Saturday, March 19, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 3/20 - 3/26

It's a powerful week for you Aries as you begin to strip away what's no longer needed.  It will take strength and focus to know how to navigate some of the intensity but it's all worth it.  You are about to step into a bigger, richer reality and all the hard work up to this point has brought you here.  Get ready to change direction.  You're about to depart!

Deep feelings can help you plan a course of action this week, Taurus.  If you try and ignore the feelings, you might find them becoming more difficult to manage.  Just make space for these feelings and let them show you a new path.  A business opportunity is pretty exciting!  Get into it and know that if you stick with it, it'll give back many times over.

A bright idea has completely taken over your life.  It's hard to see anything but this.  While there is a ton of potential for success here, Gemini, be sure and create balance in your life to make the pursuit of this exciting goal more realistic.  Though it's quite a task, try to find moments of quiet for contemplation so that you can make the most of what's unfolding now.

You're in protection mode this week and might find yourself defending someone too weak to defend themselves.  This is not a problem Cancer though it might be tiring.  Protecting others brings out your best qualities.  Just make sure you conserve some energy for your own projects and plans.  It's tempting to take a short cut.  Don't do it!  It will only lead you in a big, bad circle.

It's an excellent time for a celebration, Leo and everyone is counting on you to create the reason to gather.  Any effort applied to your social life this week will pay off handsomely, though it might not seem like it at first.  A wish is about to come true.  Abundance is showing up in many wondrous forms.  Relish it and let it sink into the cells of your body.

Your heart is being pried open somewhat reluctantly.  It's a great thing, Virgo.  You're in need of liberation on an emotional level, so let it all out.  A decision has been weighing heavily on you but you're about to see how easy it is to choose and go.  Healing comes in many forms and you'll get a sampling this week.  Let the journey refresh and rejuvenate you.

It's an excellent time for risk, Libra.  Push past the self-imposed limitations and find a freer you.  There's nothing to be gained by hanging on to the same old way of doing things.  Embrace change and see where it carries you.  Ambitious energy is starting to percolate.  Let it get stronger before leaping into the next dream.  Foggy thinking is only a problem when made to be so.

Clear thinking is helping you feel more focused and confident.  You can see exactly what needs to happen and though you might not have the energy to go, you at least have a plan and excellent chances to prosper.  There is a layer of understanding, wisdom and acceptance available to sooth and illuminate more truth.  Relax into it and don't push.  It's all coming together.

Delays are difficult to bear but know that they're in the works this week.  Knowing will help you keep your cool.  There is so much you want to know and experience.  Be patient Sagittarius.  It's all going to come to fruition soon.  You are rich in resources, support and knowledge.  Don't let restlessness keep you from seeing what's truly possible now.

Deep feelings of connection have you relaxing like you haven't relaxed in a long time, Capricorn.  It feels so good to just stop and feel that work is just a distraction.  You haven't given yourself permission to take a break in a while, so enjoy it.  As you rest you'll see a whole, new, exciting vision start to come into form.  Great timing!  Channel your new energy into satisfaction on all levels.

Mood swings are taking you on a ride you're not certain you agreed to.  It's tough to feel out of control and unsure, Aquarius but there are ways to make the most of it.  See this as an opportunity to lose some rigidity, to become more fluid and open to the surprises the universe is offering you.  Don't work too hard trying to figure it all out.  Just feel your way through.

It's time to get on top of a situation that's spiraled out of control.  You keep hoping something will just magically fix it but your action is needed here, Pisces.  It won't take much to make it right again.  Get to it!  Digging in and being defensive isn't going to get you what you want.  Stay lose and grounded.  Be like a river reed and bend with the current.  Everything will be righted soon.


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