Saturday, May 28, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 5/29 - 6/4

You're not seeing exactly what you want, which is causing you to not see the good stuff that IS available.  Adjust your outlook, Aries and you'll see that there is plenty of abundance of every flavor to be enjoyed.  You have the potential to relax into deep healing.  Just surrender.  That's all you need do but it won't be easy considering you're the quintessential warrior.

It's time to venture out into spaces unknown.  Just let yourself wander, Taurus and don't worry if it's the right choice or not.  You're in need of expansion and it can happen now if you let it.  You don't have the resources you need to feel safe but they're on the way.  Try not to let the fear get you.  An old fantasy needs to be cast aside in order to allow a new dream to take root.

You're under a lot of pressure this week and it's a struggle to stay steady in your thinking and feeling.  It may seem as if you're all alone in the midst of a big challenge but there is support available.  Ask for it, Gemini and you'll be flooded with help.  Enjoy all that you've created.  There is much to celebrate despite temporary tensions.  You are rich in so many ways.  Relish it.

An opportunity to fall in love is difficult to resist and why could you Cancer?  Go ahead and tumble into the magic that's happening between you and someone special.  There is nothing to fear here and no need to hesitate.  You have the experience and wisdom to navigate this.  Bis lessons are heard to take in and your career is providing plenty.  Pause before reacting to see the best path to take.

Are you ready to feel good Leo?  All you have to do is welcome the peace that wants to take place now.  Just let it in.  A voyage is coming up and you are more than ready.  It's time to see new things and find inspiration.  A choice needs to be made and there's no need to fear.  Whatever you decide, know that you are going somewhere amazing and you're going to love every step.

A burst of energy is helping you forge a new path, Virgo.  You are on fire this week with ideas and insights and people want to be near the energy you're emanating.  You are really seeing all the hard work you've done of late and enjoying the satisfaction that comes with it.  Know that you are about to launch into a much bigger space, one that will provide new challenges and new rewards.

You are totally open to seeing your life and everyone in it from a fresh perspective this week.  This will feel so good and show you new opportunities in spaces that once looked dull and lifeless.  A recent disappointment has been difficult to shake off.  You can let it all go now.  Plan a celebration.  You have much to feel good about.  Share your beauty with the world!

Be the voice of love this week, Scorpio.  Part of this requires you to love yourself and your life just as it is in this moment.  Others will respond to the work you do here and treat you with the kind of respect you've been craving.  Bring the idea of balance forward.  What areas of your life need more attention?  Find your center now because your life is about to move into hyper-drive.

Gather the people you love together to the degree that you can this week.  You have the ability to create healing for everyone you connect with.  Share your gifts, Sagittarius.  Being surrounded by your friends and loved ones will inspire you to take a risk you've been putting off.  Life has many pleasures in store for you this week.  Open up and let it all in! 

It's time to make a clear and easy plan, Capricorn.  Part of what's driving you crazy right now is a lack of organization and focus.  If you create a map of sorts, you'll find that your efforts have more impact and bring you the success you desire.  It's time to let go of something you once needed desperately for support.  It's not working anymore so be willing to move on and find an updated version of it.

You're in an amazing position to get more of what you want, Aquarius.  Do you know what you want?  It is time to contemplate your next step because there are big opportunities in the works and you want to be ready when they pop up.  You're restless and in need of an adventure.  Don't repress this urge because it will cause problems for you if left unattended. 

Pushing intense feelings down will not make you feel better, Pisces.  You've got to find a way to express it all, even if it's ugly and unpleasant.  You're far too sensitive to let this toxic stew fester inside you.  A recent victory has left you feeling hollow.  Don't dwell on it.  Learn and move forward.  Play can help you find more freedom and levity.  Make it a top priority this week.


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