Saturday, May 7, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 5/8 - 5/14

You have an opportunity to take on the role of healer and leader for someone in need this week.  You'll find yourself reluctant at first but once you get in there, you're going to love all that you discover.  You heart is becoming strong and it's time to lead more with feeling as opposed to thought.  Just take one step at a time.

You're torn between two potentials this week, Taurus and it's very difficult to know which one to choose and focus on.  It feels like it's about love or money, as if you can have one or the other but not both.  This is silly and you know it ut it's hard to shake the feeling that you're going to lose something here.  Choose both and do it now!

You've got some major mojo happening this week, Gemini.  You're stepping into more power and it feels a little shaky at first.  Give yourself time to integrate all the amazing energy coming your way.  Part of what you're working on is balance and there will be lots of opportunities to practice.  Enjoy it!

Your abundance energy is up and you are on the cusp of reaching new heights.  It's exciting and scary and who knows what else.  There is pressure on you to cave in to an agreement you know won't work.  Hold steady and be true to who you are and what you know is right for you.  Watch as clouds of confusion lift when you stand in your truth. 

You're in the midst of a big transition, Leo and it's exciting and scary at the same time.  You know good things are ahead.  You can feel it and yet you have little sense of what these good things are going to look and feel like.  Let your enthusiasm carry you for now.  Love is at your doorstep.  Open the door!

You're worried about something that feels out of your control.  Stop worrying and let it play out.  Life is going to bring you many gifts this week, Virgo.  Some of them will be disguised as trouble.  Be sure and check everything out before slipping into resistance.  Your charisma is powerful now.  Use it wisely to garner support in your ideas.

You're about to see a truth so clearly, that it will change the scope of how you see yourself and your struggles in present time.  This revelation will bring peace and healing, Libra.  You need to be cautious with commitments now.  Don't say yes unless you're really feeling it.  Happiness will come your way in bursts as you relax into the new insight.

It's hard to think straight this week, Scorpio.  You have a tendency to see what's wrong as opposed to what's right.  Know that your outlook is tending towards what's dark and dysfunctional.  You're going to snap out of it soon and when you do, you'll be shocked at just how many opportunities await you.

You're just not feeling inspired right now and there's no way to generate what isn't there.  If you hang on a bit longer, Sagittarius, you'll find that what you're looking for is available.  Relax and it will come to you.  You've got to lose the effort now and trust.  A promotion or boost in abundance is coming.  This will help cheer you back up.

You've created an epic, internal battle this week Capricorn and are fighting it with all your might when all you really need to do is step aside.   When are you going to get behind the choices you're making and trust yourself and the guidance you're receiving?  Don't do anything rash while you're waiting for new information to come through. 

Your heart is so ready to pour out love, Aquarius.  You just want to give, give, give.  Others are flocking to you in hopes that you will give to them.  Your charisma is powerful now and others are easy to bend to your will.  Be careful with all this power, Aquarius and be sure and save some of your fantastic energy for your own life and projects.

A bright idea is showing you new possibilities.  The sad thing is, your fresh hopes make your existing reality look dull and uninspiring.  Resist the urge to invalidate all that you already have, Pisces.  Failure in an energy and if you give it your attention it grows in strength.  Back away from that heavy space and go towards the light. 


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