Saturday, April 30, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 5/1 - 5/7

Big lessons are pushing you to dig deeper and find out more about who you are.  Some of what you're learning you love and some of it is hard work.  Keep going Aries, you are close to stumbling onto something fantastic.  Your abilities and skills are taking on whole new dimensions now.  Get ready to see your own magic up close.

You are on fire this week, Taurus and people are noticing.  It's going to be easy to talk people into what you want.  Use your power with care and focus.  An urge to explore a new path is overwhelming and must not be ignored.  Give yourself some time and space to pioneer a new space.  Passion will guide you.

You're finally getting a plan together and it feels so good.  Confusion and mixed messages have made it almost impossible to figure out what to do.  An old wound can help guide you.  Don't fight the pain, Gemini.  Let it show you how to make newer and better boundaries.  There is a ton of opportunity to play.  Do it!

You're on the cusp of a major gain.  Hold steady and don't do anything too crazy, Cancer.  Contemplate what it means to be in balance.  You're tempted to drop everything and chase a whimsy.  Make time for play but don't let it keep you from pressing decisions and tasks at work.  You're going to love the rewards that are on the way.

You can bring all your talents together this week and make a ton of magic, Leo.  All you have to do is decide that you want to step out and be seen.  Your mind is trying to talk you out of taking risks and showing the world what you're all about.  Don't stop now!  Learning to hold your ground will vex you at times but continue to play at it.

Your heart is being pried open, possibly against your will, Virgo.  You're not in the mood to get swept into complex feelings but you have little choice.  Go with the flow this week.  Good fortune is in the world but you need to be about and about to stumble upon it.  Heart and mind can both play a role in pulling you forward.  Listen and respond.

You have a chance to pause and rest now but it's hard to enjoy the downtime.  You're so anxious to find out what the next chapter is about, that you're struggling to hold still.  Parts of you are ready to leap forward and other parts that want to wait.  Action will come soon enough so rest up while the opportunity exists. 

It's all on you this week, Scorpio.  You're having to prove yourself and its hard not to feel resentful about it.  Put the feelings aside and show everyone what you've got!  A bright new idea has you very excited.  Don't tell everyone until you're further down the road with it.  Let this idea become more real and it will talk for you.

You're int he mood to get off the beaten track this week.  It will be very hard to stay on any kind of straight path.  If you make time for adventure Sagittarius, you can balance this need with other demands that require a steadier position.  A big change will take you by surprise and ultimately show you a new way of being.

You're finally getting a plan together and it feels good.  Small steps will get you to the top of the mountain, Capricorn.  Pay attention to your pace and keep going.  You may still be smarting from a recent sting.  Shake off any feelings of failure about this and go forward into better times.  Your manifesting ability is high.  

Express your feeling Aquarius even if you've convinced yourself it's not safe.  You need to find relief from what's building up in your inner world.  Your fears are potent now but as soon as you check in with loved ones, you'll see that most of it is imagined.  Get ready for a powerful insight.  This flash of knowing will show you where to focus.

Being negative won't help you get out of a sticky situation.  Contemplate what you know about surrender and flow, Pisces.  This is the path to the freedom you seek.  An opportunity to learn and teach can help you see more of your gifts.  It will be tough to decide what you want but once you find it, there will be no stopping you.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Earth Freaks Unite!

I've been joking around a lot in the Stonestreet Cafe about my newly formed political party, the EARTH FREAKS UNITE party.  It's gotten me thinking about what exactly an Earth Freak is.  An Earth freak is someone who loves the Earth!  On Earth Day, last week I remember thinking about how Earth is the greatest love of my life.  It is.

We're here and there's no way out.  We've got to get more comfortable with what it means to be here and to be human.  Let's stop all the striving to be better, faster, stronger and just be.  Spring is the perfect time to relax into the beauty all around.  Even up here in the mountains, where it continues to snow, I find myself feeling surges of love when I gaze out at the cloudy skies and pine-covered hills to the west.  TRUE LOVE!

Part of being an Earth Freak is about caring for these bodies of ours.  Bodies can feel oh so good, when they're happy and warm and loved.  Perhaps it's time to take a look at small changes that can shift energy and help us feel better now!  I've been working with Daniel Hudson of the Yao Clinic in Denver for about 4 months now and though progress is slow and subtle, I'm starting to feel more fluid and loose in my body.  Aches and pains are dissipating and energy is going up.  I am so grateful to have discovered the Yao Clinic and be receiving care there.

