Saturday, March 26, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 3/27 - 4/2

There's conflict brewing in your world this week, Aries.  It's almost impossible to avoid and you might find that you have no interest in avoiding it and are in fact, itching for a fight.  Go with it because in exploring the warrior energy, you'll also stumble into new and potent passion.  Stay in motion for best results.  Don't let the energy build up too much or it will explode all over the place.

It's time to go after what you want and go with gusto.  You're been thinking and thinking but it's time for action, Taurus.  You have everything you need to make the next chapter a success.  Believe it.  Your mind is not your ally now.  It's pulling out all the stops and trying to keep you safe.  Who needs safe?  Safety comes from trusting your own wisdom and you've got plenty.

You have an amazing opportunity to learn more about love this week, Gemini.  It's not going to be easy because part of how you're going to learn is by recognizing what doesn't work anymore.  This means saying goodbye, which is difficult.  Know that you're safe to move forward now.  Let the painful energy slide off and start walking into the brightest future you can imagine.

A big change is in the works.  you can feel it but you may have no idea what its all about just yet.  All will be revealed soon and you'll see how some of the recent adversity you've been facing has led to this moment.  Relief is coming and with it, the sense that you are right where you need to be, Cancer.  Get ready for a breakthrough and more freedom then you've ever experienced before.

Go ahead and bask in the magic of you, Leo.  You are being recognized for your beauty, grace and magic.  Let it in.  You need this energy now, to help fuel the next chapter of your life.  Gifts are coming your way. Be ready to receive them.  Find time to play and celebrate this week.  You have reached a place of accomplishment that seemed but a dream not long ago.    

Your psychic abilities can help you navigate what's happening this week, Virgo.  The trick is you need to tune in and listen.  It's tough because you have a lot going on and finding any kind of focus is difficult.  Even five minutes of calm can bring the insight you need.  It's time to take a step up in terms of power.  Get behind what you want and stop apologizing for having needs and dreams.

What can you do for fun this week, Libra?  Fun needs to be a top priority and in many ways, its the most spiritual thing you can do.  Trying to keep your nose to the grindstone isn't bringing the results you want, so step away.  It's an excellent time to delve more deeply into a new subject.  You are ripe for learning and expansion.  Notice the little voice that tries to make you wrong and just say no.

Your ability to manifest is off the charts this week. Be careful, Scorpio.  You're been feeling so blocked and so frustrated for so long that having this much freedom might be quite intoxicating.  Your mind is in a troubled space.  There are regrets and recriminations galore that need to be released.  Contemplate forgiveness.  Start with the self and work out from there.  It's all about you now.

You're being pulled in two very different directions and its very difficult to know which way to go.  Perhaps you should hold still for a bit.  Stop everything and just give yourself time and space to figure out what you want.  The pace is going to pick up soon and you need to be ready.  Get ready to relax more deeply into an important relationship.  This will stir up fear.  Do it despite the fear.

It's time to get behind what you know, Capricorn.  You've been selling yourself short for some odd reason and it's time to stop.  There is a ton of abundance in and around you now.  Just reach out and grab it.  You might not feel a ton of passion and inspiration this week and that's ok.  Rest on your laurels and get ready to leap into something new and exciting.  It's coming soon.

A wish is about to come true though it bears no resemblance to what you think you want, which might cause confusion.  Cultivate an open attitude this week, Aquarius.  A big decision is not as important as you think.  Just go.  Stop trying to figure out what might happen before you get there.  Expansion is happening all around.  Stretch into it and let it help you see who you're becoming.

Things are falling into place at last.  You're getting back to the flow you so love, Pisces.  You are in the mood to explore everything that comes your way.  Indulge this curiosity because it's leading you to hidden treasure.  A powerful opportunity is about to pop up.  Grab it and don't let your thinking cause delay.  This is something that won't come around again for awhile so if you want it, take it.


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