Saturday, April 2, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 4/3 - 4/9

Poor Aries!  Just when you got everything in a groove, it’s all starting to go haywire again.  Try as you might you just can’t control what’s unfolding so you might as well step aside and let the chips fall where they may.  When the dust settles you’ll see that your position has actually gotten stronger.

Trust is essential now, Taurus.  Being hard on yourself about a past decision is wreaking havoc.  It’s time for forgiveness and the gift of a clean slate. Don’t hesitate.  What you think you want won’t be satisfying.  You might have to make it more real before you realize the illusion and move on.  It’s all good.

Put some much-needed attention on your own pressing needs this week Gemini, especially anything to do with your body.  It’s a great time to make small adjustments in your daily routine to boost vitality and well being.  Though you have many demands on your time and energy, you will be more effective if you make rest and relaxation a top priority. 
You simply cannot keep driving yourself the way you have been, Cancer.  Your abundance energy is low but will come up quickly if you reaffirm that you are worthy of having what you want and need.  Regret is seductive.  There’s nothing healthy about this even though you might fool yourself into thinking that this is a healing.  Stop it.

A big opportunity is about to land in your lap Leo.  It’s so big that you might wonder if you’re ready.  You’re ready and even if there are elements of this opportunity that feel uncertain, you have the skills and ability to make it work.  You don’t need to be in a hurry though you will feel pressure to act quickly.  Trust your own pace. 

A lovely surprise will warm your heart and make you remember why you love your life and everything in it, Virgo.  This is a refreshing balm to what ails you.  Big ideas are all around and communication is taking on more importance.  Work to be clear and concise.  Enlist help but be careful whom you choose to include.  You want and deserve the best.

low down, Libra!  You’re pushing to get the results you want which is causing you to be sloppy and unorganized.  It’s hard to pace yourself this week.  You’re anxious to get going and you’re trying to take everyone with you.  This is causing a lot of resistance and resentment.  Can you relax and cultivate a sense of humor?  It would behoove you.  

Tension is building in an important partnership and it’s causing you to feel uncertain and insecure.  There’s nothing wrong with these feelings, Scorpio but there is something wrong with trying to mask them or override them.  Let yourself be vulnerable.  Whatever it is that’s bothering you is really not that big of a problem.  Perhaps there is a gift lying in wait for you.

A major victory is bringing much-needed rewards.  Find someone to share in the spoils, Sagittarius.  It’s a little lonely in your world and this can be easily remedied with effort on your part.  Be discriminating about who you spend time with.  Some of your old friends are not able to support your growth and expansion. Don’t let this be a reason to isolate yourself.  

In terms of relationships Capricorn, quality is more important than quantity.  Know where to invest time and energy.  A project you started a while ago is picking up steam, which is a big relief.  You were starting to think about abandoning it, which would have been sad because this is a personal passion.  Now that it’s moving you have something to new to look forward to.

Clear your mind.  You’ve been distracting yourself with foolishness and you know it, Aquarius.  Admit it, you’re bored.  Even though you have plenty on your plate, there’s a part of you that’s drifting and could care less.  You might as well go and explore.  This is more healthy than pretending to be engaged in things that just aren’t interesting.  

The pace is picking up, Pisces and there are amazing opportunities lining up for you.  Hang in there and know that your life is about to move into high gear.  Healing is important and takes many forms.  There’s an issue that needs to be confronted and will pop up this week whether you’re in the mood to face it or not.  Don’t push this away.  Once you start, it’ll be a breeze.


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