What's available in your community that can help make your bod a more hospitable place to be?  Maybe it's time for some bodywork, or yoga, or time to see the chiropractor.  Perhaps there's a great Naturopathic Doctor in your community or a family Doctor who can help you come up with a healing plan.  Seek it out and make it a top priority because when these bodies feel good, life becomes much more magical.

If you don't have the finds to spend on a healer, create more care at home.  Baths are great for working through tough energy.  I love to walk and swim, and listen to my favorite music.  It's easy to carve out ten minutes here and there for deep breathing, chanting and meditating.  Get a little extra sleep, make a date with a friend and get that bod feeling GOOD.

I'm sending you a salute today, my Earth Freak cronies.  Don't get overwhelmed if you feel like you need to make massive changes.  Start small and keep on going...

This week in the Stonestreet Cafe I'm welcoming Daniel from the Yao Clinic to talk Chinese Medicine and more.  Come give a listen Thursday 4/28 at 6pm PST/9pm EST at  Also, check out the archives at for show #49...NATUROPATHY with Dr. Mary Shakelton.  We talked a lot about hormones and perimenopause.  It was an excellent show with a lot of great insight into a space not much discussed.

Lastly, I would love to do a reading for you over at  Readings are a great way to find relief from stress and plaguing doubts.  I'll be around Thursday, Friday and during our weekend happy hours on Saturday and Sunday from noon-4pm PST.  Come on over, give me a call or order an email reading.  I'd love to help you find your inner EARTH FREAK!


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Monday, April 25, 2011

Fortune Forecast 4/25 - 5/1


Spring time growth shows us what it means to emerge from a time of dormancy into a time of fertility.  Plants seem to revive over night and new sprouts come shooting up through the earth.  We can emulate this growth just by intending to move from what's stuck to what's dynamic and alive.  Let's do it!!

Monday 4/25
tune in: Stonestreet Cafe #50...ENERGETIC HEALING at 3:30pm PST/6:30pm EST, 
Sometimes when we hang on to a dream too long, it starts to rot a bit and becomes a source of pain.  When these dreams become something we use to measure our success and fulfillment and we find ourselves coming up short, it's time to chuck the dream.  Go ahead. Get rid of it.

Tuesday 4/26
Life force energy is everywhere and we can use it for anything we want and need to.  Just sit with the earth energy a bit today and feel the subtle energy running through everything.  Let it run through your own space, your own body and see what happens.  It's magic.

Wednesday 4/27
It's time to get more assertive in terms of a dream or goal.  We can't just sit back and wait now.  we need to get out and take action.  Use the body's instincts to know when and how to leap.  Satisfaction will be great for those who jump into their heart's desire.  Wrestle it to the ground!

Thursday 4/28
tune in: Stonestreet Cafe #51...CHINESE MEDICINE at 6pm PST/9pm EST,
Finally, we can see the path ahead with neutrality and the ability to calculate our moves.  This is refreshing after our struggles with confusion and mixed messages.  It's all very clear now and the path is open.  Let's get going and have fun taking each small step that leads to the big success we crave.

Friday 4/29
Things are moving fast today and it might be a challenge to keep up with it all.  It's difficult to know just where we're headed but in some ways it doesn't matter.  Go with gut feelings and invest in what feels right.  Let the mind take a backseat in order to discover what's going to feel the best.

Saturday 4/30
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A project needs one final burst of energy to make it to completion.  We're not in the mood to spend time here and may prefer anything but this space.  The relief of finishing far outweighs the discomfort of doing, so let's do it and get it done!  The freedom that arrives upon completion is stunning.

Sunday 5/1
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Get in the space of conservation today in terms of resources and energy.  We simply can't throw our energy around right now without feeling it in a very deep way.  caution will serve us now as we search for the next, best place to dig in and explore.  Body language is telling.  Pay attention.

need help with the energy this week?


Clouds of doubt come rolling in to crash the creative process.  Say no.  It starts with noticing it and from there gently reminding ourselves that we can choose something MAGIC!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 4/24 - 4/30

You cannot escape the need to reflect and heal this week and in fact, Aries, if you don't stop and look at the source of the pain, it will linger and drag you down.  You're trying to shift into the mind and out of your emotional body but it won't work.  come back to that body, be patient and loving and all will be well.

Powerful forces are helping you get lined up with new and exciting opportunities.  Don't fight the process, Taurus even of elements of it are scary and unsettling.  You're ready to be unsettled!  Deep feelings can help show you when to move and how to move.  Follow your heart this week and you'll stumble into magic.

It's a turbulent week and you might feel pulled in ten different directions at the same time.  You're got to decide what you want and put the focus there.  Let the rest go, Gemini.  It's just filler.  Your body needs love and care now.  It won't take much to restore and re-balance once you decide to make it your top priority.

