Monday, May 30, 2011

Fortune Forecast 5/30 - 6/5


Slow everything down.  It won't be easy because we keep experiencing these urges to leap ahead without thought or reflection.  Temper these urges as we find ourselves in an obstacle course of sorts this week.  The creative energy surging through our bodies is important and it can be applied to many spaces but some things just aren't ready to move no matter how creative we get.  Wait.  Soon there will come an opening and when it does we need to be ready by being calm and focused.

Monday 5/30
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Step back.  Give something or someone space to be.  When we take out energy our of the equation, we'll find that things start to move again.  It's time to start looking ahead as opposed to behind.  What is the next big thing?  let's put some energy into finding out, today.

Tuesday 5/31
A recent vision is starting to make more sense.  It's easier to figure out what actions need to be taken to create a desired outcome.  Remember the message for this week and don't push, just wait!  If we give ourselves time to let the wisdom sink in, we'll find everything coming together in a wonderful way.

Wednesday 6/1
It's time to pick a course of action and go.  it doesn't really matter what we choose.  All options lead to the same place.  What matters is that we move out of the debate and into action.  March forward now, knowing that the right choice has been made.  Go with confidence.

Thursday 6/2
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We need an adventure today and if we don't get it, things might get ugly.  There's no inspiration in the same old spaces right now.  Let's drift into something magical.  It starts with permission to abandon our normal course of action in favor of the new and untested.  Let's go together.

Friday 6/3
We have the opportunity today to break patterns and discover new passions.  It's exciting and it's about the only thing we're really interested in right now.  Challenge authority and be willing to kick against outdated ways of doing things.  It's going to feel so good to find a new brand of freedom.

Saturday 6/4
It's important to seek the root of an issue today, for in finding the root, we'll discover a solution.  If we've been giving too much time and attention to certain projects, we'll be called to make corrections now.  Get everything out in the open.  Speak the truth and trust the healing that unfolds as a result.

Sunday 6/5
We might have to dig in and defend what's important to us today.  The threat is a minor one and one that is merely annoying but it does serve to help us clarify our goals and priorities.  We're about to get total clarity in terms of what we want and need and this will help us craft a plan to create more.

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If we trust the message to stop pushing and wait, we'll soon discover that the answers we've been looking for appear out of nowhere.  Once we find our focus and have some notion of what's truly wanted and desired, a plan will take shape and the energy we need to pursue our goals will be available in abundance.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 5/29 - 6/4

You're not seeing exactly what you want, which is causing you to not see the good stuff that IS available.  Adjust your outlook, Aries and you'll see that there is plenty of abundance of every flavor to be enjoyed.  You have the potential to relax into deep healing.  Just surrender.  That's all you need do but it won't be easy considering you're the quintessential warrior.

It's time to venture out into spaces unknown.  Just let yourself wander, Taurus and don't worry if it's the right choice or not.  You're in need of expansion and it can happen now if you let it.  You don't have the resources you need to feel safe but they're on the way.  Try not to let the fear get you.  An old fantasy needs to be cast aside in order to allow a new dream to take root.

You're under a lot of pressure this week and it's a struggle to stay steady in your thinking and feeling.  It may seem as if you're all alone in the midst of a big challenge but there is support available.  Ask for it, Gemini and you'll be flooded with help.  Enjoy all that you've created.  There is much to celebrate despite temporary tensions.  You are rich in so many ways.  Relish it.

An opportunity to fall in love is difficult to resist and why could you Cancer?  Go ahead and tumble into the magic that's happening between you and someone special.  There is nothing to fear here and no need to hesitate.  You have the experience and wisdom to navigate this.  Bis lessons are heard to take in and your career is providing plenty.  Pause before reacting to see the best path to take.

Are you ready to feel good Leo?  All you have to do is welcome the peace that wants to take place now.  Just let it in.  A voyage is coming up and you are more than ready.  It's time to see new things and find inspiration.  A choice needs to be made and there's no need to fear.  Whatever you decide, know that you are going somewhere amazing and you're going to love every step.

A burst of energy is helping you forge a new path, Virgo.  You are on fire this week with ideas and insights and people want to be near the energy you're emanating.  You are really seeing all the hard work you've done of late and enjoying the satisfaction that comes with it.  Know that you are about to launch into a much bigger space, one that will provide new challenges and new rewards.

