Saturday, May 14, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 5/15 - 5/21

An unexpected gift or windfall brings more ease and security your way, Aries.  You've earned this even though it seems to come from a random and unrelated space.  You're int he midst of a transformation and my be confused about who you are.  It's ok to give yourself time to see all of the new wonders that are just now coming to consciousness.

You are totally, amazingly clear this week about something that needs to change.  You even know the steps needed to make it happen.  There may be just a bit of hesitation holding you back though Taurus.  It's as if you don't want everyone to think of you as controlling or harsh.  Don't worry.  Asserting yourself here will create healing for all.  You will be thanked eventually.

Tender feelings are rapidly developing Gemini.  You might be on the receiving end of these feelings or you might be the one feeling them.  The theme this week is soft, luscious love.  Sink in to it and don't let all the drama in your life keep you from it.  You've been forced to witness a difficult situation lately and it's been getting you down.  Connect and love and will be well.

You've got two very important projects happening this week and it's very difficult to find enough energy for both.  Think of yourself as a juggler.  It won't last forever but while it does, a sense of humor will help.  You're being tempted and enticed to indulge in something unhealthy for you.  This old love of yours won't bring satisfaction but that probably won't stop you from trying.

Focus on healing and feeling good this week, Leo. It starts with your body and making that space more hospitable and comfortable.  As your body starts to shift into deeper wellness, you'll find that other stresses and challenges fade in intensity.  There is certainly a lot of tension around you.  This turbulence is not of your own making, so step away and let it work itself out.

Your mind is totally open to new possibilities this week, Virgo.  You are bursting with great ideas, insights and energy.  The support you need to make your ideas reality is showing up just when you need it.  This is an excellent time to connect with powerful, healing energies as well as energies that help motivate you to push an agenda that's been dear to your heart for a long time now.

This is an incredibly potent time period Libra and some of what's happening is pushing you to your limits.  If you can recognize that by being pushed to your limits, you have the chance to push through those limits then you'll start to find your groove with it all.  Make sure you have time for rest and contemplation.  There is so much happening in your inner world right now.  Don't miss the show!

You are embodying a lot of wisdom this week and folks are flocking to you.  You might enjoy being the center of attention but after awhile it might start feeling like responsibility.  Make sure not to neglect your own garden in the midst of all this adulation.  You're on the cusp of a big harvest, so continue to do what you're doing. 

It's a rich time for you Sagittarius.  Opportunity abounds and everywhere you turn you see new and exciting possibilities.  Good fortune is working in your favor. Make the most of it but watch out for a tendency to get scattered and ungrounded.  You need to keep your focus to the degree that you can.  Others are asking for leadership from you.  Step into it.

You've been fighting a battle and fighting hard, Capricorn.  You're on the cusp of winning but winning isn't going to feel as good as you thought.  You can change the outcome by deciding right now that whatever spoils are gained here, will be shared and distributed to those who've supported your efforts.  Be generous this week and you'll find the feeling of victory you crave.

It's hard to know what to do when your feelings keep shifting and changing.  Perhaps it would behoove you to just wait for a bit before making any big moves or gestures, Aquarius.  There is absolutely no need to be in a rush.  You may be trying to avoid something painful.  Instead, turn and look at it squarely.  You'll find your freedom from it as soon as you stop moving and hold still.

It's a glorious week for love and romance, Pisces.  Whether you have a partner or not, you are infused with the most magical mix of energy.  It's easy to attract the care you need.  You'll also be in the mood to give, give, give.  Be careful and don't overextend yourself.  Let the winds of change blow away anything that's no longer wanted and needed.  Create a fresh space.


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