It's time to open your heart and offer yourself to someone of something.  You don't really feel like it Cancer but if you take the risk and do it, you will be so, so happy with the results.  It's time to recognize that a cycle is ending.  There's no way to hold on to what in the past, helped you feel secure.  Be willing to surrender and move into new spaces.

It's all about love this week, Leo.  You have so much to celebrate.  Sink into the good feelings and let the worries slide away.  Your world is expanding and there is much to be excited about.  All you have to do is make a wish and suddenly, it's there for you.  Let life be easy by letting the gifts and miracles in.

You have the power to make gold out of little more than nothing this week, Virgo.  It's time to believe in your abilities and use them to create more of what you want and need.  You have so many resources at your disposal.  don't sit on them forever!  Put it to work and be patient.  The cycle you're moving into is a powerful one!

You are on the cusp of a major gain. It might be related to career and finance but it could also very well be growth in terms of confidence and you you see yourself.  Who cares what the details are?  It's about feeling better about your life.  It will take patience to start your next project.  There's no need to rush, Libra.  Enjoy the ride!

A big decision is at hand and you're having a hard time choosing.  Don't wait for someone else to provide the info you think you need.  You have all the answers you need, Scorpio.  This time period is about discovering your own strength.  This might feel lonely but it's getting you closer to something you've been looking for, for a long time...YOU.

A wish is about to come true, Sagittarius.  Be open to receiving it.  Being open means being willing to explore everything that comes down the pike.  it sounds exhausting but it will actually be fun once you get your head in the game.  Balance will be an issue this week. Play and find the center.  Once there, you will prosper.

A major shift might have you feeling disoriented this week, Capricorn.  It's hard to figure out what's happening and there's really no need to figure it out.  Surrender and go knowing that you're going to end up somewhere great.  Your intuition will provide the guidance you need. Get quiet and listen.  Don't forget to have a little fin while you're at it!

There's nothing more you can squeeze from a situation that once provided fulfillment.  It's time to move on, Aquarius.  As soon as you decide to let go, you'll discover new things to get excited about.  It will take time to see some of your goals all the way to fruition.  Prepare to pace yourself so that you can stay in for the long haul.

It's hard to shake off the bad feelings, Pisces.  You have a sense that something terrible is about to happen but if you really look, there's nothing there but shadows and phantoms.  You need an adventure to get your mind off these latent fears.  Get out and get a little crazy.  Fun awaits you and you'll find that life takes on a different meaning once you start to play.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Salt of the Earth

Are you ready for some Earth energy?  Well, the Sun moves into Taurus today, giving us a little more grounding, a little more opportunity to slow things down and a chance to enjoy these amazing bodies of ours.  We've been through a few intense weeks of ARIES, ARIES, ARIES.  I love Aries but it might be refreshing to have a some roots in the equation.

This shift in energy helps us look at what's happening in our immediate environment.  We want relief from stress now and we're willing to seek new forms of healing.  Taurus brings us back to the awareness of spring, new life and the beauty all around us.

Let's celebrate these bodies!  In honor of this earthy, planetary shift, I'm inviting healer, Alley Brook to the Cafe this week to talk about her journey as a healer and to share with us some ideas about how we can all work more clearly and consciously with our own, innate healing abilities.  I'll share some of what I know as well, so that we can start to tap into more of the alchemical abilities our bodies have in spades.

Stonestreet Cafe #50...ENERGETIC HEALING airs Thursday 4/21 at 6pm PST/9pm EST at  Let's explore our healing abilities together at

Come get a reading at today (Wednesday) if you get this note in time.  We're having a huge sale and fundraiser for the Louise Hay's Hay Foundation.  I'm at 12listen right now,, just waiting to get my hands on you.  I want to shake you until the healer in you steps up and out!!  I won't hurt and in fact, it might just get you a ticket straight to bliss...

Until then,


Monday, April 18, 2011

Fortune Forecast 4/18 - 4/24


There is powerful guidance available this week.  All we need to do is be willing to listen and respond.  Passionate feelings need space and expression.  Trying to repress them will be painful quickly, so let it all out.  There are a million ways to make the internal pressure into something amazing.  Channel the energy into spaces that need inspiration and refreshment.   Let the magic spill into everything.  May the powerful fires of desire carry us to new and better spaces.

Monday 4/18
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Everywhere we turn today, we stumble into amazing ideas and possibilities.  So many that we might have a hard time choosing one to focus on.  Perhaps it's premature to think about choosing?  Instead, let's stay open and let even more inspiration sink in.