You are totally open to seeing your life and everyone in it from a fresh perspective this week.  This will feel so good and show you new opportunities in spaces that once looked dull and lifeless.  A recent disappointment has been difficult to shake off.  You can let it all go now.  Plan a celebration.  You have much to feel good about.  Share your beauty with the world!

Be the voice of love this week, Scorpio.  Part of this requires you to love yourself and your life just as it is in this moment.  Others will respond to the work you do here and treat you with the kind of respect you've been craving.  Bring the idea of balance forward.  What areas of your life need more attention?  Find your center now because your life is about to move into hyper-drive.

Gather the people you love together to the degree that you can this week.  You have the ability to create healing for everyone you connect with.  Share your gifts, Sagittarius.  Being surrounded by your friends and loved ones will inspire you to take a risk you've been putting off.  Life has many pleasures in store for you this week.  Open up and let it all in! 

It's time to make a clear and easy plan, Capricorn.  Part of what's driving you crazy right now is a lack of organization and focus.  If you create a map of sorts, you'll find that your efforts have more impact and bring you the success you desire.  It's time to let go of something you once needed desperately for support.  It's not working anymore so be willing to move on and find an updated version of it.

You're in an amazing position to get more of what you want, Aquarius.  Do you know what you want?  It is time to contemplate your next step because there are big opportunities in the works and you want to be ready when they pop up.  You're restless and in need of an adventure.  Don't repress this urge because it will cause problems for you if left unattended. 

Pushing intense feelings down will not make you feel better, Pisces.  You've got to find a way to express it all, even if it's ugly and unpleasant.  You're far too sensitive to let this toxic stew fester inside you.  A recent victory has left you feeling hollow.  Don't dwell on it.  Learn and move forward.  Play can help you find more freedom and levity.  Make it a top priority this week.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011


That's the name of the show this week.  I hope you'll tune in Thursday at 6pm PST/9pm EST at!  I had a few opportunities to look at resistance this week.  The primary one was a trip to the DMV to get a new driver's license.  I had the kids in tow and we had no idea what we were in for when we walked in the door.  Let me explain...

It took 2.5 hours!!

I guess that sums it up.  I encountered a lot of resistance during those 2.5 hours as did my kinder and the others waiting in line.

Later that night, my husband got trapped in an elevator for 2.5 hours leaving his job.  So he had a chance to look at resistance as well and in fact, he's my guest this week in the Stonestreet Cafe.  It's going to be a great show!

In other news, I'm on the cusp of a big trip.  I'm leaving this coming Tuesday with my kids to visit my parents in New Mexico.  I'm going to leave the kids in the care of their grandparents and travel to the east coast for my 20 year college reunion.  MORE RESISTANCE! 

It's not that I don't want to go, it's just nerve wracking.  I've got a handful of shiny new clothes and a new pair of shoes.  I'm hoping to walk in there looking my best and ready to spread the SUPER STONESTREET WORD!

When we encounter resistance is it a sign that we should push through or go in another direction?  How does resistance serve us?  Does it?  Let's explore this together at Thursday night.

And if you're int he mood for a reading, stop by on Thursday morning.  We're having a special sale and I'd love to get a look at you!  Get a reading in the next few days because while I'm traveling, there may be limited availability.  Of course, if you can't find me via phone there are always email readings.  They're amazing and I hope you'll jump into one and find out for yourself.

until then, BE MIGHTY!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Fortune Forecast 5/23 - 5/29


Spaces that were once stagnant are starting to move now.  Are you ready?  Ready or not we can expect acceleration this week.  It will feel good once we adjust our pace to match what the Universe has in store.  Getting into the groove will take a little creativity and an emphasis on finding a new balance with all the seemingly competing projects that need attention.  Take time out for deep breaths here and there.  There's just no need to let this exciting wave of energy become a source of anxiety.

Monday 5/23
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It's time to put aside the list of all the things that might go wrong.  It's not helpful nor is it healthy.  When we bring our attention and energy back to this moment and what's directly in front of us, we'll find we have all the resources, knowledge and skills needed to make the most of what's at hand.

