Saturday, April 16, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 4/17 - 4/23

It's a little turbulent this week.  Buckle up Aries!  There are opportunities galore coming your way.  Now it's just a matter of deciding which ones you want.  Old emotional energy is coming to the surface for healing.  Some of it is unpleasant but resist the urge to stuff it back down.  Say no to a battle that someone else set up.  You won't win, so walk away.  Stay free and open for better things.

It's tough to find any sense of balance this week and yet this is where to focus.  You can see clearly that some of your needs are being neglected in favor of others.  You can make correction Taurus and when you do, you'll feel so, so much better.  There's no need for regrets or recriminations.  You are forging a path out of the troubles that keep popping up.  Believe it and you'll see it.

Painful feelings are difficult to contain and why should you Gemini?  Let it all out!  You're purging lots of old junk now and it's the perfect time.  New treasures want to come to you but there has to be space for them to land.  A fresh way of looking at your life and your struggles is coming and it's going to help you feel freer than you've felt in ages.  Don't hold back now.

You have the gift of clarity this week and can make tremendous progress.  It might be time to tell someone what you really think.  See this as a healing for you and the person in question.  You've been conserving your energy and it's time to let go of the reigns of control.  Your creative energy has been bound up and it's starting to feel bad.  Let go and trust in your wisdom.

Worries about security are eating up your energy.  It's not as bad as it feels, Leo.  Find ways to pull out of the fear and see what's really happening.  It's time to open up to something new that you're wanted to explore for a long time.  Jump in and know that what you discover here will get you feeling up and energized.  Love is in the air.  Relish, honor and protect it.

A whole new world is unfolding for you, Virgo and it's a tad overwhelming.  There's no need to pick a course of action just yet.  let all the new insight and information sink in a bit first.  One area of your life feels very stuck.  Put your attention on something else and let time work its magic.  This space will move soon, especially when you stop pushing and bring in some faith.

You're so ready for things to look and feel different, Libra.  It's difficult to wait for the universe to line up in your favor but it's not too early to start planting new seeds.  An exploratory journey will help you feel better while you wait for other movement.  When you see something precious, get it.  Don't talk yourself out of it this time.  You need a treat to lift your spirits.

Powerful forces can help or hinder your progress this week depending on how you use them.  Be wise and be kind, Scorpio.  You're looking for ways to create more balance in your life.  Be willing to experiment and try not to be rigid in your pursuit of harmony.  A new chance at love is on your doorstep.  Don't let work and responsibility keep you from enjoying the gift at hand.

You've got too many irons in the fire and it's very difficult to know where to put the focus.  If you continue on like this Sagittarius, you'll naturally figure out what you want by getting involved in things you don't want.  You can start to weed out stuff now in order ot avoid that potential unpleasantness.  Your body needs attention.  Find ways to amp up on pleasure.  Believe it or not, it will help.

Fun is in the air, Capricorn.  Will you put down the work and go play?  Your loved ones are hoping you'll say yes, because let's face it, you've been a bit grouchy of late.  You can find refreshment by stepping away from the pile of work and having an adventure or two.  There's no need to get negative.  Things are great, you've just been so focused that you can't really see it.  Change it up now.

Reach out and find some friends to connect with.  You need someone to hjelp get you laughing about recent difficulties.  What's bothering you has become overwhelming because it's all you look at.  Determine to see something new.  So you're experienced a recent rejection or two.  Listen to me, Aquarius.  You don't want to be a part of that party.  Trust me on this.

A sudden flash of insight is showing you the manipulative undertones of a relationship you count on for stability.  This is disturbing Pisces and yet seeing the truth can help you navigate this connection more effectively.  Don't freak out about it, continue to observe and reflect.  You're about to step into a more authority whether you feel ready or not.  It's going to be fantastic, so keep on, keeping on!


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