Tuesday 4/19
All we have to do today is be open to a happy surprise or two.  These happy surprises are lurking in every corner but we won't see them if we're focused on what makes us anxious, sad or mad.  Shake out of the problems and spend the day contemplating miracles.

Wednesday 4/20
No amount of pushing will move the river today so we might as well put our energy and attention into something more productive.  Things will move again, so there's no need to fret...just not today.  This gives us a chance to look at the need for control and make adjustments.

Thursday 4/21
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Let it be about relationships today.  There's nothing better than making time for connection and affection.  Love is all around and if we choose it, we'll find that many, amazing events unfold today and over the next few weeks as well.  It chose us, so why not?

Friday 4/22
Notice the fears that keep circling around and around and around.  just say no to it all.  It's not helpful, it's not real and it's no helpful.  We might need help seeing how much fear has taken over and it affecting us.  Once we see it, it's quickly cleaned up.

Saturday 4/23
We need to be willing to change our ideas and plans today.  Hanging on to some stubborn notion of the right way is causing us to miss an easier and more rewarding route just to the south of the one we're on.  Switch gears, be creative and try something new.

Sunday 4/24
We finally have enough permission to go in a new direction.  There's nothing in the way now and we can experience tremendous insight and freedom and fun, just by deciding to go about things in a different way.  Challenge what's stuck and find more freedom.

need help with the energy this week?


Just get out there and d something different this week.  It will bring rewards never dreamed of.  GO.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 4/17 - 4/23

It's a little turbulent this week.  Buckle up Aries!  There are opportunities galore coming your way.  Now it's just a matter of deciding which ones you want.  Old emotional energy is coming to the surface for healing.  Some of it is unpleasant but resist the urge to stuff it back down.  Say no to a battle that someone else set up.  You won't win, so walk away.  Stay free and open for better things.

It's tough to find any sense of balance this week and yet this is where to focus.  You can see clearly that some of your needs are being neglected in favor of others.  You can make correction Taurus and when you do, you'll feel so, so much better.  There's no need for regrets or recriminations.  You are forging a path out of the troubles that keep popping up.  Believe it and you'll see it.

Painful feelings are difficult to contain and why should you Gemini?  Let it all out!  You're purging lots of old junk now and it's the perfect time.  New treasures want to come to you but there has to be space for them to land.  A fresh way of looking at your life and your struggles is coming and it's going to help you feel freer than you've felt in ages.  Don't hold back now.

You have the gift of clarity this week and can make tremendous progress.  It might be time to tell someone what you really think.  See this as a healing for you and the person in question.  You've been conserving your energy and it's time to let go of the reigns of control.  Your creative energy has been bound up and it's starting to feel bad.  Let go and trust in your wisdom.

Worries about security are eating up your energy.  It's not as bad as it feels, Leo.  Find ways to pull out of the fear and see what's really happening.  It's time to open up to something new that you're wanted to explore for a long time.  Jump in and know that what you discover here will get you feeling up and energized.  Love is in the air.  Relish, honor and protect it.

A whole new world is unfolding for you, Virgo and it's a tad overwhelming.  There's no need to pick a course of action just yet.  let all the new insight and information sink in a bit first.  One area of your life feels very stuck.  Put your attention on something else and let time work its magic.  This space will move soon, especially when you stop pushing and bring in some faith.

You're so ready for things to look and feel different, Libra.  It's difficult to wait for the universe to line up in your favor but it's not too early to start planting new seeds.  An exploratory journey will help you feel better while you wait for other movement.  When you see something precious, get it.  Don't talk yourself out of it this time.  You need a treat to lift your spirits.

Powerful forces can help or hinder your progress this week depending on how you use them.  Be wise and be kind, Scorpio.  You're looking for ways to create more balance in your life.  Be willing to experiment and try not to be rigid in your pursuit of harmony.  A new chance at love is on your doorstep.  Don't let work and responsibility keep you from enjoying the gift at hand.

You've got too many irons in the fire and it's very difficult to know where to put the focus.  If you continue on like this Sagittarius, you'll naturally figure out what you want by getting involved in things you don't want.  You can start to weed out stuff now in order ot avoid that potential unpleasantness.  Your body needs attention.  Find ways to amp up on pleasure.  Believe it or not, it will help.

Fun is in the air, Capricorn.  Will you put down the work and go play?  Your loved ones are hoping you'll say yes, because let's face it, you've been a bit grouchy of late.  You can find refreshment by stepping away from the pile of work and having an adventure or two.  There's no need to get negative.  Things are great, you've just been so focused that you can't really see it.  Change it up now.

