Saturday, March 12, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 3/13 - 3/19

You have the clarity you need to clean up old healing agreements and define new, improved boundaries, Aries.  You might be a little irritated by some of the shenanigans going on around you.  It’s insulting that people don’t realize you can see right through their machinations and manipulation.  If the anger helps you clean things up, then by all means use it.  Just remember that it’s really not personal.  

No one is truly out to get you, Taurus.  Most people are just unconscious.  That makes it even tougher to confront because most of them have no idea what you’re talking about!  It’s a great time to sign up for a class, find a mentor and study.  You are ripe for new information and are ready to grow.  Make time for learning.  It will help you along your path even if what you’re studying seems unrelated to where you are.

You are in an excellent position to further your agenda Gemini.  People are treating you like the authority you are, which feels long overdue.  It’s strangely lonely to have what you want within grasp.  It’s suddenly clear that despite your protestations, you enjoy the struggle.  It brings out the best in you on a creative level and helps you feel alive.  Don’t worry, there is plenty more struggle ahead!

You might find yourself longing for something with intense passion this week, Cancer.  There is an element of exquisite torture here.  In the end, you don’t really want it you just need the fantasy as a vehicle to process other, more complex feelings.  Stay awake to what you’re doing and stop trying to judge it.  Let it be.  Get ready for acceleration because it’s on the way.

A broken heart is keeping you from being able to get anything productive done, Leo.  That’s not to say that what you’re experiencing is a waste of time.  The pain so close to the surface this week is a sign that you are ridding yourself of fears and doubts that have held you down for too long.  Be willing to continue letting it all go and don’t worry about what that looks like.

You’re in a hurry to get everything picture perfect and in your hurry, trouble emerges.  You would be better served by slowing down Virgo.  The urgency you’re experiencing is your problem and has little to do with what’s actually going on in your world.  Slow down!  When you find your footing this week, things are going to fall into place and you’ll finally relax the effort you’ve been applying.

You’ve come to the end of a relationship and the emotional cycle that went with it.  It’s okay to have mixed feelings as you get ready to manifest something new and updated.  Though this space was once fulfilling, it lost its joy a while ago and you’ve been hanging on for sentimental reasons and with the hope that it could somehow be revived.  The truth is settling in and it’s hard but good, Libra.


Repressing your true feelings is starting to make you sick.  You’ve been too nervous to risk upsetting someone you count on for support but the truth is this person will benefit from your insight.  If you don’t give yourself permission to speak soon, you will blow up in anger.  Stop making yourself wrong, Scorpio.  It’s not always your fault and you didn’t create the pain in your life.  This kind of thinking isn’t helpful. 

Try to slow it down a bit this week, Sagittarius.  It’s hard because you have a ton of enthusiasm and feel the urge to push forward fearlessly.  The project you’re working on requires focus and attention to detail.  If you rush ahead, you’ll make needless mistakes and cleaning up those mistakes will take your enthusiasm down a notch or two.  Have fun with all of your creations and you’ll see your creativity skyrocket!

You’re in the midst of some big changes and the landscape is shifting quickly.  If you give everything time to settle down you’ll be excited at the shape and scope of the new world, Capricorn.  You have the potential to make a lot of magic happen.  It requires you to clean up regrets and uncertainty about past choices. Get on your own team and blow the roof off the joint.

You’ve been trying to avoid the painful realization that something you love is coming to an end.  You seem to think that if you just avoid thinking about it, it will somehow get better.  It’s okay to acknowledge that something important is happening and that it’s generating a myriad of uncomfortable feelings, Aquarius. Say your goodbyes and know that you’re preparing to say yes to something bigger and better.

Feelings of failure are threatening to sap you of energy and enthusiasm.  You are being way too hard on yourself, Pisces.  Your standards are so high no one can reach them.  It’s time to put more attention on your gifts and abilities and take attention off what you think of as your flaws.  As you start to see your challenges from a new angle, you’ll see the many gifts waiting for you.


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