Tuesday 5/24
We have to work to get grounded today.  There are chaotic forces pushing on us and it's hard to withstand the pressure.  Is there a way to defend our turf while at the same time staying fluid and open to magic and miracles?  We can find that space with a little consciousness and focus.

Wednesday 5/25
It's time to start looking out over the horizon and seeking new paths to cherished goals.  If we try and sty in familiar territory, we'll find ourselves feeling stifled and unhappy. Shake it up and venture into parts unknown.  If we're not ready to go yet, we can at least contemplate and research new options.  This will bring relief.

Thursday 5/26
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Intense energies are building inside us and seeking expression.  We've got to find ways to get it all out.  If we try and contain the energy that's building up, we might find ourselves off kilter and unable to move through the day smoothly.  Be creative and express what's taking shape in the inner world.

Friday 5/27
There are numerous temptations today, temptations that take us away from what needs to be attended to right now.  Know that whatever calls us now is not going to bring the satisfaction we dream of.  If it looks too good to be true, it truly is.  Be armed with this knowledge when contemplating escape.

Saturday 5/28
Put the focus back on relationships today.  In love, we find the answers to many a mystery.  If we've been plagued with fear, connecting is the answer.  If we've felt hesitant about moving into the next dream, the heart can lead the way.  Open to more and let the magic begin.

Sunday 5/29
It's easy to feel unnerved when life moves into high gear. There's no reason to fear what's unfolding, even if it feels chaotic and unpredictable.  It's time to move out of the confined spaces we created to feel safe.  Move into a bigger field with the knowledge that it's time and to not do so would limit unfolding potential.

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We need to have moments of pause this week as potent energies crack our worlds apart.  Slow down internally through calming activities in order to find a pace that works with all the newness being presented.  COME GET A READING AT 12LISTEN.COM!  I'm waiting for YOU.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 5/22 - 5/28

Worrying about resources will not help you create more of what you need.  When you worry like this, Aries, it's like saying you don't believe in who you are and what you do.  Cut it out!  It's time to take a risk and break into new areas of exploration.  Giving yourself the freedom to do so will restore your faith and get you back in the game.  Go now.

It's time to play, Taurus.  Your focus on work and accomplishment is depleting you.  If you just add a little silliness to your routine, you'll feel so much better and be so much more productive.  It's time to let go of an old resentment.  You're the only one getting hurt by hanging on to this.  Find a way to make peace.  Hint:  It starts with forgiveness towards yourself.

You're on the cusp of taking a big step up professionally and with your public profile.  More and more people are seeing you as an expert and a success.  This could stir up jealousy among your peers.  Don't let it rattle you, Gemini. You don't need anyone's approval to be as bright as you want to be.  Be willing to explore something new.  You're in need of adventure.

Shake off the heaviness and find more space to grow all your projects to fruition.  You're been struggling to get clarity about a number of pressing issues and you'll find it this week, Cancer.  Put energy into relationships, for here you will find the refreshment and inspiration you need to take your life to the next level.  Success is hollow without others to celebrate it with.

Get aggressive this week Leo in the pursuit of what you want.  You'll be tested so be ready.  Do not give up even when all the doors seem closed.  You can push through this and find a magical, new reality.  A big lesson is wrapping up and you finally see and understand why certain events have played out the way they have.  Get ready for a whole new vision to take shape.

Fear is potent this week and it's threatening to keep you from exploring and expanding.  It's a good idea to pause and reflect now Virgo.  What is it that's haunting you?  Step out of it.  Your intuition is trying to give you the guidance you crave.  Resisting your feelings isn't helping.  It's the power of those feelings that will show you which way to go.  Get ready to celebrate a big success.

This is a week filled with new beginnings and new opportunities.  So much so that you might feel totally overwhelmed and unsure of where to invest your energy.  Your creative energy is high, making it difficult to focus.  Expect a bit of chaos while you get in the groove of all that's unfolding.  As you start to feel more grounded, Libra, you'll see that you have all you need to make a go of it.

You're thinking too much Scorpio and it's causing you to miss opportunities to take action and further your dream.  You won the last round of an important battle but the spoils you thought you'd claim are not offering the satisfaction you hoped for.  Hang in there and do what you can to get back to your body.  Once there, your next step will become clear.