Reach out and find some friends to connect with.  You need someone to hjelp get you laughing about recent difficulties.  What's bothering you has become overwhelming because it's all you look at.  Determine to see something new.  So you're experienced a recent rejection or two.  Listen to me, Aquarius.  You don't want to be a part of that party.  Trust me on this.

A sudden flash of insight is showing you the manipulative undertones of a relationship you count on for stability.  This is disturbing Pisces and yet seeing the truth can help you navigate this connection more effectively.  Don't freak out about it, continue to observe and reflect.  You're about to step into a more authority whether you feel ready or not.  It's going to be fantastic, so keep on, keeping on!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Neptune...bringing out the crazy

Well Friends,

I've had an interesting week, spent observing the Neptune into Pisces shift.  So many people are telling me that their cravings are off the charts and compulsive behavior is on the rise.  Moods are powerful and perhaps make little to no sense.  It might be tough to find the motivation needed to follow through.  These are all possibilities with Neptune on the move. We're in transition and Neptune can be a very disorienting energy to grapple with.

Last week, I was wondering how Neptune feels coming home to Pisces after a long journey.  Is Neptune pleased to be home?  Is home feeling good or is there a mess to clean up, a mess that got underway while Neptune was traveling?  It feels a bit messy to me!

I went to a yoga class here in my small town today.  The studio was lovely and I really liked the energy of the instructor and the other students.  Some of the poses were damn difficult for a novice like myself but I tried, with a twinkle in my eye.  At the end of class, we were having a peaceful moment of meditation and listening to soothing music.  Suddenly, I felt my heart weird out.  I experienced a wave of sadness wash over me about the state of our world.

As you know (especially if you've been tuning in to the Stonestreet Cafe), I'm an EARTH FREAK.  I love the, love, love it so to see the eruptions of toxic disasters, fighting, wars and suffering is devastating.  I had a tearful moment at the end of yoga thinking about it all and I'm not one to cry.

How do we balance the need to acknowledge suffering and perhaps even find ways to address it with the need to tune it all out in order to unhook from the depression?  This is a question I think about a lot.  Perhaps you're the kind of person who gets sparked to take action when things get ugly, or perhaps you're more likely to try and get away from it all.  I imagine most of us go back and forth between these two options.

Neptune in Pisces pushes on the escape button.  It makes us yearn fro some unknown, perfected reality.  Unhooking from pain is important but we need to be careful not to unhook all the way.  I find that when Neptune gets strong in my space, I almost stop caring about this reality.  It becomes meaningless and I could easily ascribe to the idea that it's all an illusion.

Illusion or not, we're here and it's pretty freaking real.

Neptune in Pisces is bringing on the mood swings, so beware.  We might have an urge to step away from the intensity in our environment, whatever that intensity may be.  Balance the need to escape with the ability to engage and get involved.  Whatever we do, we need to be mindful.  Let's not go unconscious even though Neptune is making us all a bit sleepy.

If I were Neptune and came home to my ocean-y palace to find some of what's going on, I would be PISSED.  Thankfully, I'm not Neptune and thankfully we're past the point of needing to appease the Gods (are we?).

I'm just little Julia, hammering out my own life.  I can project what Neptune might be experiencing upon return but as a mortal, the mind of a deity is pretty unknowable.  The truth is I'm PISSED (but pissed for me was always a cover for grief).  I'm letting all this Neptune in Pisces energy help me grieve for the dear Earth (who will ultimately be fine) It's us I'm truly concerned about.  I'm hoping we can take what we're experiencing and be the alchemists that I know we are.  I'm hoping we can make this a hospitable place for all...hoping.

Join me this Thursday at 6pm PST/9pm EST at in the Stonestreet Cafe for show #50...NATUROPATHY.  I'm welcoming Dr. Mary Shackelton of Holistica, Integrative Care in Boulder, CO  to the Cafe to talk about health, hormones and natural healing methods.  The timing is perfect if I do say so myself.  I imagine like me, you want to feel more in sync with nature.  Let's do it...



Monday, April 11, 2011

Fortune Forecast 4/11 - 4/17


It's ok to let the mind wander, run and race this week.  We need a little more time to consider all the options before deciding on a course of action.  The more space we give ourselves to roam, the better the final plan will be.  There are elements we haven't yet conceived of that just need time to come into focus.  It will be frustrating at times as we experience surges of enthusiasm and a strong desire to take action.  Just wait!  It'll get better and better with the gift of time.

Monday 4/11
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Let feelings help decide the best course of action today.  Trust the emotional wisdom available now.  We have the life experience to back up whatever choices are made and of course, we can always change direction.  Something amazing is about to be discovered.  Feel the path there.

