Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Salt of the Earth

Are you ready for some Earth energy?  Well, the Sun moves into Taurus today, giving us a little more grounding, a little more opportunity to slow things down and a chance to enjoy these amazing bodies of ours.  We've been through a few intense weeks of ARIES, ARIES, ARIES.  I love Aries but it might be refreshing to have a some roots in the equation.

This shift in energy helps us look at what's happening in our immediate environment.  We want relief from stress now and we're willing to seek new forms of healing.  Taurus brings us back to the awareness of spring, new life and the beauty all around us.

Let's celebrate these bodies!  In honor of this earthy, planetary shift, I'm inviting healer, Alley Brook to the Cafe this week to talk about her journey as a healer and to share with us some ideas about how we can all work more clearly and consciously with our own, innate healing abilities.  I'll share some of what I know as well, so that we can start to tap into more of the alchemical abilities our bodies have in spades.

Stonestreet Cafe #50...ENERGETIC HEALING airs Thursday 4/21 at 6pm PST/9pm EST at  Let's explore our healing abilities together at

Come get a reading at today (Wednesday) if you get this note in time.  We're having a huge sale and fundraiser for the Louise Hay's Hay Foundation.  I'm at 12listen right now,, just waiting to get my hands on you.  I want to shake you until the healer in you steps up and out!!  I won't hurt and in fact, it might just get you a ticket straight to bliss...

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