Saturday, April 23, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 4/24 - 4/30

You cannot escape the need to reflect and heal this week and in fact, Aries, if you don't stop and look at the source of the pain, it will linger and drag you down.  You're trying to shift into the mind and out of your emotional body but it won't work.  come back to that body, be patient and loving and all will be well.

Powerful forces are helping you get lined up with new and exciting opportunities.  Don't fight the process, Taurus even of elements of it are scary and unsettling.  You're ready to be unsettled!  Deep feelings can help show you when to move and how to move.  Follow your heart this week and you'll stumble into magic.

It's a turbulent week and you might feel pulled in ten different directions at the same time.  You're got to decide what you want and put the focus there.  Let the rest go, Gemini.  It's just filler.  Your body needs love and care now.  It won't take much to restore and re-balance once you decide to make it your top priority.

It's time to open your heart and offer yourself to someone of something.  You don't really feel like it Cancer but if you take the risk and do it, you will be so, so happy with the results.  It's time to recognize that a cycle is ending.  There's no way to hold on to what in the past, helped you feel secure.  Be willing to surrender and move into new spaces.

It's all about love this week, Leo.  You have so much to celebrate.  Sink into the good feelings and let the worries slide away.  Your world is expanding and there is much to be excited about.  All you have to do is make a wish and suddenly, it's there for you.  Let life be easy by letting the gifts and miracles in.

You have the power to make gold out of little more than nothing this week, Virgo.  It's time to believe in your abilities and use them to create more of what you want and need.  You have so many resources at your disposal.  don't sit on them forever!  Put it to work and be patient.  The cycle you're moving into is a powerful one!

You are on the cusp of a major gain. It might be related to career and finance but it could also very well be growth in terms of confidence and you you see yourself.  Who cares what the details are?  It's about feeling better about your life.  It will take patience to start your next project.  There's no need to rush, Libra.  Enjoy the ride!

A big decision is at hand and you're having a hard time choosing.  Don't wait for someone else to provide the info you think you need.  You have all the answers you need, Scorpio.  This time period is about discovering your own strength.  This might feel lonely but it's getting you closer to something you've been looking for, for a long time...YOU.

A wish is about to come true, Sagittarius.  Be open to receiving it.  Being open means being willing to explore everything that comes down the pike.  it sounds exhausting but it will actually be fun once you get your head in the game.  Balance will be an issue this week. Play and find the center.  Once there, you will prosper.

A major shift might have you feeling disoriented this week, Capricorn.  It's hard to figure out what's happening and there's really no need to figure it out.  Surrender and go knowing that you're going to end up somewhere great.  Your intuition will provide the guidance you need. Get quiet and listen.  Don't forget to have a little fin while you're at it!

There's nothing more you can squeeze from a situation that once provided fulfillment.  It's time to move on, Aquarius.  As soon as you decide to let go, you'll discover new things to get excited about.  It will take time to see some of your goals all the way to fruition.  Prepare to pace yourself so that you can stay in for the long haul.

It's hard to shake off the bad feelings, Pisces.  You have a sense that something terrible is about to happen but if you really look, there's nothing there but shadows and phantoms.  You need an adventure to get your mind off these latent fears.  Get out and get a little crazy.  Fun awaits you and you'll find that life takes on a different meaning once you start to play.


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