Tuesday 4/12
Suddenly it all seems so crystal clear that it's hard to believe there was confusion before.  Things we thought were problems are no longer a bother.  We see more space to move and stretch into and this brings instant relief.  Take the message for the week and wait a bit before acting. 

Wednesday 4/13
It's hard to see what's happening, the landscape is a bit dark today.  Before sinking into panic, consider the possibility that all the guidance needed to navigate this hazy terrain is within reach.  In fact, it could be that the lack of light is here to help us find the true light within.  Ponder this and see.

Thursday 4/14
tune in to the Stonestreet Cafe at 6pm PST/9pm EST at
There are powerful energies of change at work in our lives but we don't often see them working.  We get the chance to move into a bigger arena today without really knowing how or why it's all coming together.  Think about being like water and just flowing.  Keep on flowing into more opportunity.

Friday 4/15
We need to break a big goal into smaller pieces today.  This will help us find the path to making it happen.  As it stands, what we're looking at is big and overwhelming and quite possibly intimidating.  If we simply see the smaller steps needed to get there, the whole thing will start to feel more fun.  Trust me.

Saturday 4/16
It's time to dig in a bit and find the center of it all.  Though we may have many competing demands and many competing desires, at the heart of it all there is one root, the desire for fulfillment.  Once we find that root, everything we're involved in will start to take on more meaning and more depth.

Sunday 4/17
We've set the bar too high and find ourselves disappointed and dissatisfied.  There's an easy cure and it has to do with making room for imperfection.  Let's do it!  Let's celebrate the imperfection and the flaws and the mess.  Once we get our expectations back in check, everything will look brighter and more beautiful.

need help with the energy this week?


There's just no need to rush into anything.  Notice the pressure to GO and just stop.  We're on the way to amazing places and spaces.  Shake off the doubt and the pressure to make it happen and just be.  It's all coming together.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 4/10 - 4/16

Mood swings have you feeling confused and disoriented.  It's hard to figure out what it all means, Aries.  Perhaps the understanding you seek isn't going to show up in the shape and form you expect.  Perhaps all these shifting feelings are simply a sign that you are opening up to something new.  Healing energies can help sooth your through this.  Reach out and ask.

You have the potential this week to see your magic so clearly and so profoundly that it can and will change your life.  It won't take much effort.  All you need to do Taurus is let it in.  You've been looking in the fun house mirror of distortion for far too long.  Find a new reflection and don't be afraid to leave that old image of a sad, tired, stretched-to-capacity bull behind.

A whole, new world is starting to open up right in front of you.  It's exciting and you might not know exactly what to do yet.  Though it's tempting to throw yourself into things headlong and without thought, hold off just a bit.  With a little more time, you'll see your best options and find ease in pursuing them.  Know that powerful forces are working in your favor and that there's no such thing as a mistake.

Rest on your laurels a bit, Cancer.  There's just no need to rush into anything.  Big opportunities are starting to line up for you.  Get ready to jump by taking lots of deep breaths and seeing how much you have to bring to the table.  It's a little lonely right now.  Be ok with this and know that it will shift soon.  It's all about you and your relationship with yourself now.

At your very core, you can feel your strength and worthiness but all around you, circumstances are trying to tear you up.  It's a tough week, Leo but if you see all the opposition happening in your life as a way to tap into more of your innate gifts, you might start to have more fun with it.  Know that this storm will pass and when it does, you'll be better for it.

Let go, Virgo.  No amount of effort is going to make something that's wrong, right.  Just move on.  It's as easy as giving yourself permission to do so.  You are not at fault here and can't fix the problem.  Invest your energy into something more fulfilling.  Gifts are coming your way.  Be open to what shows up and investigate before casting anything off to the side.

You're tempted to go into full-on defense mode but it might not be totally necessary, Libra.  The perceived opposition is not as powerful as you think.  Stay grounded and just let the trouble blow away.  It will, especially as you pull your energy out.  Your heart is open and it feels good.  You can create all kind of new connections this week if you want to.  Get out and shake it.

It's hard to be patient when what you want is so close.  There's more work to be done before the harvest, Scorpio so do what you can to stay focused and effective at work and in relationship.  A big change is playing out and it's shocking how powerful the energy around it is.  You keep looking at it and thinking why is this so overwhelming?  Does it matter why?  What matters is what you do with it now.

A big idea is making it hard to focus on your dull routine.  You're in the mood to cast everything off in order to follow this one, amazing dream.  Don't be hasty Sagittarius!  You can have it all but need a degree of patinece to bring it all together.  It's not going to be easy because your enthusiasm is powerful now.  Find a pace that works and cultivate this dream into something fantastic.