A situation that's been unfair for a long time is about to get resolved.  This will bring a tremendous amount of relief, Sagittarius.  You've been searching for fulfillment and your efforts are about to pay off.  Keep on taking steps forward even if you can't see the gift up ahead quite yet.  Make time for recreation.  Playful ventures will energize you and get you ready for more.

You're prone to anger this week, Capricorn as you encounter obstacles and blocks.  You ca see your goal but every time you take a step towards it, something happens to pull you back again.  Adjust your pace and work consciously with the anger.  A big idea will take time to grow into prosperity.  At the same time other parts of your life are moving quickly forward.  It's a dance and one you're good at.

You need time to stop and reflect on a recent hurt.  There's no point in trying to tell yourself that all is well if it isn't Aquarius.  Just take a moment to honor what's happening.  An old dream has turned sour and can't provide the escape you need.  Time to dream a new dream.  As you allow yourself to feel the feelings you'll find that opportunities spring out of nowhere.

It's time to seek a new path and a new direction to travel.  You don't need to make any major decisions just yet, Pisces.  Just be open to finding clues and hints.  You're getting a chance to play with power this week.  You can be gentle or not so gentle it really doesn't matter.  What matters is you getting a chance to discover more of who you are and how you want to play.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Cat the Killer

A little cat showed up at our house last summer.  She meowed and meowed outside the window for a day before we decided to feed her.  She's a small cat and she was practically starved.  She was hesitant to come in but after a few days, she had found her place in our family.  She's a friendly cat and let's my kids hug and play with her.  She loves to sleep with them and wake them up in the morning by walking on them.

We love this cat but she's still got quite a bit of wild in her.  I've watched her chase a small herd of deer up the hill behind our house.  She climbs trees, telephone poles and fences.  Recently, she's been on quite a killing spree, having found a nest of little lizards out back.

I've managed to rescue three lizards in the last two weeks.  Two of them lost part of their tails to this little killer.  One lizard wasn't so lucky and died.  Then, yesterday, the little cat comes in with a chipmunk!  I screamed.  I have no interest in watching the cat kill a cute little chipmunk in front of me.  Luckily my husband was home and came to the rescue.   He gently grabbed the chipmunk by the scruff and took it outside.

So now I find myself living in fear that I'm going to turn around and find a squirrel or a rabbit.  It wouldn't surprise me.  This little cat seems to be trying bigger prey.  At the same time, I need to understand that the cat is just being a cat!  It's in her nature to stalk and kill and she did live on her own before she became part of our family.  Secretly I'm proud of her skills (just please no more torture in front of me!).

This leads me to reflect a little bit on how essential it is that we give each other space to be who we are.  Sometimes the people around us make us uncomfortable with their choices.  Some of the people we're involved with might have goals and points of views that feel foreign to our own ideas and points of views.  Perhaps they have skills that we ourselves don't possess and we wonder at the may ways they put those skills to work.

A cat needs to be a cat, just as a warrior needs to be a warrior and a lover needs to be a lover.  A peacemaker needs to make peace and a provocateur needs to provoke.  What would it look like if everyone had space to be who they are and express the gifts they have?  We expend a lot of energy in resistance and it's just not helpful.

Anyway, I hope this makes sense!  I'm going to keep loving the little cat and doing what I can to rescue the little creatures she brings here.  We shall see what this summer has in store...

I'm also going to start to take a closer look at the people in my life and see where I've been resisting their gifts, talents, points of view and goals.  I will be sure and report back.

This week in the Stonestreet Cafe, I'm welcoming my little brother Nelson Smith to the show.  We're going to talk about faith, dealing with intense emotions and the thinking that can lead to compulsive and sometimes unhealthy behavior.  He's one of the wisest guys I know and just like with my little cat, sometimes I need to remember to give him space to be him and bring his gifts forward in the way he's meant to.  I hope you'll join us Thursday at 6pm PST/9pm EST at for show #55...FREE THE DOVES.

Until we meet again,


Monday, May 16, 2011

Fortune Forecast 5/16 - 5/22


This week we can expect tensions to be high as we confront a situation that's been building for quite some time.  As always, there are many choices we can make in the midst of all the tension.  We can go straight in to it or step to the side but whatever we decide, we will be feeling the effects of the trouble at hand.  This is actually an opportunity to try something new.  Even if we handle things the same old way, there will be relief when the dust settles and the landscape reshapes itself.  Meditation and other activities that sooth are in order.

