Monday, May 23, 2011

Fortune Forecast 5/23 - 5/29


Spaces that were once stagnant are starting to move now.  Are you ready?  Ready or not we can expect acceleration this week.  It will feel good once we adjust our pace to match what the Universe has in store.  Getting into the groove will take a little creativity and an emphasis on finding a new balance with all the seemingly competing projects that need attention.  Take time out for deep breaths here and there.  There's just no need to let this exciting wave of energy become a source of anxiety.

Monday 5/23
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It's time to put aside the list of all the things that might go wrong.  It's not helpful nor is it healthy.  When we bring our attention and energy back to this moment and what's directly in front of us, we'll find we have all the resources, knowledge and skills needed to make the most of what's at hand.

Tuesday 5/24
We have to work to get grounded today.  There are chaotic forces pushing on us and it's hard to withstand the pressure.  Is there a way to defend our turf while at the same time staying fluid and open to magic and miracles?  We can find that space with a little consciousness and focus.

Wednesday 5/25
It's time to start looking out over the horizon and seeking new paths to cherished goals.  If we try and sty in familiar territory, we'll find ourselves feeling stifled and unhappy. Shake it up and venture into parts unknown.  If we're not ready to go yet, we can at least contemplate and research new options.  This will bring relief.

Thursday 5/26
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Intense energies are building inside us and seeking expression.  We've got to find ways to get it all out.  If we try and contain the energy that's building up, we might find ourselves off kilter and unable to move through the day smoothly.  Be creative and express what's taking shape in the inner world.

Friday 5/27
There are numerous temptations today, temptations that take us away from what needs to be attended to right now.  Know that whatever calls us now is not going to bring the satisfaction we dream of.  If it looks too good to be true, it truly is.  Be armed with this knowledge when contemplating escape.

Saturday 5/28
Put the focus back on relationships today.  In love, we find the answers to many a mystery.  If we've been plagued with fear, connecting is the answer.  If we've felt hesitant about moving into the next dream, the heart can lead the way.  Open to more and let the magic begin.

Sunday 5/29
It's easy to feel unnerved when life moves into high gear. There's no reason to fear what's unfolding, even if it feels chaotic and unpredictable.  It's time to move out of the confined spaces we created to feel safe.  Move into a bigger field with the knowledge that it's time and to not do so would limit unfolding potential.

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We need to have moments of pause this week as potent energies crack our worlds apart.  Slow down internally through calming activities in order to find a pace that works with all the newness being presented.  COME GET A READING AT 12LISTEN.COM!  I'm waiting for YOU.

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