You're geared towards seeing the flaws this week and it's bringing you down.  The antidote here will come in the form of play.  Get on the phone and make a date or two, Capricorn.  You need to connect, laugh and share this week.  Once the amusement gets going, you'll see that you're in an excellent position to prosper.  Pu that pile of boring work aside and have some fun!

Slow changes are getting you closer to what you want. The problem is these changes are so slow that you might think nothing is happening.  Don't be fooled, Aquarius.  You are getting there!  It's time to come up with some next steps.  Make a plan, draw a map and break it all down into smaller steps.  Then go.  Your dreams are bringing powerful information your way.  keeping a journal is a good idea.

Mood swings are powerful and you might not know what to do with all of the feelings that are roiling around inside you.  Activities that sooth and provide release can help.  You're not sure which direction to go.  Wait, Pisces.  Just wait because it's all going to come together soon and you'll know what to do and how to do it.  Don't let racing thoughts keep you from getting some much needed rest.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I've been thinking about the notion of likeability a lot lately.  

It all started when I fired the babysitter.  I like her but I'm not sure she's likeable.  It could be her age and the circumstances of her life.  She's been through a lot and it's been hard.  There's nothing unusual about having a hard start in life but why is it that some people manage to make the best of it while others just get a big chip on their shoulder?  Her refusal to snap out of her victim space long enough to see the opportunities around her was starting to grate on my nerves.

I'd seen the writing on the wall for a few weeks.  There were signs that this agreement was ending. I really wanted a peaceful ending, one in which I could express my gratitude for her contribution and wish her well with her next step.  I wanted to be likeable in this ending with her.  In fact, my desire to be likeable prolonged the inevitable for a week or two as I put off the final showdown.

Finally, I mustered up some grace and tried to talk to her about what wasn't working.  She just shut it down.  She was not going to go gracefully and seemed oblivious to the many ways she was setting up getting fired.

This goes back to likeability because for me, part of what makes me like someone is their ability to talk about stuff without being defensive or making excuses.  Just listen to me girl, and reflect on it a bit before jumping into defense mode.

If this girl were just a little more likeable, she'd still have a pretty good job in Julia Land but is that a good thing?  Do we sometimes use our likeability to charm others into doing what we want?  How often do we end up in uncomfortable situations because we want to be liked?  On the flip side, how often do we burn bridges simply because we weren't likeable in that moment?

What does likeable mean to you?  Do we compromise ourselves in order to be liked or is being liked a way to power?  Let's all ponder this a bit as we adjust to Neptune in Pisces.  Boundaries are going to get more fuzzy now and we might start to see the dark side of what we once loved.  Be prepared for disenchantment and feelings of being victimized.  Believe me, there's a part of me that felt entrapped by the girl.  That's when I knew without a doubt that it needed to end.

I'll be talking about this and more Thursday night in the Stonestreet Cafe at  Who knows what will come up during the show.  It's just me in the Cafe this week, so feel free to call and discuss the topic du jour or get a reading...all at 6pm PST/9pm EST.  Call 1.218.862.1300 ext 124290.

Until we meet again,
BE LIKEABLE without compromising your integrity.


Monday, April 4, 2011

Fortune Forecast 4/4 - 4/10


Things are starting to move and we've got to be ready to go.  Some of the opportunities coming our way aren't that interesting.  Other opportunities are stunning and perhaps intimidating.  It's pretty exciting and we need to stay in motion with it.  Stay fluid, open and receptive.  Know when to seize what's wanted and when to move on.  We won't have much opportunity to rest for a while.  Make the most of it when the time comes and let it all go.  Think water, fluidity, Neptune and find the flow.

Monday 4/4
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It's hard to find that feeling of fullness today.  Beware.  Know that satisfaction is illusive and even our old favorite things seem unappealing now.  We can make choices from this space to move towards new fulfillment even though we don't yet know what that is.  Exciting!

Tuesday 4/5
There's nothing to lament though that won't stop us from looking for something.  We continue today with the trend of feeling dissatisfied.  It's ok to feel disenchanted.  Let it sink in and inform but don't let it become the bitter poison of regret and self-recrimination. 

Wednesday 4/6
We're tempted to fight what's happening today, which is not a good idea.  Instead we need to stay loose and relaxed.  Trying to control the outcome will get messy quickly so relax into the ride.  It's going to all end somewhere great.  Wait and see.  Until then, unbend, unbutton and take a chill pill.