Monday 5/16
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Though things are far from perfect, we can still find ways to embrace all that's transpiring and perhaps even have a bit of fun with it all.  Humor and gratitude can work together today to help us see the opportunity amidst the challenge.

Tuesday 5/17
It's time to wander from what's know and what's comfortable.  If we choose to stay in our regular zone, we might find ourselves restless and unhappy.  Life is about to ask us to move into new spaces.  Let's go with grace and aplomb.

Wednesday 5/18
There's a ton of activity happening in our inner worlds today.  The new vision taking shape needs to find an outlet and an expression.  We can write it, paint it or sing it but we need to get it from the internal to the external if we want to experience a healing.  Let's do it!

Thursday 5/19
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All around there are eruptions of intensity.  We might not be able to get away from it but we can certainly stop taking it to heart.  Work to find a space of neutrality.  This will help us see answers and insight in the swirling eddy of chaos.

Friday 5/20
We've been working diligently on a project and it feels good.  We might not be ready for the harvest but we're certainly getting closer. Others are taking note of our efforts and validation is starting to roll in.  Soon we'll be reaping the rewards and perfecting new skills.

Saturday 5/21

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It's time to swallow the pride and focus on peace.  There's no good reason to hold on to a grudge.  Being resentful and angry is only hurting the one carrying the feelings.  Be willing to listen to the opposition at the very least.  This will create the shift we need.

Sunday 5/22
come get a reading at during our happy hour!  noon-4pm PST.
We get to play with power today and it's tempting to use that power to force a desired outcome. We don't need to force anything and if we knew that in the cells of our bodies, we'd stop pushing so hard.  Relax and trust it all to unfold beautifully.

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Retreat and pull away if necessary.   There's just no need to stress out over conditions that are changing rapidly.  Put the fear and doubt aside and let life bring the magic.  It will as soon as we unhook and pull our energy back.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 5/15 - 5/21

An unexpected gift or windfall brings more ease and security your way, Aries.  You've earned this even though it seems to come from a random and unrelated space.  You're int he midst of a transformation and my be confused about who you are.  It's ok to give yourself time to see all of the new wonders that are just now coming to consciousness.

You are totally, amazingly clear this week about something that needs to change.  You even know the steps needed to make it happen.  There may be just a bit of hesitation holding you back though Taurus.  It's as if you don't want everyone to think of you as controlling or harsh.  Don't worry.  Asserting yourself here will create healing for all.  You will be thanked eventually.

Tender feelings are rapidly developing Gemini.  You might be on the receiving end of these feelings or you might be the one feeling them.  The theme this week is soft, luscious love.  Sink in to it and don't let all the drama in your life keep you from it.  You've been forced to witness a difficult situation lately and it's been getting you down.  Connect and love and will be well.

You've got two very important projects happening this week and it's very difficult to find enough energy for both.  Think of yourself as a juggler.  It won't last forever but while it does, a sense of humor will help.  You're being tempted and enticed to indulge in something unhealthy for you.  This old love of yours won't bring satisfaction but that probably won't stop you from trying.

Focus on healing and feeling good this week, Leo. It starts with your body and making that space more hospitable and comfortable.  As your body starts to shift into deeper wellness, you'll find that other stresses and challenges fade in intensity.  There is certainly a lot of tension around you.  This turbulence is not of your own making, so step away and let it work itself out.

Your mind is totally open to new possibilities this week, Virgo.  You are bursting with great ideas, insights and energy.  The support you need to make your ideas reality is showing up just when you need it.  This is an excellent time to connect with powerful, healing energies as well as energies that help motivate you to push an agenda that's been dear to your heart for a long time now.

This is an incredibly potent time period Libra and some of what's happening is pushing you to your limits.  If you can recognize that by being pushed to your limits, you have the chance to push through those limits then you'll start to find your groove with it all.  Make sure you have time for rest and contemplation.  There is so much happening in your inner world right now.  Don't miss the show!

