Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Cat the Killer

A little cat showed up at our house last summer.  She meowed and meowed outside the window for a day before we decided to feed her.  She's a small cat and she was practically starved.  She was hesitant to come in but after a few days, she had found her place in our family.  She's a friendly cat and let's my kids hug and play with her.  She loves to sleep with them and wake them up in the morning by walking on them.

We love this cat but she's still got quite a bit of wild in her.  I've watched her chase a small herd of deer up the hill behind our house.  She climbs trees, telephone poles and fences.  Recently, she's been on quite a killing spree, having found a nest of little lizards out back.

I've managed to rescue three lizards in the last two weeks.  Two of them lost part of their tails to this little killer.  One lizard wasn't so lucky and died.  Then, yesterday, the little cat comes in with a chipmunk!  I screamed.  I have no interest in watching the cat kill a cute little chipmunk in front of me.  Luckily my husband was home and came to the rescue.   He gently grabbed the chipmunk by the scruff and took it outside.

So now I find myself living in fear that I'm going to turn around and find a squirrel or a rabbit.  It wouldn't surprise me.  This little cat seems to be trying bigger prey.  At the same time, I need to understand that the cat is just being a cat!  It's in her nature to stalk and kill and she did live on her own before she became part of our family.  Secretly I'm proud of her skills (just please no more torture in front of me!).

This leads me to reflect a little bit on how essential it is that we give each other space to be who we are.  Sometimes the people around us make us uncomfortable with their choices.  Some of the people we're involved with might have goals and points of views that feel foreign to our own ideas and points of views.  Perhaps they have skills that we ourselves don't possess and we wonder at the may ways they put those skills to work.

A cat needs to be a cat, just as a warrior needs to be a warrior and a lover needs to be a lover.  A peacemaker needs to make peace and a provocateur needs to provoke.  What would it look like if everyone had space to be who they are and express the gifts they have?  We expend a lot of energy in resistance and it's just not helpful.

Anyway, I hope this makes sense!  I'm going to keep loving the little cat and doing what I can to rescue the little creatures she brings here.  We shall see what this summer has in store...

I'm also going to start to take a closer look at the people in my life and see where I've been resisting their gifts, talents, points of view and goals.  I will be sure and report back.

This week in the Stonestreet Cafe, I'm welcoming my little brother Nelson Smith to the show.  We're going to talk about faith, dealing with intense emotions and the thinking that can lead to compulsive and sometimes unhealthy behavior.  He's one of the wisest guys I know and just like with my little cat, sometimes I need to remember to give him space to be him and bring his gifts forward in the way he's meant to.  I hope you'll join us Thursday at 6pm PST/9pm EST at for show #55...FREE THE DOVES.

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