Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Neptune moves into Pisces on the 4th of this month.  That's a big shift, a note worthy shift. 

We've been living with Neptune in Aquarius for the last 13 years.  What were you doing in early 1998?  Think back and get a feeling for what the next cycle is going to be about.  I'm trying to remember.  Oh yeah.  I was getting over a love affair that didn't work.  What about you?

Neptune in Aquarius has favored the development of technology and our almost worship of it.  Neptune in Aquarius has seen us become at first idealistic and later, jaded as our spiritual ideas unwound.  Neptune in Aquarius has prepared us for what's coming as Neptune moves into Psices.

We might feel a little sleepy at first.  We might be tempted to try to go unconscious to whatever it is we don't like.  We'll find people in the world to invest in emotionally, sometimes at our own peril.  We'll be sensitive to the sufferin we see around us and the sense of oneness among all living things will grow.

Pisces makes us more psychic, more sensitive and with Neptune resting in its home (Pisces), the best of these gifts come to fruition.  It will be interesting to see how Neptune tempers fiery Uranus in Aries and softens Pluto in Capricorn.  Neptune brings compassion back to spaces that have languished.

Back to the sleepy.  We might feel a little woozy as we get used to Neptune moving into Pisces.  After all, Neptune hasn't been in Pisces for 168 years. It's a big adjustment.  The gift of knowing about a shift like this is in the ability to understand and integrate.  Make space for the shift to unfold in your world.

Notice how compulsive drives grow in intensity over the next few weeks/months.  These behaviors will come out as Neptune draws them into awareness.  Now we get to figure out how we're going to live and work with this stuff.

In the Stonestreet Cafe this Thursday, we're taking a look at the archetype of the SIREN and I'm welcoming an old friend of mine to the Cafe.  Daniel Johnson has filmed marine life and been swimming with the manatees.  We're going to talk about sea life, the myths surrounding it and what we can learn from observing the ocean and her inhabitants.  Come join me at at 6pm PST/9pm EST in the Stonestreet Cafe.

I put 3 shows in the archives over at  There's only the dream show left to share and it should be available soon.  Thanks all for joining me at  I'm loving the show and all the great energy you bring to it.

Until we meet again, dream on the eves before Neptune moves home.  Spend a little time dwelling on what needs to come into form next.  Let Pisces bring the dreams and get ready for the New Moon in Aries this Sunday.  The planets are bringing some energy to grow.  Let's do it!



michelle said...

Hi Julia,

As usual, your blog fires up my thinking and imagination. Thanks for your wit and wisdom!

While I didn't want to do this here, I'm not sure where else I can ask, "What the hell happened to Karen Sheeks and Kristina Walsh? Are they not 12Advisors any longer?" If so, I wish we would've known - I would've thrown them a party or something to acknowledge my gratitude and love for all they've shared with us!!! They're both incredible advisors and I already miss them. Damn.

Feel free not to post this comment. I will understand.

Julia Stonestreet Smith said...

well michelle,

people move on but you can find them both on facebook at shastalight and surfing the psychic waves.

we're still in touch.

neptune stirs the pot~