Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Let's Play!

How did last week's experiment with abundance energy go?  I got a bunch of letters letting me know that playing with energy delivers results and I hope you experienced it for yourself. 

This week, I thought we'd play with some love/healing energy in honor of the New Moon in Pisces, coming up this Friday.  Pisces is the culmination of all the lessons and experiences of the previous 11 signs of the zodiac.  Pisces has a lot to do with our ability to unconditionally love ourselves and others.  Pisces is compassion and when out of balance, we tend to pour too much out to others and forget to give to ourselves, or we don't give enough and withdraw into our own realms getting cut off from others.

The New Moon in Pisces gives us a chance to look at this dynamic more closely.  We're going to be very aware over the next few days of where the love is flowing and where it's not.  New Moons helps us come to completion with cycles, projects, relationships, thoughts and whatever else we might be ready to be done with.  Let's take advantege of the energetic opportunity at hand and clean up some old junk!

New Moons tend to bring on a slight depression so be prepared for this friends.  You might feel slight despair over the next few days.  Inspiration is illusive right before the New Moon.  If you're feeling "off", see this as a good sign.  It means you're tuning in to the wisdom and cycle of the moon.

As we prepare to slough off old stuff, we also need to think a little bit about what we want to create next.  New Moons helps us plant the seeds of what we'd like to grow next, so let's think on it a bit.  A great place to start is body healing/body love.  When bodies feel safe and cared for, life is easier. 

Let's play with energy!  One color/vibration I've seen a lot of lately in readings is a lovely peach/orange/gold/peach.  This is a great color for creating more warmth, love and healing in our bodies.  Golden peach is a vibration that reassures the body no matter what might be taking place in the world around us.  I see so many of us craving this loving, accepting, playful energy.  Try it on and see how it feels.

I hope you'll join me tonight (Wednesday from 4-7pm PST) at during our special surprise sale.  I'll also be available for readings this weekend during our happy hours from 1-4pm PST.  I would love to change up the energy you've been sitting in! 

I also hope you'll tune in to the Stonestreet Cafe this Thursday at 6pm PST/9pm EST at  This month, I'm going to be taking a look at archetypes and how we use them to make sense of our world.  Tomorrow (Thursday) it'll just be me in the Cafe taking your calls, so if you need a quick reading or you want to call, come to and jump into the Cafe with me.  The call in number is 218.862.1300 ext.124290.

Happy New Moon in Pisces and LET'S GET PEACHY!
(let me know what happens!)


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