Thursday 4/7
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When the right thing comes, grab it.  Don't waste time thinking and wondering or it will be gone.  Reach out and jump into it and go wherever the whims of fancy carry you.  It's a miracle kind of day.  Let the magic happen and don't waste time wondering if it will all work out.  Who cares?

Friday 4/8
We get to bask in a feeling of accomplishment and pride today.  It feels right and deserved and we need it to restore whatever lack of reserve energy is happening in our space.  Take a deep breath and get ready for the next step.  It's coming and it's not without challenge.  Rest on knowing the last challenge has been vanquished.

Saturday 4/9
The order of the day is celebration.  Go find fun.  It's essential and important now.  It will be difficult to resist the urge to drift and wander from dull routines.  The drift is important and needs to be honored.  Float away on a dream and wander the world, seeking adventure and fortune.  It's important.

Sunday 4/10
Feel it and then follow through.  The power of desire can carry us far today if we make space for it and get past feeling apologetic for the ripples it creates.  Stepping out of judgment is a good idea as it in no way helps fuel the progress we seek.  Find some freedom and go.

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At the heart of everything, one flame burns.  When we find that space, we find refreshment.  It's a space of calm and it's always with us.  Let's find it this week, amidst the chaos and the quickening.  Hold the space...

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 4/3 - 4/9

Poor Aries!  Just when you got everything in a groove, it’s all starting to go haywire again.  Try as you might you just can’t control what’s unfolding so you might as well step aside and let the chips fall where they may.  When the dust settles you’ll see that your position has actually gotten stronger.

Trust is essential now, Taurus.  Being hard on yourself about a past decision is wreaking havoc.  It’s time for forgiveness and the gift of a clean slate. Don’t hesitate.  What you think you want won’t be satisfying.  You might have to make it more real before you realize the illusion and move on.  It’s all good.

Put some much-needed attention on your own pressing needs this week Gemini, especially anything to do with your body.  It’s a great time to make small adjustments in your daily routine to boost vitality and well being.  Though you have many demands on your time and energy, you will be more effective if you make rest and relaxation a top priority. 
You simply cannot keep driving yourself the way you have been, Cancer.  Your abundance energy is low but will come up quickly if you reaffirm that you are worthy of having what you want and need.  Regret is seductive.  There’s nothing healthy about this even though you might fool yourself into thinking that this is a healing.  Stop it.

A big opportunity is about to land in your lap Leo.  It’s so big that you might wonder if you’re ready.  You’re ready and even if there are elements of this opportunity that feel uncertain, you have the skills and ability to make it work.  You don’t need to be in a hurry though you will feel pressure to act quickly.  Trust your own pace. 

A lovely surprise will warm your heart and make you remember why you love your life and everything in it, Virgo.  This is a refreshing balm to what ails you.  Big ideas are all around and communication is taking on more importance.  Work to be clear and concise.  Enlist help but be careful whom you choose to include.  You want and deserve the best.

low down, Libra!  You’re pushing to get the results you want which is causing you to be sloppy and unorganized.  It’s hard to pace yourself this week.  You’re anxious to get going and you’re trying to take everyone with you.  This is causing a lot of resistance and resentment.  Can you relax and cultivate a sense of humor?  It would behoove you.  

Tension is building in an important partnership and it’s causing you to feel uncertain and insecure.  There’s nothing wrong with these feelings, Scorpio but there is something wrong with trying to mask them or override them.  Let yourself be vulnerable.  Whatever it is that’s bothering you is really not that big of a problem.  Perhaps there is a gift lying in wait for you.

A major victory is bringing much-needed rewards.  Find someone to share in the spoils, Sagittarius.  It’s a little lonely in your world and this can be easily remedied with effort on your part.  Be discriminating about who you spend time with.  Some of your old friends are not able to support your growth and expansion. Don’t let this be a reason to isolate yourself.  

In terms of relationships Capricorn, quality is more important than quantity.  Know where to invest time and energy.  A project you started a while ago is picking up steam, which is a big relief.  You were starting to think about abandoning it, which would have been sad because this is a personal passion.  Now that it’s moving you have something to new to look forward to.

Clear your mind.  You’ve been distracting yourself with foolishness and you know it, Aquarius.  Admit it, you’re bored.  Even though you have plenty on your plate, there’s a part of you that’s drifting and could care less.  You might as well go and explore.  This is more healthy than pretending to be engaged in things that just aren’t interesting.  

The pace is picking up, Pisces and there are amazing opportunities lining up for you.  Hang in there and know that your life is about to move into high gear.  Healing is important and takes many forms.  There’s an issue that needs to be confronted and will pop up this week whether you’re in the mood to face it or not.  Don’t push this away.  Once you start, it’ll be a breeze.