Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Neptune...bringing out the crazy

Well Friends,

I've had an interesting week, spent observing the Neptune into Pisces shift.  So many people are telling me that their cravings are off the charts and compulsive behavior is on the rise.  Moods are powerful and perhaps make little to no sense.  It might be tough to find the motivation needed to follow through.  These are all possibilities with Neptune on the move. We're in transition and Neptune can be a very disorienting energy to grapple with.

Last week, I was wondering how Neptune feels coming home to Pisces after a long journey.  Is Neptune pleased to be home?  Is home feeling good or is there a mess to clean up, a mess that got underway while Neptune was traveling?  It feels a bit messy to me!

I went to a yoga class here in my small town today.  The studio was lovely and I really liked the energy of the instructor and the other students.  Some of the poses were damn difficult for a novice like myself but I tried, with a twinkle in my eye.  At the end of class, we were having a peaceful moment of meditation and listening to soothing music.  Suddenly, I felt my heart weird out.  I experienced a wave of sadness wash over me about the state of our world.

As you know (especially if you've been tuning in to the Stonestreet Cafe), I'm an EARTH FREAK.  I love the, love, love it so to see the eruptions of toxic disasters, fighting, wars and suffering is devastating.  I had a tearful moment at the end of yoga thinking about it all and I'm not one to cry.

How do we balance the need to acknowledge suffering and perhaps even find ways to address it with the need to tune it all out in order to unhook from the depression?  This is a question I think about a lot.  Perhaps you're the kind of person who gets sparked to take action when things get ugly, or perhaps you're more likely to try and get away from it all.  I imagine most of us go back and forth between these two options.

Neptune in Pisces pushes on the escape button.  It makes us yearn fro some unknown, perfected reality.  Unhooking from pain is important but we need to be careful not to unhook all the way.  I find that when Neptune gets strong in my space, I almost stop caring about this reality.  It becomes meaningless and I could easily ascribe to the idea that it's all an illusion.

Illusion or not, we're here and it's pretty freaking real.

Neptune in Pisces is bringing on the mood swings, so beware.  We might have an urge to step away from the intensity in our environment, whatever that intensity may be.  Balance the need to escape with the ability to engage and get involved.  Whatever we do, we need to be mindful.  Let's not go unconscious even though Neptune is making us all a bit sleepy.

If I were Neptune and came home to my ocean-y palace to find some of what's going on, I would be PISSED.  Thankfully, I'm not Neptune and thankfully we're past the point of needing to appease the Gods (are we?).

I'm just little Julia, hammering out my own life.  I can project what Neptune might be experiencing upon return but as a mortal, the mind of a deity is pretty unknowable.  The truth is I'm PISSED (but pissed for me was always a cover for grief).  I'm letting all this Neptune in Pisces energy help me grieve for the dear Earth (who will ultimately be fine) It's us I'm truly concerned about.  I'm hoping we can take what we're experiencing and be the alchemists that I know we are.  I'm hoping we can make this a hospitable place for all...hoping.

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