You are embodying a lot of wisdom this week and folks are flocking to you.  You might enjoy being the center of attention but after awhile it might start feeling like responsibility.  Make sure not to neglect your own garden in the midst of all this adulation.  You're on the cusp of a big harvest, so continue to do what you're doing. 

It's a rich time for you Sagittarius.  Opportunity abounds and everywhere you turn you see new and exciting possibilities.  Good fortune is working in your favor. Make the most of it but watch out for a tendency to get scattered and ungrounded.  You need to keep your focus to the degree that you can.  Others are asking for leadership from you.  Step into it.

You've been fighting a battle and fighting hard, Capricorn.  You're on the cusp of winning but winning isn't going to feel as good as you thought.  You can change the outcome by deciding right now that whatever spoils are gained here, will be shared and distributed to those who've supported your efforts.  Be generous this week and you'll find the feeling of victory you crave.

It's hard to know what to do when your feelings keep shifting and changing.  Perhaps it would behoove you to just wait for a bit before making any big moves or gestures, Aquarius.  There is absolutely no need to be in a rush.  You may be trying to avoid something painful.  Instead, turn and look at it squarely.  You'll find your freedom from it as soon as you stop moving and hold still.

It's a glorious week for love and romance, Pisces.  Whether you have a partner or not, you are infused with the most magical mix of energy.  It's easy to attract the care you need.  You'll also be in the mood to give, give, give.  Be careful and don't overextend yourself.  Let the winds of change blow away anything that's no longer wanted and needed.  Create a fresh space.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bodies, Stuff and More...

Are you ready for some earthy, Taurus energy?  It's coming, friends and I for one can't wait.  The Sun is currently in Taurus with Mars moving in today, followed by Venus and Mercury on the 15th and Jupiter at the beginning of June.

Our focus is about to shift from inspiration, action and risk (Aries) to stability, security and comfort (Taurus).  Taurus (along with the other two Earth signs, Virgo and Capricorn) rules our experience of our bodies, how we feel about ownership, what we want to own, what we value, what makes us feel safe as well as the resources we have, want and/or need.

When we get heavy emphasis on Earth energy things tend to slow down a bit and we might have the urge to indulge our senses more.  We start paying more attention to our bodies, our homes, our possessions.  In fact, Taurus can be downright possessive.  The Bull loves pleasure and has excellent taste.  Taureans will happily forgo a truck full of twinkies in trade for one, perfect french eclair.

With all this planetary focus in Taurus you can bet that we're going to find ourselves pining for the finer things in life and some of us may even take the leap and find a way to get our hands on these finer things.  With Taurus, there needs to be indulgence AND healthy discipline.  Not the easiest mix but a fun one to play with.

If you're finding that you're uncomfortable in your own skin, that there's energy, emotion and thought interrupting your experience of well being, a reading can help!  Readings shift energy and bring us more peace on all levels.  Come over to Thursday 5/12 for our big 12 hour sale, from 8-8pm PST.  I'll be there in the morning and early afternoon, waiting to help get you back to your body, your space and your security.

Then, check out the Stonestreet Cafe at 6pm PST/9pm EST.  This week, I'm welcoming my Dad, writer, photographer and humanitarian Morgan Smith to the show.  He took this picture on a recent trip to Spain.  It's a very Taurus pic, don't you think?  Taurus loves good food (like snails!!).

I'm going to spend time talking to my Dad about his many travels.  He dragged us all around the world when we were children and he continues to explore to this day.  It's show #53...TRAVELER and I would love to share it with you. 

His current passion is spending time on the border of Mexico and the US and documenting life there via photos and articles.  If you're curious about his work, check out his collection of photo books over at Blurb

Come see me on Thursday 5/12 at and and relax into the sensuality of the bull.  OH, SO GOOD!


Monday, May 9, 2011

Fortune Forecast 5/9 - 5/15


We have guidance from all over the place this week.  We might read something important or see something important.  It's important that we get out and engage with the world in order to bump into all these magical openings.  We seem to cross paths with influential and informative people and there's no need for big expenditures of energy now.  All is well and we can rest in it.  The struggle we've been putting into making things happen isn't needed anymore.  Now we can step out of the way and watch the doors open, magically and the steps unroll with clarity and ease.

