Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bodies, Stuff and More...

Are you ready for some earthy, Taurus energy?  It's coming, friends and I for one can't wait.  The Sun is currently in Taurus with Mars moving in today, followed by Venus and Mercury on the 15th and Jupiter at the beginning of June.

Our focus is about to shift from inspiration, action and risk (Aries) to stability, security and comfort (Taurus).  Taurus (along with the other two Earth signs, Virgo and Capricorn) rules our experience of our bodies, how we feel about ownership, what we want to own, what we value, what makes us feel safe as well as the resources we have, want and/or need.

When we get heavy emphasis on Earth energy things tend to slow down a bit and we might have the urge to indulge our senses more.  We start paying more attention to our bodies, our homes, our possessions.  In fact, Taurus can be downright possessive.  The Bull loves pleasure and has excellent taste.  Taureans will happily forgo a truck full of twinkies in trade for one, perfect french eclair.

With all this planetary focus in Taurus you can bet that we're going to find ourselves pining for the finer things in life and some of us may even take the leap and find a way to get our hands on these finer things.  With Taurus, there needs to be indulgence AND healthy discipline.  Not the easiest mix but a fun one to play with.

If you're finding that you're uncomfortable in your own skin, that there's energy, emotion and thought interrupting your experience of well being, a reading can help!  Readings shift energy and bring us more peace on all levels.  Come over to Thursday 5/12 for our big 12 hour sale, from 8-8pm PST.  I'll be there in the morning and early afternoon, waiting to help get you back to your body, your space and your security.

Then, check out the Stonestreet Cafe at 6pm PST/9pm EST.  This week, I'm welcoming my Dad, writer, photographer and humanitarian Morgan Smith to the show.  He took this picture on a recent trip to Spain.  It's a very Taurus pic, don't you think?  Taurus loves good food (like snails!!).

I'm going to spend time talking to my Dad about his many travels.  He dragged us all around the world when we were children and he continues to explore to this day.  It's show #53...TRAVELER and I would love to share it with you. 

His current passion is spending time on the border of Mexico and the US and documenting life there via photos and articles.  If you're curious about his work, check out his collection of photo books over at Blurb

Come see me on Thursday 5/12 at and and relax into the sensuality of the bull.  OH, SO GOOD!


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