Saturday, April 9, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 4/10 - 4/16

Mood swings have you feeling confused and disoriented.  It's hard to figure out what it all means, Aries.  Perhaps the understanding you seek isn't going to show up in the shape and form you expect.  Perhaps all these shifting feelings are simply a sign that you are opening up to something new.  Healing energies can help sooth your through this.  Reach out and ask.

You have the potential this week to see your magic so clearly and so profoundly that it can and will change your life.  It won't take much effort.  All you need to do Taurus is let it in.  You've been looking in the fun house mirror of distortion for far too long.  Find a new reflection and don't be afraid to leave that old image of a sad, tired, stretched-to-capacity bull behind.

A whole, new world is starting to open up right in front of you.  It's exciting and you might not know exactly what to do yet.  Though it's tempting to throw yourself into things headlong and without thought, hold off just a bit.  With a little more time, you'll see your best options and find ease in pursuing them.  Know that powerful forces are working in your favor and that there's no such thing as a mistake.

Rest on your laurels a bit, Cancer.  There's just no need to rush into anything.  Big opportunities are starting to line up for you.  Get ready to jump by taking lots of deep breaths and seeing how much you have to bring to the table.  It's a little lonely right now.  Be ok with this and know that it will shift soon.  It's all about you and your relationship with yourself now.

At your very core, you can feel your strength and worthiness but all around you, circumstances are trying to tear you up.  It's a tough week, Leo but if you see all the opposition happening in your life as a way to tap into more of your innate gifts, you might start to have more fun with it.  Know that this storm will pass and when it does, you'll be better for it.

Let go, Virgo.  No amount of effort is going to make something that's wrong, right.  Just move on.  It's as easy as giving yourself permission to do so.  You are not at fault here and can't fix the problem.  Invest your energy into something more fulfilling.  Gifts are coming your way.  Be open to what shows up and investigate before casting anything off to the side.

You're tempted to go into full-on defense mode but it might not be totally necessary, Libra.  The perceived opposition is not as powerful as you think.  Stay grounded and just let the trouble blow away.  It will, especially as you pull your energy out.  Your heart is open and it feels good.  You can create all kind of new connections this week if you want to.  Get out and shake it.

It's hard to be patient when what you want is so close.  There's more work to be done before the harvest, Scorpio so do what you can to stay focused and effective at work and in relationship.  A big change is playing out and it's shocking how powerful the energy around it is.  You keep looking at it and thinking why is this so overwhelming?  Does it matter why?  What matters is what you do with it now.

A big idea is making it hard to focus on your dull routine.  You're in the mood to cast everything off in order to follow this one, amazing dream.  Don't be hasty Sagittarius!  You can have it all but need a degree of patinece to bring it all together.  It's not going to be easy because your enthusiasm is powerful now.  Find a pace that works and cultivate this dream into something fantastic.

You're geared towards seeing the flaws this week and it's bringing you down.  The antidote here will come in the form of play.  Get on the phone and make a date or two, Capricorn.  You need to connect, laugh and share this week.  Once the amusement gets going, you'll see that you're in an excellent position to prosper.  Pu that pile of boring work aside and have some fun!

Slow changes are getting you closer to what you want. The problem is these changes are so slow that you might think nothing is happening.  Don't be fooled, Aquarius.  You are getting there!  It's time to come up with some next steps.  Make a plan, draw a map and break it all down into smaller steps.  Then go.  Your dreams are bringing powerful information your way.  keeping a journal is a good idea.

Mood swings are powerful and you might not know what to do with all of the feelings that are roiling around inside you.  Activities that sooth and provide release can help.  You're not sure which direction to go.  Wait, Pisces.  Just wait because it's all going to come together soon and you'll know what to do and how to do it.  Don't let racing thoughts keep you from getting some much needed rest.


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