when we jump on the wave.  If we resist or hesitate, we might feel the sting of it later when we realize we passed on something cool and enlightening.  Jump into something new and be willing to find out what happens.  Why we don't do this more often, I'll never know.

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No more debating.  No more thinking.  It's time to just go.  There's no analysis that can provide what experience will provide this week, as soon as we get out of the way.  It's time to go.

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