Monday 5/9
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We get the burst of energy we need to get things done today.  Some of what we've been working on falls easily together.  It's also easy to start new projects with seemingly little effort.  We haven't had a surge of vitality like this in quite some time.  Relish it and let it carry the heaviness and worry away.

Tuesday 5/10
We can't help but encounter healing energy today in every interaction we have.  There's no escaping the power that's infusing even the most mundane spaces with something special.  We can't get away from what's bothering us and instead are being asked to face it, head on.  Let's get brave enough to look.

Wednesday 5/11
We can shift energy with ease and grace today by keeping our energy up and enthusiastic.  It's one of those days where the more positive we are, the more amazing stuff seems to happen.  It doesn't always work like this but when it does, watch out!  It's exciting!

Thursday 5/12
tune in to Stonestreet Cafe #53...TRAVELER at 6pm PST/9pm EST at
It's time to take a step to make a dream more real.  It might be a little research or a phone little gesture to help make this dream more real.  Taking action will feel good and bring rewards.  Too much time languishing has created a need for movement.  Do it and feel refreshed.

Friday 5/13
There's much to consider today.  We can see all angles of what's been vexing us of late.  Being able to see all angles is instrumental in helping us find a new, workable path.  We're feeling more free and easy and seeing bigger opportunities than we did before.  Excitement's in the air.

Saturday 5/14
We need a healthy break from our normal routine.  It's an excellent day for prowling and perusing all that's out there.  Most of what we need to feel cheered and comforted is the pure experience of finding new pleasures.  All it takes to find these pleasures as a bit of meander in parts unknown.

Sunday 5/15
With one last push, a certain project can find completion, making space for new, more interesting projects.  It will be tough to muster up what's needed to get to the end of this cycle but oh so worth it.  Let's tie up loose ends and create more freedom. 

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There's just no need to over-think things or struggle with mental stress. Break things into easy pieces, then take action.  Keep on going...

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 5/8 - 5/14

You have an opportunity to take on the role of healer and leader for someone in need this week.  You'll find yourself reluctant at first but once you get in there, you're going to love all that you discover.  You heart is becoming strong and it's time to lead more with feeling as opposed to thought.  Just take one step at a time.

You're torn between two potentials this week, Taurus and it's very difficult to know which one to choose and focus on.  It feels like it's about love or money, as if you can have one or the other but not both.  This is silly and you know it ut it's hard to shake the feeling that you're going to lose something here.  Choose both and do it now!

You've got some major mojo happening this week, Gemini.  You're stepping into more power and it feels a little shaky at first.  Give yourself time to integrate all the amazing energy coming your way.  Part of what you're working on is balance and there will be lots of opportunities to practice.  Enjoy it!

Your abundance energy is up and you are on the cusp of reaching new heights.  It's exciting and scary and who knows what else.  There is pressure on you to cave in to an agreement you know won't work.  Hold steady and be true to who you are and what you know is right for you.  Watch as clouds of confusion lift when you stand in your truth. 

You're in the midst of a big transition, Leo and it's exciting and scary at the same time.  You know good things are ahead.  You can feel it and yet you have little sense of what these good things are going to look and feel like.  Let your enthusiasm carry you for now.  Love is at your doorstep.  Open the door!

You're worried about something that feels out of your control.  Stop worrying and let it play out.  Life is going to bring you many gifts this week, Virgo.  Some of them will be disguised as trouble.  Be sure and check everything out before slipping into resistance.  Your charisma is powerful now.  Use it wisely to garner support in your ideas.

You're about to see a truth so clearly, that it will change the scope of how you see yourself and your struggles in present time.  This revelation will bring peace and healing, Libra.  You need to be cautious with commitments now.  Don't say yes unless you're really feeling it.  Happiness will come your way in bursts as you relax into the new insight.

It's hard to think straight this week, Scorpio.  You have a tendency to see what's wrong as opposed to what's right.  Know that your outlook is tending towards what's dark and dysfunctional.  You're going to snap out of it soon and when you do, you'll be shocked at just how many opportunities await you.

You're just not feeling inspired right now and there's no way to generate what isn't there.  If you hang on a bit longer, Sagittarius, you'll find that what you're looking for is available.  Relax and it will come to you.  You've got to lose the effort now and trust.  A promotion or boost in abundance is coming.  This will help cheer you back up.

