Saturday, April 30, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 5/1 - 5/7

Big lessons are pushing you to dig deeper and find out more about who you are.  Some of what you're learning you love and some of it is hard work.  Keep going Aries, you are close to stumbling onto something fantastic.  Your abilities and skills are taking on whole new dimensions now.  Get ready to see your own magic up close.

You are on fire this week, Taurus and people are noticing.  It's going to be easy to talk people into what you want.  Use your power with care and focus.  An urge to explore a new path is overwhelming and must not be ignored.  Give yourself some time and space to pioneer a new space.  Passion will guide you.

You're finally getting a plan together and it feels so good.  Confusion and mixed messages have made it almost impossible to figure out what to do.  An old wound can help guide you.  Don't fight the pain, Gemini.  Let it show you how to make newer and better boundaries.  There is a ton of opportunity to play.  Do it!

You're on the cusp of a major gain.  Hold steady and don't do anything too crazy, Cancer.  Contemplate what it means to be in balance.  You're tempted to drop everything and chase a whimsy.  Make time for play but don't let it keep you from pressing decisions and tasks at work.  You're going to love the rewards that are on the way.

You can bring all your talents together this week and make a ton of magic, Leo.  All you have to do is decide that you want to step out and be seen.  Your mind is trying to talk you out of taking risks and showing the world what you're all about.  Don't stop now!  Learning to hold your ground will vex you at times but continue to play at it.

Your heart is being pried open, possibly against your will, Virgo.  You're not in the mood to get swept into complex feelings but you have little choice.  Go with the flow this week.  Good fortune is in the world but you need to be about and about to stumble upon it.  Heart and mind can both play a role in pulling you forward.  Listen and respond.

You have a chance to pause and rest now but it's hard to enjoy the downtime.  You're so anxious to find out what the next chapter is about, that you're struggling to hold still.  Parts of you are ready to leap forward and other parts that want to wait.  Action will come soon enough so rest up while the opportunity exists. 

It's all on you this week, Scorpio.  You're having to prove yourself and its hard not to feel resentful about it.  Put the feelings aside and show everyone what you've got!  A bright new idea has you very excited.  Don't tell everyone until you're further down the road with it.  Let this idea become more real and it will talk for you.

You're int he mood to get off the beaten track this week.  It will be very hard to stay on any kind of straight path.  If you make time for adventure Sagittarius, you can balance this need with other demands that require a steadier position.  A big change will take you by surprise and ultimately show you a new way of being.

You're finally getting a plan together and it feels good.  Small steps will get you to the top of the mountain, Capricorn.  Pay attention to your pace and keep going.  You may still be smarting from a recent sting.  Shake off any feelings of failure about this and go forward into better times.  Your manifesting ability is high.  

Express your feeling Aquarius even if you've convinced yourself it's not safe.  You need to find relief from what's building up in your inner world.  Your fears are potent now but as soon as you check in with loved ones, you'll see that most of it is imagined.  Get ready for a powerful insight.  This flash of knowing will show you where to focus.

Being negative won't help you get out of a sticky situation.  Contemplate what you know about surrender and flow, Pisces.  This is the path to the freedom you seek.  An opportunity to learn and teach can help you see more of your gifts.  It will be tough to decide what you want but once you find it, there will be no stopping you.


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