Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Earth Freaks Unite!

I've been joking around a lot in the Stonestreet Cafe about my newly formed political party, the EARTH FREAKS UNITE party.  It's gotten me thinking about what exactly an Earth Freak is.  An Earth freak is someone who loves the Earth!  On Earth Day, last week I remember thinking about how Earth is the greatest love of my life.  It is.

We're here and there's no way out.  We've got to get more comfortable with what it means to be here and to be human.  Let's stop all the striving to be better, faster, stronger and just be.  Spring is the perfect time to relax into the beauty all around.  Even up here in the mountains, where it continues to snow, I find myself feeling surges of love when I gaze out at the cloudy skies and pine-covered hills to the west.  TRUE LOVE!

Part of being an Earth Freak is about caring for these bodies of ours.  Bodies can feel oh so good, when they're happy and warm and loved.  Perhaps it's time to take a look at small changes that can shift energy and help us feel better now!  I've been working with Daniel Hudson of the Yao Clinic in Denver for about 4 months now and though progress is slow and subtle, I'm starting to feel more fluid and loose in my body.  Aches and pains are dissipating and energy is going up.  I am so grateful to have discovered the Yao Clinic and be receiving care there.

What's available in your community that can help make your bod a more hospitable place to be?  Maybe it's time for some bodywork, or yoga, or time to see the chiropractor.  Perhaps there's a great Naturopathic Doctor in your community or a family Doctor who can help you come up with a healing plan.  Seek it out and make it a top priority because when these bodies feel good, life becomes much more magical.

If you don't have the finds to spend on a healer, create more care at home.  Baths are great for working through tough energy.  I love to walk and swim, and listen to my favorite music.  It's easy to carve out ten minutes here and there for deep breathing, chanting and meditating.  Get a little extra sleep, make a date with a friend and get that bod feeling GOOD.

I'm sending you a salute today, my Earth Freak cronies.  Don't get overwhelmed if you feel like you need to make massive changes.  Start small and keep on going...

This week in the Stonestreet Cafe I'm welcoming Daniel from the Yao Clinic to talk Chinese Medicine and more.  Come give a listen Thursday 4/28 at 6pm PST/9pm EST at  Also, check out the archives at for show #49...NATUROPATHY with Dr. Mary Shakelton.  We talked a lot about hormones and perimenopause.  It was an excellent show with a lot of great insight into a space not much discussed.

Lastly, I would love to do a reading for you over at  Readings are a great way to find relief from stress and plaguing doubts.  I'll be around Thursday, Friday and during our weekend happy hours on Saturday and Sunday from noon-4pm PST.  Come on over, give me a call or order an email reading.  I'd love to help you find your inner EARTH FREAK!


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Lauradeanne said...

I'm an Earth Freak! Proud and happy to be so identified! Thanks!