You've created an epic, internal battle this week Capricorn and are fighting it with all your might when all you really need to do is step aside.   When are you going to get behind the choices you're making and trust yourself and the guidance you're receiving?  Don't do anything rash while you're waiting for new information to come through. 

Your heart is so ready to pour out love, Aquarius.  You just want to give, give, give.  Others are flocking to you in hopes that you will give to them.  Your charisma is powerful now and others are easy to bend to your will.  Be careful with all this power, Aquarius and be sure and save some of your fantastic energy for your own life and projects.

A bright idea is showing you new possibilities.  The sad thing is, your fresh hopes make your existing reality look dull and uninspiring.  Resist the urge to invalidate all that you already have, Pisces.  Failure in an energy and if you give it your attention it grows in strength.  Back away from that heavy space and go towards the light. 


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spring Fever

The kids have it, I have it it, the deer and the foxes and the rabbits have it.  All around I feel restlessness in the air.  It's been harder to hold the focus and I know many of you are feeling adrift in a sense, unsure of where to invest your time and energy and unable to push your goals forward. 

It's tough to find any energy for propulsion.  It'll get easier over the next few days with the Moon in Gemini.  The New Moon in Taurus on Monday may have made us all feel a little lazy but Gemini will have us sparked and ready to create new things in no time.

If you need a reading, tune in to the Stonestreet Cafe tomorrow (Thursday at 6pm PST/9pm EST at  It's just me in the Cafe this week, wanting to be of service to you.  Call me at 1.218.862.1300. ext 124290 for readings and a chance to discuss what's unfolding in your world.

Until we meet again, make sure you get time to get out and play.  If we want to be productive, we need to know when to cut loose and let go...DO IT NOW!


Monday, May 2, 2011

Fortune Forecast 5/2 - 5/8


It's easy to get spooked this week as our fears seem to take on power and steam.  We've got to find ways to shake it off!  Don't let the negativity run the show.  Keep checking in to see if these fears are real or conjured.  They are almost 100% imagined but we don't always know that when we're in the midst of it.  It will also be a challenge to move through the energy that others are indulging in.  WE don't always get to control what's around us but as always, we can take charge of our own space and turn things around.

Monday 5/2
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There's nothing much to do today apart from taking a look at a very old wound.  It's time to do some healing and all other tasks will pale in comparison to this one.  This old pain is so illuminated right now that it will color the world and how we act in it.  Start with love and work back from there.

Tuesday 5/3
We might feel bound by energy today, energy that prevents us from running ahead and jumping into new and exciting spaces.  Perhaps the lack of movement is important, even though we may not know why just yet.  Go ahead and pause for now.  Opportunity will still be there when we're ready to leap again.

Wednesday 5/4
Our minds are rich with possibility today and it's very difficult to repress the urge to tell everyone we cross paths with.  Hold back just a little and let the dust settle.  The best ideas will rise to the top and we'll find ourselves naturally investing in them.  Until then, have fun with the mental carnival ride.

Thursday 5/5
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We've been ignoring important feedback and it's becoming a bit of a problem.  We need to open up today to seeing things from a fresh perspective.  Don't let the need to cling to an idea keep the bigger view clouded and confusing.  Being stubborn isn't helpful right now.  Be open and let the answers come.

Friday 5/6
At every turn, we're being challenged.  It's not the easiest day, but everything unfolding now is important and can help us get closer to the realization of a dream.  When confronted with opposition, imagine that it's all designed to get us back in alignment with what we really want.  That's all it is...

Saturday 5/7
Suddenly, we know what we want more of.  It starts as a feeling and then we start to see how we can create more.  It's not about making changes so much as about finding fulfillment where we currently are.  Once we discover the peace here in this moment, our problems start to fade out and all that's left is the good stuff.

Sunday 5/8
We need time to relax and rest today though there might be pressing responsibilities.  If we choose to toil away and ignore the need for chill time, we're going to find that our powers of concentration are woefully lacking.  Why not take a break and find refreshment?  DO IT!

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When the fears get big, just take a deep breath and find a way to chuckle about it.  That's right.  Chuckle.  Soon those fears will be bubbling up and away, leaving us feeling light and free.